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Bar Marketing Introduction

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Introduction to Bar Marketing services

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Bar Marketing Introduction

  1. 1. Bar Marketing Providing essential marketing services for chambers With over 10 years’ experience working closely with chambers, we have an in-depth understanding of the way you work. you can choose the level of support that best suits your needs – from individual services to in-house marketing support to a fully outsourced marketing facility. We can deLiVer: cOnsuLtancy Strategy formulation We offer practical advice on all aspects of marketing – from strategy to direct marketing and e-marketing, from Marketing plan design and implementation positioning to multi-channel campaign management. New business generation Benefits include Client retention and development Access to expertise without adding to headcount. PR and communications strategy and delivery Unbiased evaluation of current position. Chambers brand creation and management Recommendations for improvement and best-practice. Barrister brand equity Fresh ideas for delivering projects and strategies. Advertising campaign design and implementation Website project management OutsOurced Marketing Customer and key account monitoring This is the equivalent of having your own dedicated marketing Events and webinars manager without having to employ one yourself. Graphic design Benefits include Copywriting and chambers collateral production Eliminates the cost and complexity of employing a resource Web services including Search Engine We do as much or as little as you need – and you only pay Optimisation (SEO) for the time you use. Allows key staff to focus on high-value tasks. We can heLp yOu tO: Immediate access to skilled marketing professionals with experience of the UK legal market. Gain new clients Particularly attractive to rapidly growing chambers that are Increase revenue from your base not yet ready to employ a full-time marketing manager. Improve your brand awareness Supplied on a rolling contract basis – turn on and off to Save time and money meet your needs. Consultancy or outsourced, we focus our efforts on providing you with outstanding marketing support. We deliver our services in a way that suits your method of working and that provides you with the best return on your investment. With Bar Marketing, you add to your marketing skills without adding to your headcount.Bar Marketing Limited 0771 434 5072 info@barmarketing.co.uk barmarketing.co.uk