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Korea E Government Application Services

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Korea E Government Application Services

  1. 1. Korea e-Government ’sCompletion of e-Government Framework Special Committee for e-Government 2 Republic of Korea
  2. 2. Korea e-Government ’sCompletion of e-Government Framework Special Committee for e-Government Republic of Korea
  3. 3. Preface An e-Government initiative is recognized as a key strategic requirement for a knowledge-basedsociety in the 21st century. Many governments including Korea are allocating resources to establish ane-Government. An Internet-based government service can deliver government services to citizens andprivate businesses more efficiently with broader access and cost savings across government agencies.As an information network, an e-Government can increase citizen participation in government toachieve an‘open government’ The establishment of an e-Government will enhance national .competitiveness. I believe that many governments will increasingly compete with each other in this areato become a top nation among developed countries. Korea began to channel efforts into laying the foundation for an e-Government since the late 1970s.Through the Five National Computer Network project of the early 1980s, the Comprehensive Plan forKorea Information Infrastructure Establishment project, and the National Basic Information Systemproject of the late 1980s, the Korean government established a high-speed communications networkand stored vital government records- resident registration, real estate, and vehicle records - in a digitalformat to create the foundation for an e-Government. Through projects such as the Master Plan for Informatization Promotion and the Cyber Korea 21project in the 1990s, information technology has been applied to enhance key government functionssuch as levying custom duties and approving patents while also fostering interagency collaboration. InJanuary, 2001, President Kim Dae-jung announced a national vision for building a knowledge-basedinformation society and gave a presidential order to the presidential secretary of the Cheong Wa DaePolicy Planning Bureau to organize the Special Committee for e-Government. The Committee selected11 major e-Government initiatives and reported the successful completion of the project (October 2002)to President Kim Dae-jung. I am very happy to report that the Committee successfully implemented the e-Government projects.The Korean government now offers an integrated government-wide service to all citizens. Based upon these achievements in offering Internet-based government services, Koreas e-Government will focus more on upgrading the quality of government services. Going beyond theoriginal goal of offering convenient and accessible government services for citizens, Korea will createmore value for citizens and private businesses based on a solid trust between the government and thepeople. I sincerely wish that the information regarding the e-Government project in this brochure will beshared with as many people as possible and help build an understanding between our country and othernations for better international cooperation. January 2003 Ahn Moon Suk Chairman Special Committee for e-Government
  4. 4. ContentsⅠ. A New Paradigm for Government Administration: e-Government1. The Creation of e-Government: Essential Infrastructure for the Information Age 62. Blueprint for e-Government 73. The History of Korea’s e-Government 8Ⅱ. Sharing of Information across Government Agencies and Establishment of a government-wide e-Government service1. The Establishment of the Special Committee for e-Government and the 11 Major e-Government Initiatives 112. The 11 Major e-Government Initiatives 14Ⅲ. e-Government: Necessary Changes1. Citizen-centered Government Service: Addressing inconvenient processes and enhancing satisfaction levels 282. Market-based e-Government for the Private Sector 333. Achieving a Transparent and Efficient Government 354. The Cost Savings from an e-Government system 39Ⅳ. Convenient Government Services through e-Government1. Primary Factors for the Success of the 11 Major e-Government Initiatives 412. Remaining Tasks 43Appendix1. Organization Chart & Members of the Committee 462. e-Government Service Major Cases 47
  5. 5. Ⅰ. A New Paradigm for Government Administration : e-Government 1. The Creation of e-Government : Essential Infrastructure for the Information Age The creation of an e-Government platform is Korea is also striving to complete an e-necessary to keep ahead with the emergence of a Government initiative based upon the currentnew paradigm that will change government practices information network which is the most advanced inand services in the 21st century. e-Government will the world.play a key role in expanding national competiti Many of the e-Government initiatives pursued byveness. An e-Government initiative is the most other governments aim to provide onlineeffective citizen-centered system available to meet government services to citizens. To achieve athe needs of citizens and private businesses and will citizen-centered government, governments areprovide quality and faster government services. The making their services available to citizens in thegovernment will become more transparent, effective, most convenient and accessible way. Through theand accountable through an e-Government service use of information technology, governments areand will expand the use of information technology making outstanding progress in making governmentamong citizens and private businesses. services more efficient and effective. New Many developed nations have recognized the need technology has streamlined processes and changedto change their government services and thus the the way government employees work.U.S. president has signed the‘E-Government Act’, In the knowledge-based society of the 21st century,England has created‘UK Online’and Singapore the establishment of an e-Government is directlyhas implemented an‘e-Citizen’initiative. These connected to improving national competitiveness.government initiatives around the world go beyond An e-Government plan is no longer an option forcreating a computer system within agencies to governments, rather, it is a necessary step thatsupport government services. Rather, governments governments must take.are setting strategic goals to overhaul governmentprocesses and change the mindset of governmentemployees.6
  6. 6. 2. Blueprint for e-Government The Korean government proposes a blueprint that security must be upgraded. To achieve these strategicfocuses on three main goals for establishing an e- goals, government procurement and any otherGovernment to make the transition to a world-class Internet-based government service must benation. integrated into an online Single Window. These initiatives will also make government practices more First, create a leading government-wide service transparent and accessible to contractors and businesses. To raise the standard of government-wide servicesto the highest satisfaction levels in terms of service Third, create an effective, transparent, and morequality, government services must be made available democratic governmentto any citizen, anywhere with one mouse-click. Inorder to achieve this strategic goal, the government Administrative duties among government agenciesmust offer a citizen-centered government service by must be processed more efficiently to make thecreating a ‘Single Window e-Government’that government more effective. When governmentwill allow citizens to file online applications of processes in delivering a government service aregovernment services and access other information available to the public in real-time, and interactiveservices through a simple and accessible format. communication is enabled between governmentAnd citizens must also be able to have the option to employees and citizens over the Internet, thereceive government-issued papers via electronic government will become more transparent andmeans. Under the Single Window e-Government,government and public offices will share Figure 1: Concept of e-Governmentinformation across their networks and will eliminate Offering government-wide serviceredundant processes such as the requirement to that meets citizen needssubmit numerous documents for a singlegovernment service Second, create a market-based government thatsupports private businesses A market-based A government that is government that effective, transparent, meets private and based on In order for the government to create a market- businesses needs democratic processesbased government with Internet-based services thatfully supports private businesses, e-Commerce Establishing an e-Government to make thebetween the public and private sector must be transition to a world-class nationfostered and expanded. In tandem with this, Internet 7
  7. 7. democratic. To achieve this strategic goal, the office by implementing e-Approval and e-Documentfinances of government agencies, employee training, distribution and expanding the use of electronic-personnel management and other major internal based processes. These initiatives will makeprocesses must be migrated to an integrated network. government administration duties more transparentSupport must also be given to establish a paperless and democratic. 3. The History of Korea’s e-Government: Storing Government Records into a Digital In the mid-1990s, the rapid adoption of format: mid-1980s ~ mid-1990s information technology around the world spurred the e fforts of the Korean government to build a The Korean government took steps to create the nationwide high-speed communications network.foundation for an e-Government in the mid-1980s The‘Framework Act on Informatization Promothrough the National Basic Information System tion’was enacted and the government channeledproject. The first and second stages of the National resources into upgrading the telecommunicationsBasic Information System (1987~1996) involved the infrastructure. The results from these efforts havecompilation of databases that stored information made Korea the nation with the highest rate ofabout finances, vehicle registration, and other critical broadband penetration among member nations of thedata for governing the nation. When the O rganization for Economic Cooperation andgovernment-wide computer network was completed, Development (OECD). Korea is widely recognizedcitizens could request government-issued resident around the world for having the most advancedregistration, real estate, vehicle registration papers as telecommunications infrastructure.well as other certified documents from any district orlocal office in the country. Consequently, requireddocuments for submission have been substantiallyreduced and the time to process a governmentservice has been shortened. < Table 1 : Internet Statistics in Korea > World Rank Source Statistics Rate of Internet Use 58.0% 5th KRNIC, June 2002 Average hours spent on the Internet a week 11 hrs 54 secs 1st KRNIC, June 2002 Number of Broadband Subscribers 10 million 1st MIC, Oct. 2002 Number of .kr Domains 486,695 5th KRNIC, Sept. 20028
  8. 8. The Use of Information Technology Establishment of an e-Government’was enacted Across Government Bureaus: Late into law and progress of the major e-Government 1990s~2000 initiatives has been closely monitored. In order to promote interagency collaboration in In the mid-1990s, the Framework Act on negotiating issues concerning the e-GovernmentInformatization Promotion (1995) was enacted, the initiative, the Special Committee for e-GovernmentMaster Plan for Informatization Promotion (1996), was created in January 2001. The Specialand Cyber Korea 21 (1999) were formulated. From Committee for e-Government (Committee chairman:this point onwards, the e-Government initiative Ahn Moon Suk, Professor of Korea University) is atriggered the expanded use of information joint civilian-government committee that lies withintechnology in government departments and bureaus. the supervision of the Presidential Commission on Real estate registration processes, patent filing, Government Innovation, which is an executivemilitary service operations and other government branch of the president. Civilians with expertise inareas increasingly offered online government the information technology field and vice ministersservices. from the ministries involved in the e-Government During this period, the central and local initiative were appointed as members of the specialgovernment adopted information technology to committee.make administration processes more efficient and The Special Committee for e-Government selectedproductive. A chief information officer (CIO) was 11 major e-Government initiatives in 2001 andappointed in the government (1998) and information ensured that interagency collaboration andtechnology use was expanded across departments coordination of the different e-Government initiativeand bureaus. would proceed as planned. Previous e-Government initiatives that have been implemented are proceeding successfully, and new online government Integrating Major Government Processes services are being introduced. into a Single Service: 2001 and beyond In the years 2000 and 2001, the use of informationtechnology in the government was expanded.Extensive administrative processes that impededgovernment services have been refocused to providecitizen-centered government services via theInternet. This was achieved through the expansion ofinformation sharing across government agencies. To accelerate the process of establishing an e- ‘EGovernment during the year 2001, the lectronicPromotion Act on Administration Processes for the 9
  9. 9. < Table 2 : Stages of Major e-Government Initiatives >● Government records and information were stored in a digital format: Late 1980s ~ Mid-1990s - Government-issued resident registration papers, real estate statements, vehicle registration and other government services were based on a digital database (administrative data was stored in a database and accessible across networks). Basic infrastructure for offering government services to citizens and private businesses was installed● The Use of Information Technology across Government Agencies: Late 1990s - 2000 - Comprehensive and Systematic Framework for establishing an e-Government ・Established「Cyber Korea 21」 「Comprehensive e-Government Working Plan」 and - Built a high-speed information network and created an infrastructure for the e-Government initiatives ・Built a high-speed information network and upgraded networks for broadband subscribers ※ 144 districts nationwide have been successfully interconnected. Upgraded the ADSL networks and CATV quality for subscribers ・Built websites for administration agencies ※ Made administration information available to the public, promoted government policies to citizens. Government services were already available online ・Introduced and implemented an e-Approval System across adminstration departments within government agencies ・Working Committee for Expanding the use of Information Technology. Established a Chief Information Officer (CIO) within the government - Continuous expansion of Information Technology in Government-wide applications and local government duties ・Creation of local government information network system, tax administration information network system, customs and duties information network system, government procurement network system, local government integrated financial management system (Gwangmyeong City Hall), knowledge-based information network system (compiled databases for 6 major scientific fields) - Built legislative and judicial framework for expanding the use of information technology ・Framework Act on Informatization Promotion, e-Commerce Act, e-Signature Act, Electronic Promotion Act on Administration Processes for the Establishment of an e-Government and other laws were enacted● Integrating Major Government Processes into a Single Service: 2001 and beyond - Creation of the Special Committee for e-Government and 11 major e-Government initiatives - Direction of e-Government refocused extensive administrative processes into citizen-centered government services via the Internet through the expansion of information sharing across government agencies - Revision of Information Sharing legislation (legislation for government processes, Management Act of National Treasury and other legislations)10
  10. 10. Ⅱ. Information Sharing across Government Agencies and Establishment of a Government-wide e-Government Service 1. The Establishment of the Special Committee for e-Government and the 11 Major e-Government Initiatives The Special Committee for e-Government was different e-Government projects must be set as early asformed in January 30, 2001 to coordinate inter possible and implemented across agencies.agency collaboration in information sharing across Third, the judicial and legislative framework supportingagencies and to complete the infrastructure for e- the e-Government initiatives must be set in place beforeGovernment within a reasonable time frame. Internet-based government services begin. The Function and Task of the Special Main Organization Structure of the Special Committee for e-Government Committee for e-Government The Special Committee for e-Government must The Special Committee for e-Government wascomplete the 11 major e-Government initiatives that will established as a special committee under themeet the needs of citizens and private businesses by Presidential Commission on Government Innovation,2002. The committee must formulate a comprehensive which is an executive branch of the president.framework for building an effective e-Government. To Therefore, the Special Committee for e-Governmentensure that the special committee successfully carries reports to the president as an independent body. Theout these tasks, the following measures have been main structure of the Special Committee for e-established. Government is based upon the committee’s working- First, a meeting for monitoring the progress of each e- level group which consists of civilians and directors ofGovernment initiative must be held weekly and issues agencies. And to support the working-level group, twowhere agencies are divided upon must be negotiated working-level co-heads were appointed. One civilianupon and coordinated. and one high-level government employee were Second, a standard method of interconnecting the appointed as co-heads. Suh Sam Young (president of 11
  11. 11. the National Computerization Agency) was appointed and Transportation (MOCT) and other governmentas the civilian co-head and the presidential secretary of agencies that store independent government recordsthe Cheong Wa Dae Policy Planning Bureau was of resident registration, real estate, vehicleappointed as the co-head representing the government. registration and other areas to streamline Various task force teams were formed within the government processes in the delivery of services toSpecial Committee for e-Government to coordinate the citizens. The Home Tax Service (HTS) through themany issues that surfaced among the government Internet allows taxpayers to file tax returns, receiveagencies. A team for system integration was appointed e-Bills, and process e-Payments from their homesto set a compatible standard for the links between the via the Internet. With the establishment of thesystems developed for the 11 e-Government initiatives. Government e-Procurement Service (GePS),In addition, the legislative team recommended the procurement processes involving bidding, contractnecessary supporting legislations, the Project agreements, and payment for services or suppliesManagement Council (PM Council) coordinated take place online in real-time. And the Nationalinteragency collaboration, and a system testing team Finance Information System (NAFIS) offers real-checked the online government services of each e- time financial information to high-level governmentGovernment project. employees by interconnecting the independent financial systems residing in each public agency. The The Special Committee for e-Government set the database networks for health insurance, pensionfollowing principles and direction for the e- insurance, industrial accident compensationGovernment initiatives ① Initiatives pertaining to insurance, and unemployment insurance policiesnational interest ② Integrate interagency-related which are the 4 major social insurance systems ininitiatives into a single government-wide initiative Korea have been interconnected into a seamless③ Maximize the sharing of information across network.agencies and eliminate overlap of duties ④ Promote As a result of these efforts, President Kim Dae-the use of information technology based on Business jung held a meeting for the‘ Report on theProcess Reengineering (BPR). Under the principles Completion of e-Government Infrastructure’onand direction formulated by the special committee, November 13, 2002 with all ministers from eachextensive administrative processes that impeded participating ministries in attendance. President Kimgovernment services have been refocused to provide announced that the 11 major e-Governmentcitizen-centered government services via the Internet initiatives were successfully executed and declaredthrough the expansion of information sharing across the opening of full-scale e-Government services.government agencies. The Government for Citizens (G4C) system hasbeen established to interconnect the databasenetworks residing in the Ministry of GovernmentAdministration and Home Affairs (MOGAHA),Supreme Court of Korea, Ministry of Construction12
  12. 12. < Table 3 : 11 Major e-Government Initiatives > Objective Main Features ① Information sharing in 5 major government services - resident registration, real estate, vehicle records, etc. Creation of Government for Citizen (G4C) system to establish government-wide service processing system. ② Establishment of a Social Insurance Information Sharing System (SIIS) for health Upgrade Government-wide insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, and industrial accident services for citizens and compensation insurance. private businesses ③ Built a Home Tax Service System that would enable online filing of tax returns, e-Bill, e- Payment tax consultation and issuance service for tax-related certificates. ④ Establishment of a Government e-Procurement System to achieve transparent procurement processes. ⑤ Built a National Finance Information System (NAFIS) for budget planning and allocation, accounting, settlement of accounts and made financial-related information available via an interagency network ⑥ Built a National Education Information System for the electronic distribution andImprove the effectiveness of management of records across schools, offices of education and the Ministry of Education & administration Human Resources Development ⑦ Proceeded with the Local Government Information Network System Project for 21 service areas ⑧ Built a Personnel Policy Support System (PPSS) to manage the hiring, promotion, and compensation of civil servants in a fair and systematic way ⑨ Expanded the use and distribution of e-Approval and e-Document between agencies. ⑩ Expanded the use of e-Signature and the e-Seal System to establish a reliable e-Establish an infrastructure for Administration e-Government ⑪ Constructed a Government-wide integrated computer network in project-specific stages (Since November 2002 the redesign plan for work processes and the strategic plan on information technology has been formulated) 13
  13. 13. 2. 11 Major e-Government Initiatives Government for Citizens (G4C) System (www.egov.go.kr) Summary of Service have reduced the number of required documents that citizens had to submit together with their application Government records of resident registration, real form for requesting a government service. Needs ofestate, vehicle registration, private businesses, and citizens have been addressed by eliminatingpersonal tax are very crucial to individual citizens. redundant processes.The Government for Citizens (G4C) Systemintegrates these government records into an (3) Establishment of Operating Infrastructureinformation sharing system and combines various Expanded use of information technology providesInternet-based government services offered by new Internet-based applications such as e-Documentdifferent government agencies into a Single Window Systems, Internet security, e-authentication systems,e-Government. The results attained from the G4C and electronic payment of service fees. Benefitssystem are substantial reductions in document include a reliable Internet-based government service.submission through making government servicesavailable via the Internet, and provision ofgovernment administration information. Citizen Service Procedureparticipation in government is also increased. G4C provides services and information about government processes to citizens via the Internet. Scope of Service Citizens can apply for a government service online by browsing through the online guide of government(1) Establishment of a Single Window e-Government services. The service fee for an online application is The creation of a Single Window allows citizens to calculated and processed through the informationaccess government services via the Internet and sharing system which is also where theobtain administration information from their homes. authentication procedure is processed. TheThis service provides a systematic and convenient processing status of the government service can begovernment service to citizens. monitored by the citizen online and the requested government-issued paper can be sent to the citizen(2) Establishment of Information Sharing System via e-mail. The establishment of a government-wideinformation sharing system for government records -resident registration, real estate, vehicle registration,private businesses, personal tax, and other areas -14
  14. 14. Concept of System A Single window of E-Govemment Financial institutions Verification Certification Authority Payment Service guidelines Govrenment certificate Application for and management agency issuance of various certificates G4C Applicants Information •Internet sharing agencies •KIOSK •Telephone •FAX Electronic payment of Provision of Status of civil petition information •Public institutions fees Residents processing Lands Basic DB Civil petition National taxes processing Vehicles, etc. •Service guidelines map •Forms, laws and regulations •Statistical data Government e-Procurement System (GePS) - G2B (www.g2b.go.kr) Summary of Service Scope of Service Through the establishment of a Single Window (1) Public announcement of all government-widegovernment procurement system the entire process - projects for biddingregister as contractor bid on public project A private contractor can make an online bid forsign contract agreement receive payment for any government project from various governmentservices - takes place via the Internet. The agencies after registering itself on the Singleprocurement process is open to the public and Window government procurement website as asimplifies government procurement through an contractor only once.Internet-based solution. The GePS solution makesgovernment processes transparent and expands the (2) Online Processe-Commerce platform. Government agencies and private contractors can use the G2B system to complete the entire procurement process involving the posting of a public project for bidding, submission of bids, selection of winning bidder, signing of government 15
  15. 15. contract agreement, fulfillment of service or supply agencies and will comply with e-Commercecontract, and payment for services via the Internet standards with which citizens are familiar.with the capability of monitoring the process in real-time. Service Procedure(3) Establishment of a Standardized Category System for Procurement Supplies User manuals and multimedia resources will be The sorting and identification of procurement distributed to contractors and government employeessupplies that have been managed by each alike to increase their understanding of the GePS.government agency independently will be changedto comply with a set of government-wide standardsfor public procurement. These changes will allowgovernment procurement to be compatible acrossConcept of System Government Procurement Service(G2B) Buyers Suppliers •Request for supply •Request for constract Payment •Public announcement confirmation for bidding Request and decide on Award of Contract Post the type of contract Contract management management •Request for contract •Bidding •Execution of •Delivery management Nationwide commercial banks •Request for supply •Private contract contract •Inspection & storage Suppliers •Request for procurement •Reverse auction •Review of contract •Returned items •Decision on the type of •Request for •Signing of contract •Request for payment contract quotation •Completion of contract Wire transfer •Participation in bidding •Contract closing The Bank of KOREA Request for wire transfer The Bank of KOREA16
  16. 16. Home Tax Service(HTS) (www.hometax.go.kr) Summary of Service tax, stamp tax, and transportation tax via the Internet. The Home Tax Service (HTS) allows taxpayers to (2) e-Bill and e-Paymentprocess their tax affairs from their home or office in Taxpayers can receive an e-Bill instead of a taxreal-time without visiting the tax office to file tax notice for the payment of value added taxes, globalreturn forms, receive tax notices, request tex-related income taxes and other types of taxes. Payment cancertificates or receive tax consultation with a govern be processed through a wire transfer by using the e-ment employee. This project will substantially Payment service.enhance the transparency and effectiveness of taxadministration. (3) Online application for Internet-based government services and process monitoring Citizens can request six types of tax-related Scope of Service certificate via the Internet such as business registration certificate and tax payment certificate.(1) Online Filing of Tax Returns Taxpayer’s petition requiring government service Citizens can file their tax returns which include tax can be filed online through the HTS website. Tax-categories such as value added tax, income tax, related services which take more than four days tospecial excise tax, liquor tax, securities transaction process can be monitored via the Internet.Concept of System Electronic Electronic report payment •VAT Home Tax Service •Internet GIRO •withholding tax through the Internet(HTS) •Internet banking Civil petition processing Tax Payer Electronic notice •Regular imposition •Tax payment certification •Preliminary imposition •Certificate of business •Occasional imposition registration 17
  17. 17. (4) Online Notification Service which offers online filing of tax returns, e- Information regarding the filing of tax returns, tax Bill, and e-Payment options, taxpayers have to visitnotices, and tax refunds can be sent to taxpayers via the district tax office and fill in and submit thee-mail or Short Message Service(SMS) through application for an Internet Home Tax Service. Then,mobile phones. a user ID and password will be issued to the t a x p a y e r. If the taxpayer already has an authentication certificate, he or she can register Service Procedure immediately at the Home Tax Service without visiting the tax office. To take advantage of the Internet-based Home Tax Social Insurance Information Sharing System (SIIS) (www.4insure.or.kr) Summary of Service insurance coverage, update information of a new employer (company insurance coverage), or cancel a The Social Insurance Information Sharing System policy via the Internet. Online guides for social(SIIS) is a project for interconnecting the 4 major insurance and government services can be found onsocial insurances information systems (health the web portals of the four major social insurancesinsurance, pension insurance, unemployment while access to insurance bill information, onlineinsurance, and industrial accident compensation insurance bill payment and other various extrainsurance) of each public corporation and agency. services are made available to citizens in aThe system will enhance the quality of government- personalized format.wide services and improve managerial effectivenessof the current management of the 4 major social (2) Establish and Manage an Integrated Databaseinsurances. Insurance records of policyholders (including dependents), private businesses, government services, and the disabled are shared in an integrated Scope of Service database. Information can be augmented to enhance the integrity and reusability of data.(1) Social Insurance Information Web Portal Service (www.4insure.or.kr) (3) Establishment of an Information Sharing System Insurance policyholders with company-sponsored for Related Agenciescoverage or region-based coverage can acquire an The information networks of the 4 major socialinsurance policy, make changes to their insurance insurances and realated organizations, like thepolicy, notify an insurance corporation of loss of National Tax Service, are interconnected. Insurance18
  18. 18. records can be efficiently and effectively managed (2) Access insurance bill information and processthrough this system. payment via the Internet Log on to www.4insure.or.kr access insurance information e-Payment Service Procedure (3) Access insurance information that is personalized(1) Report changes of policyholder’s status to public for each user insurance corporations through online government Log on to www.4insure.or.kr access individual services and company insurance coverage information Log on to www.4insure.or.kr report changes instantlyview resultsConcept of System Portal site National Pension lnternet One-stop Health Insurance service Applicants Social Insurance Information 4 major insurance Sharing System Employment Insuance 4 major insurances institutions •Electronic civil appeals •Electronic notice & •National Pension Corporation payment •National Health Insurance Corporation •Health Insurance Review Agency •Korea Labor Welfare Corporation Industrial Accident •Human Resources Development Compensation Insurance Service of Korea 19
  19. 19. Local Government Information Network System Project (www.ebang.go.kr) Summary of Service (3) Automation of Data Entry for Change of Address The change of address of a citizen will be updated The Local Government Information Network in the citizen’s vehicle registration records, socialSystem Project is a comprehensive government welfare records, and other personal records stored inadministration information system that allows the government databases after a single notification issharing of government records of resident submitted. Redundant processes of submittingregistration, vehicle registration, and family register multiple notifications of any change of address toamong 232 local governments that issue these different agencies have been eliminated.certified papers to citizens. This project will enhancethe transparency and effectiveness of government (4) Apply for Government Services Via the Internetservices and will greatly improve government Citizens can request certification papers andprocess since it will be a government-wide project. permits issued by local governments via the Internet from their home or office by filling out online application forms. The status of the requested papers Scope of Service can be monitored in real-time.(1) Service for Providing Government-issued Papers to Citizens Service Procedure 38 kinds of certified papers such as real estateregistration, transcripts and abstracts of resident (1) Access Administration Systemregistration, transcripts and abstracts of vehicle Enter ID select from 21 types of operationalregistration can be issued anywhere and anytime tasks complete task and view informationfrom all government service windows located in 232local government offices and from automated (2) View Personal Certification Papers Issued by thedocument-issuing machines as well. Government Click on the e-Government service window that(2) Various Government Services are Offered from a appears in every local government website click Single Window on the online government service menu select a Government records stored in the database systems government service fill in the online applicationof local governments are shared across agencies form for the selected government service accesswhich enable a one-stop service for requesting government-issued certification confirm theresident registration papers and land/real estate resultspapers from a single window.20
  20. 20. (3) Receive Certification Papers Issued by the resident registration card to verify ID pay service Government fee print certification paper certification paper Select the type of certification paper from the is issuedautomated document-issuing machine useConcept of System Internet civil service Civil petition window Fee payment Financial Agency ① Application ② for civil petition Internet KIOSK Receipt of civil petition ③ Certification Authority ④ Processing Applicants ⑥ Identity check ⑦ Processing result ⑤ Description of civil petition processing result Internet Local Government Information Link to relevant Network System agencies Personal delivery Electronic official seal impression Certification Residents Land cadasters Fisheries •Cities & provinces Vehicles Construction Livestock •Central government Evironment Health & welfare Water supply agencies Mail and sewage •Relevant agencies Government certificate management agency National Education Information System (www.neis.go.kr) Summary of Service Education administrative processes will become more efficient and school administrators will be The National Education Information System burdened with less paperwork while serving citizens(NEIS) is a government-wide initiative to with better administrative services.interconnect more than 10,000 elementary andsecondary schools, 16 provincial offices of educationand their subagencies, and the Ministry of Education Scope of Service& Human Resources Development into onenetwork. Students, parents, and school (1) Government Service (http://www.neis.go.kr)administrators will have access to education-related The government services available on NEISinformation that will be shared across the nation. include the issuing of certification papers, filing 21
  21. 21. petitions, presenting proposals, making inquiries and (2) National Education Information System (NEIS)sharing information with citizens. NEIS also makes (http://neis.enter domain of office of educationstudent academic and school records available to here.go.kr)parents. The NEIS offers a service where 27 education administration duties such as school affairs that school administrators and civil servants must coordinate and process, social welfare for students, human resource management, budget allocations, and real estate holdings can be processed. < Domain names of offices of education websites >Seoul Busan Daegu In Gwan Dae Ulsan Gyeon Gang Chung Chung Jeon Jeon Gyeong Gyeong Jeju cheon gju jeon ggi won buk nam buk nam buk nam sen pen dge ice ketis dje use ken kwe cde cne jbe jne kbe gne jjeService Procedure (1) Government Service (regular citizens, parents of school children) The process of issuing a government-certified document such as a transcript of a college diploma or certification papers requested by a citizen is shown below. Request certificate Delivery by Log on to website Authentication Certificate is issued through online regular mail (www.neis.go.kr) process (citizen) (Government office) application (citizen) (Government office) (2) Service for Parents (regular citizen, parents of school children) The process of accessing academic and school records of children is shown below. Request child’s Access school and Log on to website Authentication Access granted school records academic records (www.neis.go.kr) process (Parent) (School) (Parent) (Parent) (3) National Education Information System (school administrator, civil servant) Enter ID to log on to Log on to website Authentication process Carry out duties system (www.neis.go.kr) (Administrator) (Administrator) (Administrator)22
  22. 22. Concept of System Ministry of Education and Real-time information sharing School Human Resources (statistics/policy/report) Management of school Development affairs Goods/management Educational statistics analysis Educational policy setup Various certificates such as graduation certificates Government departments to be issued anywhere Digital Nationwide and relevant agencies around the nation Educational Administration Enhancing effciency of administrative service Application at home District Education Office Educational policy enforcement Integrated educational administrative information Personnel Policy Support System (PPSS) (www.csc.go.kr) Summary of Service Scope of Service A standardized personnel management system has (1) Regular Citizenbeen developed for the processes of hiring, Employment opportunities at government agenciespromoting, compensating, training, and providing will be posted on their respective websites - citizenssocial welfare benefits to civil servants. The can browse through the job information and submitPersonnel Policy Support System (PPSS) will be an online job application. Various governmentexpanded as a government-wide project and make statistical facts will also be made available onpersonnel management transparent, fair, and government websites.effective. (2) Director of Government Agencies and Bureau Chiefs Numerous personnel management-related statistical data will be analyzed and made available to high-level government officials. Statistical data 23
  23. 23. analysis of personnel-related data and a searchable Service Procedurepersonnel database for matching a specific task withthe most qualified civil servant are effective tools for (1) Personnel and Salary Management Officermanaging personnel efficiently. (Client/server access) Responsible for personnel management, public(3) Personnel and Salary Management Officer service performance, salary compensation, year-end Personnel officers will use a system that follows a settlement of accounts, health insurance benefits, andstandardized set of personnel management methods bonuses for outstanding contributions.for managing the entire career of civil servantsstarting from the point of their hiring until their (2) Head of Government Agency, Bureau Chief andretirement. This system will enhance efficiency in Regular civil servants (Intranet access)personnel management. Search through personnel list, update and manage personal records, manage tasks, apply for(4) Civil Servants consultation session regarding work issues. Civil servants can use the PPSS to access a widerange of services such as browsing through their (3) Regular Citizens (Internet service)personal records, applying for a vacation or business Post employment opportunities available to regulartrip, and submitting a request for a consultation citizens on government websites and provide varioussession regarding work issues. online servicesConcept of System Government Agency 주앙서버 Central server Personnel Compile data management system Individual records, current records, Salary management statistical analysis system Submit required documents Central Personnel Management Committee Census of civil - Informed decision-making of servants personnel and compensation policy - Update government-wide personnel database24
  24. 24. National Finance Information System (NAFIS) (www.nafis.go.kr) Summary of Service be interconnected and enable integrated budget planning and allocation, and settlement of accounts. The National Finance Information System Government finances will be constantly monitored(NAFIS) provides real-time financial information and managed in real-time.and integrates the finances of government agenciesinto a network that is managed by the system. This (2) e-Bill and e-Payment Serviceproject will make the management processes of The use of technology such as e-Window andgovernment finances transparent, more effective and Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) wille fficient while making the government more allow the government to collect government serviceaccountable. fees and fines from citizens through an e-Bill, e- Payment, or e-Receipt. When citizens apply for e- Bill service at financial institutions, an e-Bill will Scope of Service automatically be sent to citizens when they use government services. After the citizen checks the(1) Information Sharing of Government Finances amount of the government service fee stated in the e- The 23 finance-related systems that are operating Bill, he or she can pay the e-Bill through Internetindependently in various government agencies will banking services (online invoice).Concept of SystemReceipt Process Expenditure Process Daily B/S of national treasury Statement of Statement of settlement settlement of accounts (month/year) of accounts Ministry of Finance Ministry of Finance The Board (month/year) and Economy and Economy of Audit Accounting and Inspection statements (month/year) ① Eletronic notices ⑥ Transfer result Statement of Finance EBPP Account(Month/Year) The Bank of KOREA Transit System Government ⑦ Receipt Expenditure ② Payment order Revenue collecting report official The Bank of KOREA ② Notices ⑥ Receipt ⑥ Receipt (Eletronic) Report Report ① Request for payment ③ Transfer ⑤ Transfer ③ Notice via e-mail notice result ⑤ Issuance of receipt (in writing or electronically) ④ Deposit to bank accounts ④ Payment (in person Commercial Bank Payer or electronically) (Customer service provider) Enterprises Commercial Bank 25
  25. 25. Service Procedure (e.g. government revenue and expenditures menus). accomplish duties(1) Process An authentication certificate is issued to the civil (2) Apply for e-Bill Service and e-Paymentservant responsible for accounting in the central Apply for e-Bill service at a financial institutiongovernment bureau the civil servant uses the an e-Bill is sent to the applicant check the amountauthentication certificate to log on to the National of the e-Bill and then select e-Payment applicantFinance Information System and access specific is directed to preferred Internet banking systemmenus that are only authorized to that civil servant enter the payment amount e-Approval and e-Document Exchange Summary of Service Approval method can be sent to various agencies that can be selected from a government agency list. For the improvement of government One mouse-click will automatically send theadministration processes and the creation of a approved e-Document to all the agencies selectedgovernment-wide knowledge management database, from the list.the e-Approval and e-Document Exchange systemhas been created. (3) Network links between the e-Document System and Government Administration Information System Scope of Service While using the government administration information system, civil servants can access the e-(1) An e-Document system, which includes sender and Document System which is interconnected to other recipient data of each e-Document and a route information systems and use the e-Approval feature tracing option to get a document approved quickly. The verification of the delivery of governmentdocuments across agencies and route tracing of each Service Proceduree-document is built into the e-Document system.Through the use of e-Signatures, the sender of each After completing a document to be delivered toe-Document can be verified. another government agency by using the government-issued e-Document System(2) After a document is approved, the signed (www.mogaha.go.kr), select the recipient of the document can be sent to various agencies via the document among the list of government agencies Internet appearing in the government directory system. After A document that is approved through the e- the selection is made, the document can be sent.26
  26. 26. e-Signature and e-Seal System Summary of Service services will be enabled through e-Signatures. This system protects personal information through (2) Expand the use of e-Signatures among Civiluse of secure methods for government-wide sharing Servants for Administration Processesof information and will build trust in the e- Issue authenticated e-Signatures to over 1 millionAdministration system. The establishment and civil servants across the nations while ensuring thatexpansion of the e-Authentication System will be the documents exchanged over the e-Document Systemkey factor for expanding e-Government services, e- for e-Approval are sent in a secure method thatProcurement, e-Commerce and e-Document allows the recipient to verify the sender’s e-exchange. Signature. Scope of Service Service Procedure(1) Expanded the Use of Certified e-Signatures among Visit Certificate Authority submit application Citizens for authentication service complete registration Issue authenticated e-Signatures to 10 million receive reference code and confirmation codecitizens which will in turn allow wider access of authentication certificate is issuedonline government services to the private sector. The ※ Banks and post offices will issue anexpanded use of electronic bidding on public bids, authentication certificate for free to customersonline filing of tax returns and other e-Government who sign up for Internet banking services Government-wide Integrated Computer network The Government-wide Integrated Computer long-term investments in human resources andSystem project, which is one of the e-Government equipment. The formulation of the Business Processinitiatives, is a system that will interconnect all the Reengineering (BPR) plan began in June 2002 tocomputer systems in each government agency and promote the efficient operation of all governmentallow information to be shared across agencies for computer environments and its result were reportedthe purpose of managing government databases in October 2002.more efficiently and this will be achieved bybuilding an integrated administration system through 27
  27. 27. Ⅲ. e-Government: Necessary Changes The successful completion of the e-Government services will boost productivity of private businessesinitiatives will bring many changes to how the and will lessen the burden on civil servants who willgovernment operates and will have a positive impact no longer have to process redundant procedures. Theon citizens and private business. The inefficient use level of national competitiveness will increase in theof the budget and human resources that were long-term due to these e-Government initiatives.allocated to outdated procedures and functions have How will government services change for the better?been reduced substantially. Efficient government 1. Citizen-centered Government Service: Addressing inconvenient processes and enhancing satisfaction levels To meet the document requirements for a certain regarding citizen needs, real estate transactions,government service, citizens must make multiple vehicle registration, personal taxes, and businessvisits to a range of government offices in order to matters, which altogether comprise 70 percent of allsubmit identical registration papers to these agencies. government services that citizens frequently applyThis overlap of work has been eliminated. The for. To deliver a government service that is citizen-interagency collaboration through information centered, interagency collaboration among thesharing will substantially reduce the number of Ministry of Government Administration and Homepapers that must be submitted to agencies as well as Affairs (MOGAHA), Ministry of Construction andthe number of visits to each agency. The use of Transportation (MOCT), the National Tax Service,information technology to create an e-Government and Supreme Court of Korea has been activatedhas enabled the government to deliver simplified and through an information sharing system thatconvenient government services. integrates the database networks of these agencies. In order to expand the e-Government initiative, a Citizens who access the Single Window e-Single Window e-Government service must be Government (www.egov.go.kr) to use a certainestablished to provide government services government service will have access to information28
  28. 28. regarding various government services at their online banking → ⑥ Press the OK button tofingertips. Certain major government services can be complete the application → ⑦ The requestedused by filling out an online application. And the government-issued documents will be sent to yousmall fee that the government charges for the according to the method that you chose - via regulargovernment service can be payed through Internet mail or e-mail. There is also a convenient option thatbanking or other electronic means. The government- allows you to forward the government-issuedissued documents that citizens request online can be documents electronically to a private agency. Whendelivered to the citizen via regular mail or e-mail. ‘f this optional orwarding’service is made available In addition, filing tax return forms, paying monthly across all online government services, citizens willbills for social insurance (pension insurance, health have the option to take out a loan from a bank byinsurance), and access to school records of your forwarding all the necessary government-issuedchildren can be taken care of through online documents to the bank directly.government services. ※ Delivery of transcripts and abstracts of resident registration, family register, land-book(rent), land Government offices accessible from your registration map, public notice of land value, home: Fill out applications for government transcripts and abstracts of building-book, transcripts services with one mouse-click and abstracts of removal of register, transcripts and abstracts of vehicle registration(original register), Here is a brief overview of the Single Window e- local tax payment certification papers, tax paymentGovernment that is available online. In the Single certification papers, proof of vehicle registration,Window service, information regarding more than business registration certification papers, proof of4000 different kinds of government services are welfare recipient identification papers, factoryavailable online and the procedures to apply for registration certification. report missing residentthese services are explained as well. Online registration cardapplications for 393 major government services arenow available to citizens such as requestingtranscripts and abstracts of resident registration and Citizen Records that the Governmenttax payment certification papers. retains will be Share across the Here is a brief overview of the application Government: 20 kinds of government-procedures in the Single Window e-Government ① issued papers do not have to beAccess the Single Window e-Government submitted to other agencies anymore( w w w. e g o v.go.kr) website → ② Go to thegovernment service application menu → ③ Fill out The Ministry of Government Administration andthe online application form → ④ Use your e- Home Affairs (MOGAHA), Ministry of ConstrucSignature to confirm your identity → ⑤ Pay the tion and Transportation (MOCT), Supreme Court ofservice fee using a credit card, e-Money or through Korea, National Tax Service and agencies that 29
  29. 29. provide major government services have built a A transcript of a citizen’s resident registration forsystem for sharing information across agencies. example, is required for submission to a governmentResident registration records, family register records, agency when registering an institute entity, obtainingand administration records related to taxes are just a a realtor license, enrolling a child in middle school,few documents that are shared across agencies. obtaining health insurance, changing a healthTherefore, 20 kinds of government-issued papers insurance policy, or establishing a housingsuch as the transcripts and abstracts of resident cooperative. 75 kinds of government servicesregistration, family register, and land-book, in all that required the submission of transcripts of residentwere required for submission to government registration as a mandatory procedure. Since theagencies are no longer required. Instead, government administration departments of government agenciesemployees will access the citizen’s records online can check the citizen’s resident registration recordand process the government service that citizen online, there is no longer any need to submit theseapplied for. transcripts. < Table 4: List of Documents That Do Not Need to be Submitted > Information shared across agencies Remark (Documents no longer required for submission) Resident registration information Abstract of resident registration ledger, Transcript of resident registration Family register on computer database Abstract of family register Transcript of family register Confirmation document for public notice of land value Confirmation document for public notice of land value Land-book (rent) Land-book (rent) Authorization letter (Temporary) Authorization letter Building-book (single/complex) Building-book (single/complex) Transcript of land register Transcript of land register Transcript of building register Transcript of building register Original register of vehicle registration (former/latter) Original register of vehicle registration (former/latter) Declaration certificate for motorcycle permit Declaration certificate for motorcycle permit Original register of construction equipment (former/latter) Original register of construction equipment (former/latter) Business registration certificate Business registration certificate Certificate for business suspension Certificate for business suspension Certificate for business discontinuance Certificate for business discontinuance Transcript of corporation register Transcript of corporation register Tax clearance certificate Tax clearance certificate Local tax payment certification Local tax payment certification Vehicle tax payment certification Vehicle tax payment certification Certificate of income Certificate of income Certificate of tax payment Certificate of tax payment30
  30. 30. Citizens can file tax returns without registration certification and tax payment visiting the Tax Office, Government-issued certification that are commonly required for financial papers can be accessed from banks transactions can now be accessed at financial electronically institutions over the Internet, which eliminates the need to submit these documents. To take advantage Small business owners were required to file their of these government services, first visit the Homeincome tax returns and value added tax at either a tax Tax Service website and apply for the government-office or financial institution. But now e-Bills, e- issued documentation service. After your onlinePayment of taxes and online filing of tax returns are application is completed, a special password foravailable on the Internet. Small business owners can accessing online documents will automaticallyaccess the Home Tax Service (www.hometax.go.kr) appear. This special password will enable citizens toto apply for a numerous government-issued papers access their statements and certification online atsuch as business registration certification, tax financial institution. To start using the convenientpayment certification, certification of suspension or Internet-based tax service a person need only visitclosure of business, and other government-issued the local tax office and apply for online tax-relatedpapers. More than 105 kinds of tax-related services. After the application is processed, either angovernment service can be processed online. authentication certificate will be issued to the citizenCitizens can receive information regarding various or a previous authentication certificate used by thetax return processes, tax forms, and tax benefits via citizen for Internet banking will be updated to allowe-mail or SMS on their mobile phones. Six kinds of access to online tax services as well.government-issued papers including business < Figure 2 : Home Tax Service process> ① Submit application ③ Register authentication on requesting service behalf of taxpayer Taxpayer Tax Office Certificate Authority ② ID/Password National Tax Service HTS ④ Log on to HTS website ⑤ Receive authentication certificate ⑥ Access HTS Apply for Transcripts of Diploma and citizen moved far away from his or her alma mater, Academic Records from anywhere then it would be very inconvenient to take a long trip to obtain academic transcripts. But citizens can now Not too long ago, citizens would have to visit their request academic transcripts online by using thealma mater or the provincial office of education National Education Information Systemoverseeing the school district to obtain transcripts of (www.neis.go.kr) and receive the transcripts viahigh school diplomas and academic records. If a regular mail. Since the National Education 31
  31. 31. Information System is connected to all provincial 4 Major Social Insurances: A singleoffices of education, citizens can go to any office of notification will update information in alleducation to apply for and receive academic four insurance policiestranscripts regardless of where their alma mater islocated. Workers have been required to submit papers to From March 2003, students as well as parents will update their pension insurance, health insurance,be able to access their academic, attendance, and industrial accident compensation insurance, andstudent health records through the Internet from their unemployment insurance policy when they changedhomes. Parents will able to monitor their children’s jobs. This has been a constant burden to citizensperformance at school as well as their children’s when they move to a different company. Citizensschool attendance via the Internet. This will allow needed to visit each public corporation that oversawparents to spot problems that their children are the insurance policy to update their employerhaving at school without physically visiting the information and many papers were required forschools. Under this framework, parents, school submission in this process. Now the publicadministrators and teachers can work together to corporations overseeing the 4 major social insurancesolve problems at schools. policies have linked their networks together to share information. Citizens are no longer burdened by complicated processes. Citizens can notify just one insurance public < Table 5: Reduction of Required Documents for Policyholders who have New Employment Status> Previous Procedure Current Procedure 1. Notify insurance corporation of acquirement and loss of regional coverage policy (citizen) 2. Submit notification form to report changes in policyholder’s Forms of monthly income bracket and policyholder’s status (citizen) 1. Update changes to policyholder’s Notification 3. Submit notification forms to report acquirement and status who has regional coverage changes in regional coverage policy (health insurance) 4. Submit notification form to report loss of insurance coverage 1. Obtain copy of Business registration papers (citizens) 2. Submit certified document stating changes in monthly 1. Transcript of resident registration Required income (citizen) stating the death of the citizen,Government-issued 3. Health Insurance Card (Health) transcript of family register, and either a Documents for 4. Transcript of resident registration stating the death of the death certificate or postmortem submission citizen, transcript of family register, and either a death examination certificate (health certificate or postmortem examination certificate (health insurance) insurance) 2. Certification of enrollment (health 5. Certification of enrollment (health insurance) insurance) 6. Card for the Disabled (health insurance) 7. Certificate of incarceration (health insurance)32