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Live streaming of video and subtitles with MPEG-DASH

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This presentation was made at the MPEG meeting in Shanghai, China, in October 2012, related to the input contribution M26906. It gives the details about the demonstration made during the meeting. This demonstration showed the use of the Google Chrome browser to display synchronized video and subtitles, using the Media Source Extension draft specification and the WebVTT subtitle format. The video and DASH content was prepared using GPAC MP4Box tool.

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Live streaming of video and subtitles with MPEG-DASH

  1. 1. m26906Live Streaming of Video and Subtitles using DASH Cyril Concolato Jean Le Feuvre {concolato, lefeuvre} @ telecom-paristech.fr
  2. 2. Context ■ Need for live subtitles also on the Internet! ■ Multiple specification developments • MPEG DASH Amendment on Timed Text and Timed Overlays • W3C Media Source Extension API • WHATWG/W3C WebVTT • 3GPP Timed Text ■ Development of a Proof-of-Concept1 M26906 – Live Streaming of Video and Subtitles using DASH
  3. 3. Demonstration formats ■ The MP4 file format • To represent live video stream segments ■ The WebVTT subtitle format • To represent live subtitle segments as text files (similar to HLS v9) ■ MPEG DASH MPD • to represent a dynamic adaptive live/long-running streaming service • to enable synchronization of the video and subtitle streams.2 test
  4. 4. Demonstration software components ■ GPAC MP4Box • To produce video segments on-the-fly and delete old ones ■ VTTLiveGenerator • Ad-hoc tool • To produce subtitle segments on-the-fly and delete old ones ■ Google Chrome • Canary version 24 • To display the content3 test
  5. 5. Usage of MP4Box ■ Fragmenting a file repeatedly using -dash-ctx option MP4Box.exe -dash-ctx dash-live.txt -dash 2000 -rap -segment-name counter-live -url-template counter.mp4 ■ Example of MP4Box’s DASH context [DASH] InitializationSegment=counter_liveinit.mp4 BitstreamSwitching=yes InitializationSegmentSize=860 MaxSegmentDuration=1.000000 NextSegmentIndex=11 NextFragmentIndex=11 PeriodDuration=9.960000 [TrackID_1] NextDecodingTime=2490004 test
  6. 6. Example of Video Content5 test
  7. 7. Example of WebVTT Segment ■ Each segment is a complete WebVTT file with multiple cues, • changing header, cue indices, and timing values WEBVTT Segment 6 61 00:00:12.200 --> 00:00:12.400 This is cue 61 (start: 00:00:12.200 -- end: 00:00:12.400) ... 70 00:00:14.000 --> 00:00:14.200 This is cue 70 (start: 00:00:14.000 -- end: 00:00:14.200)6 test
  8. 8. MPD Example ■ Dynamic MPD • 1 single period • 2 adaptation sets (1 video, 1 subtitle) − ContentComponent@type=« text » for subtitles • No minUpdate attribute • Same video and subtitle segments duration (easy) ■ live-vtt-mp4.mpd7 test
  9. 9. Rendering using Google Chrome Canary ■ HTML page with JavaScript code to: • Fetch and parse the MPD, • Create a HTML 5 <video> element to render the video and an HTML 5 <track> element to render the subtitles, • Fetch the video and subtitles segments using the XMLHttpRequest API (as demonstrated in DASH-JS), • Feed the video segments to the media decoder engine using the Media Source extension API (as demonstrated by YouTube MPEG DASH player), • Load each subtitle segment separately (using a work- around current HTML 5 limitations) ■ Synchronization is handled by the video element • Possible improvments: HTML5 timestampOffset and DASH @presentationTimeOffset and @suggestedPresentationDelay8 test
  10. 10. Results9 test
  11. 11. Problems/Limitations ■ Synchronization problems • Too many cues per seconds (Chrome performance?) • Some cues are not loaded correctly (Chrome bug?) • Need a work-around to load cues (HTML5 limitation) − No MSE equivalent for cues − No easy method to parse cues ■ Limitations • Really only a proof of concept (ugly code) • No real MPD parsing yet • Very simple segment index algorithm • No GUI for selecting subtitles10 test
  12. 12. Questions ?