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Evaluating music magazine q6pptxjz new

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Evaluating music magazine q6pptxjz new

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. The technologies which I have used before  Photoshop- I have used Photoshop when I was studying in ICT at GCSE. The teacher gave us a textbook that taught us how to use the Photoshop. It’s easy to use for me because I could use it very well in very shortly time. I learnt many things, such as how to change the lighting of the original pictures.  Digital camera- I used to play on digital cameras when I was really young. Every time I went to somewhere for travel with my family, I’d like to use it took some pretty views and people. I knew that I need to open flesh when it’s dark, how to press the button to shoot, and how to shared those pictures I took.  Recorders (podcast)- Again! I used this in ICT at GCSE. It’s a technology I have to know how to use on my course work. I used the software in my laptop (MacBook pro). It’s easy to use for me.  Microsoft word- I always used this software to type my homework. It easily useful on me because it can help me to do the correction on my English writing. I always have spelling and grammar mistakes because English is not my first language.  Microsoft PowerPoint- I always used it when I needed to make a presentation. When I was in China, our ICT lessons in there was teaching us how to make a good presentation by using PowerPoint.  Paint- I used this technology to draw some random things. However, when I was in GCSE, I knew that I can use this to paste the screenshot.  IMovie (video)- At the beginning of the year, we learnt many things about film and filming. I used this technology to help me finish my homework which is to produce a short film.
  3. 3.  InDesign- I never used this software before. This is the first time to use InDesign to finish some parts of the course work. At the beginning, I felt this is a bit difficult to use because the menus are different with other software, such as Photoshop. For example, in Photoshop I click “File” and then click “Open”, I will get the file I want to edit in front me. However, in InDesign, after I click “File”, then I have to click place to get the files I want to use in front of me.  Blog- I had never signed up to a blog before. In China, Blogger is blocked by the government. I can’t browse this website when I’m in China. However, there is a similar website which the government allow Chinese people to use. So Blogger is not hard to use for me. I think it is very interesting to post my course work onto my own blog.  Poll- I didn’t know how to set up the poll on my blog. My teacher helped me and taught me how to use. So I used the poll on my magazine’s title.  Prezi- I never used this before. I was using this to link all my evaluations together. It’s not hard to use.