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060213 katerina

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060213 katerina

  1. 1. crime moral data& other fairy tales07/02/13_Katerina Examiliotou
  2. 2. <initial thoughts>
  3. 3. crime violationscontradictions ethics/moral ugly
  4. 4. <perfect city hypothesis>
  5. 5. <insert perfect city here>
  6. 6. What happened to drama?
  7. 7. not augmented reality but accelerating reality
  8. 8. Emergency Exit: we haveentered a time of general panic
  9. 9. <random user k>
  10. 10. [my data]20 taxis1 creepy following1 Kalashnikov1 metro fight1 beating up1 drug exchangex babushkasx homeless
  11. 11. [my data]109d/ 2.616h~545h online47 episodes>15 movies10 music albums38.5GB torrent~83GB network
  12. 12. <the issue of the citizen/user>
  13. 13. • user/citizen overcoming the locality• user/citizen overloaded with information“males are more likely to get overload but women”“fascination and horror of the naked numbers”• does he seek for a place to hide?a warmhole?a capsule? some kind of healing process?“where you rebuilt your dammit subjectivity”• general purpose user uses the infrastructure given in unexpected ways• entering the crowd no longer human but rather a manifestation of a larger organism, an avatar / same argument for protesting and on- line behaviors“if you want to see where major future events are emerging you should see wherenew languages are being developed and layers gather”
  14. 14. <who are we?><identity error>
  15. 15. used to have the choice of multiple identitiesnow everything interconnectedyou can only be yourself“but who is the modern self?”anonymity and intimacy coexistence/city quality
  16. 16. <new moral code manifesto>
  17. 17. DIY ethics
  18. 18. you are freeyou are free to be whoever you wantyou are free to look cat videos for hoursyou are free to spamyou are free to watch pornyou are free to f**k with strangersyou are free to trollyou are free to be agressiveyou are free to have an opinion for everythingyou are free to be differentyou are free to ask for helpyou are free to look for drugsyou are free to be gayyou are free to play games the whole dayyou have to follow the guidelinesyou have to share all information available
  19. 19. are we really free/real though?
  20. 20. are we the most real “us” in pure anonymity?
  21. 21. did our new morals manifest outside the web?
  22. 22. Russia is the latest country to enact Web censorship-style laws. Sites deemed "ille-gal" under Russian law now face near-immediate blacklisting.[2011]Under the new bill, private individuals promoting “homosexual behaviour amongminors” in Russia face fines of up to 5,000 roubles (£105; 124 euros; $166) whileofficials risk paying 10 times that amount. Businesses and schools could be fined upto 500,000 roubles.[2013]
  23. 23. <the crime of data>
  24. 24. “Good. Illegal isalways faster.”Eoin Colfer
  25. 25. personal
  26. 26. massive• trading of illegal databases (physical black market)[Moscow police crack down on illegal database tradeDuring the raid, police confiscated 40 CDs presumably containing police databases with thehome addresses and criminal records of individual Russian citizens from 2009According to the estimates of the Russian copyright protection association Russkiy Shchit,there are up to 50 stationary outlets selling CDs with personal data in Moscow alone.][2011]• trading of illegal goods (cyber black market)[so far no database trading found or anything that conects with openly with Moscow]• hacking[ Operation Red October:The astonishing hacking ring that has infiltrated over 1,000 high level government computersaround the worldcyber attack has been in operation since 2007 - and is still runningOperation described as ‘massive’ and has stolen ‘several terabytes’ of dataSecurity firm which discovered the attacks claims there is ‘strong technical evidence the at-tackers have Russian-speaking origins’- but say a private firm or rogue nation could be behindthe network.Targets included diplomatic and governmental agencies of various countries across the world,research institutions, energy and nuclear groups, and trade and aerospace firms]
  27. 27. questionswhat kind of Data are illegal?phones/income statements/university credinitials/ vehicles registered in the Moscowregion(Gorbushka vendor)which ones are the most valuable?how do they circulate?how much do they cost?Why cant we move into a different mode of production?
  28. 28. hypothesis?There is a social value of lawless outside space(reservoir of lawless)pirates that call the question of the state systemexisting of radical alternativesanonymous wildness/carnivalcyber pirates-demonstrate technologies capabilititesIn civilizations without boats, dreams dry up, espionage takes the place of adventure,and the police take the place of pirates.
  29. 29. <the crime of abusing the data>
  30. 30. <virtual violence data>
  31. 31. <the punishment of no data><the punishment of no access> or <the utopia of no data> <the utopia of no access> ?
  32. 32. the world is full of data that you cannot see or perceive. everybodyis reading surfaces and seeing images.like someone with a missingsense or damaged brain.Denied the virtual can be a great punishment...
  33. 33. I know you and Frank were planning to disconnect me.And that is something I cannot allow to happen.—The HAL 9000, 2001: A Space Odyssey
  34. 34. <back to the city>
  35. 35. <with or without data?>
  36. 36. Data knows everything we know, everything we don’t know,and,as it turns out,even a few things we don’t know we don’t know.
  37. 37. but maybe...