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The Authenticity Paradox: Embracing the Concept of Adaptive Authenticity

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Definitions of “authenticity” include “being true to one’s personality, spirit or character” and “being an original, not a copy.” Research tells us that leaders who are viewed as “authentic” are better able to motivate, influence and inspire others. In multicultural environments with constantly changing business needs, it can be a challenge to navigate the workplace in a way that enables you to thrive while also maintaining a strong sense of self. People of color may face even more of a challenge in this space, particularly if they may be one of the only minorities on their team or in their workplace. Hermania Ibiarra, author of “Think Like A Leader, Act Like A Leader,” proposes that we embrace the concept of “Adaptive Authenticity.” She recommends that we approach new roles and environments with an understanding that we are all works in progress that will evolve over time based on our roles and circumstances. She encourages us to resist the urge to label one’s evolution as being fake or disingenuous, but to freely experiment with different styles and approaches on our journey to become our most effective and best selves based on our circumstances.

As a result of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

a. Understand the concept of “Adaptive Authenticity” and how it can increase your effectiveness as a leader
b. Understand the benefits of experimenting with different leadership and communication styles
c. Learn how to adapt to changing environments without the burden of feeling like a “fake”

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The Authenticity Paradox: Embracing the Concept of Adaptive Authenticity

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