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  1. 1. Jisc RSC YH Roadshow www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/YH
  2. 2. What is an RSC YH Roadshow • We take the technology around our region • The focus is on teaching, learning & training • Collaborative scenario planning based activities • Outcomes • RSC Advisor „Pitch‟ • Learner Scenarios • Exploration of the Technology • Time to Create
  3. 3. What kit? - Tablets Blackberry Playbook Samsung Galaxy Apple i-Pads HP Touchpad Google Android Tablet
  4. 4. Web Based Systems - Sharing • Collaborative Tools • Social Tools • Links to existing networks • Free or Partly Free
  5. 5. Five practical Examples 3. A Quick Response to signposting resources 5. Developing teamwork skills with the xBox Kinect
  6. 6. Apple Accessibility settings
  7. 7. Augmented Reality
  8. 8. The session
  9. 9. Apps for Learning
  10. 10. Apps for Learning - predictions 1,000,000 apps 500,000 apps at at end of 2012 end of 2012 100,000 apps at 200,000 apps at end of 2012 end of 2012 35,000 apps at end of 2012
  11. 11. LUPO Mini Microphone for Apple • Allows the user to record iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad meetings, classes etc. • The recording can be “bookmarked” either with text, symbols or diagrams • The recording can be emailed to a user or listened to in AudioNote (note they will need a free audio app. on their device) • The note can be transferred to your computer through iTunes and viewed as text or .pdf
  12. 12. Note taking with audio
  13. 13. Skitch • Allows the user to annotate photos, sketches, screenshots etc. • Useful for taking photos and asking questions • Questions (e.g. where am I?) can be emailed to a tutor or sent via Twitter or Facebook. • Save in EverNote for viewing later – the same people have developed it
  14. 14. • Find you perfect hairstyle! • Use a model or take your own photo and put hair on it! • Save your picture, print it out and take to the hairdresser!! • An example of an app with real vocational value!!
  15. 15. • Allows the user to use genuine MS Office to create or edit documents • Works with your DropBox account • View and edit PowerPoint slides • View virtually any type of file and send in true PP mode (not as a .pdf via e.mail emulation) • Automatically saves documents • View and edit documents on any device
  16. 16. • Reveals old photos near your current location • Overlays them onto your screen • You can add your photos using your iPhone camera • Explore the history of an area through your iPhone using the in built GPS
  17. 17. • Useful for capturing ideas and writing notes as they come to you • Organise your work and export as document or other file • Useful for managing and structuring project work
  18. 18. • The world‟s largest digital catalogue of free educational material • Gives access to free educational material from universities, colleges and schools • Find material in the Apple Store
  19. 19. http://www.scoop.it/t/educatio nal-apps-for-learning
  20. 20. Over to you ….The Task • Consider your chosen scenario • Devise ways to address the needs of the learner (or group of learners) • 3 ways to address the learners‟ needs • Create a suitable resource or plan • Present back to the whole group
  21. 21. Outcomes • E books • Hull College QR Codes • Induction • Instruction Video • Video Creation • Use of Video • Research • Production Teams • Screencasts • Assessment • Tutorials • Social Networks • Course Page • Facebook • Edmodo, Ning
  22. 22. c.p.barber@leeds.ac.uk

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Some of you may have seen this but it is indicative of .app learning reaching some sort of maturity, we could add many more onto this now, given that the iTunes store now claims to have over 600,000 apps and Android has c.500,000 with Blackberry lagging behind at a mere 30,000. Interestingly there has been a 37% removal rate for Android apps and hardly any for Apple apps, no doubt because of their quality control system which I leave you to make a judgment on!
  • What I’ve done here is pick a few apps, they’re not necessarily the best , there may be alternatives but with such a large market to go at, I have had to choose some that I feel are noteworthy. Notice the reference to Cloud Storage which an increasing number of people are turning to for their storage– there are some issues with access at some learning providers which need to be addressed but overall the potential is huge. Other areas which are becoming increasingly “interesting” include Augmented Reality and Games Based Learning – more of which in a few moments. Game based learning is an area where good apps abound. I’ve included 3 in here which are perhaps slightly contentious. I would urge you to search for the subject based apps. The market is now developing a sort of maturity in which some of the simpler, boring apps are being replaced by more effective, interesting and inclusive apps
  • Of all the apps available, I’m just going to concentrate on these 7, for no particular reason and to give you an opportunity to look at these on the devices available and make some comment and observations on their usefulness for teaching and learning
  • MeetingsDyslexic learnersVisual learners
  • Sending routesAsking questions from remote regions
  • A brilliant little app for girls!!
  • Edit and produce any Office document, spreadsheet, PP etc and upload to your DropBox account
  • http://mashable.com/2009/03/01/publish-book/