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Social media 101 twitter


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Social media 101 twitter

  1. 1. Why » Social media skills have become increasingly important to seasoned executives as well as fresh-out-of-college Social job hunters. » Social media plays an important role in marketing and public relations. » Both large and small companies realize Media? that if they are not taking advantage of social media, they are missing out on a large population. » Social media is a fundamental shift in the way individuals connect, engage, and learn. Leading, Teaching, & Learning www.CarolHBates.com
  2. 2. www.CarolHBates.com Ebook Prepared for Social Media Day Nov. 20, 2012 CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  3. 3. The Fantastic Five A Few Social Media Skills » Facebook » Creating & Editing » YouTube Videos » SEO (Search Engine » Google+ Optimization) » Twitter » Google Search Stories » Pinterest » Writing for the Web » Social Media Etiquette » Social Media Marketing Social Media classes offer students an opportunity to develop the strong social media skills in demand today. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  4. 4. Understanding how to effectively use social networking is now considered a basic skill. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  5. 5. Social media skills should not be ignored. Strong Social media skills can help to strengthen chances of getting a good job in today’s job market. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  6. 6. Many people want to learn social media skills, but they feel overwhelmed. They may think it is too late to jump on board. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  7. 7. The Wiktionary defines Chicken-hearted as not brave; lacking courage; cowardly. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  8. 8. This is the way many people feel when asked to use new social media tools. Actually, a better word is technophobia, the fear or dislike of advanced technology. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  9. 9. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  10. 10. We will overcome the fear of using new technology one step at the time. I am here to help you. Your colleagues are here to help you. We’re in this together. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  11. 11. Remember, there is no question you can ask that I will think you are "stupid" for asking! If you have the question, you can be pretty sure someone else wondered about it as well. I appreciate your questions! Your questions let me know you are engaged in the material. Your questions help me to understand what I have not covered well. So by all means, when you have a question, ASK. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  12. 12. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  13. 13. Because this is a workshop on social media, we are going to use social media to ask our questions. But until you learn how to use Twitter, raise your hand or send me an old- fashioned e-mail. Twitter is a great way to communicate. You ask your questions in 140 character or less. This helps you and me to be concise. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  14. 14. » Twitter’s home page says it best: “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  15. 15. » Go to Twitter and set up your account. » Select your username. Try to use your name or at least a variation of your name. You want people to be able to find you. » Use initial caps and in-word caps. For example, CarolHBates rather than carolhbates. » Now click on Create My Account. Wow! That was easy. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  16. 16. » From the Twitter home page, click Settings. » Choose the Account Tab. » Set your time zone. » Do not check “Protect My Updates.” If you do, no one will be able to see your tweets unless you approve them. How fun is that? » Click Save. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  17. 17. » Click on the Profile Tab and upload a nice picture. » You don’t want to be an egg head! This is the default if you do not have a picture. » People do not want to follow people who are egg heads. It is a trust issue. » The maximum size of your photo is 700K so you might have to edit your photo before uploading to Twitter. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  18. 18. » Enter the rest of your information to complete your profile. ˃Location. People often locate you by location. ˃The link to your website or blog if you have one. ˃You can also link directly to Facebook. This will post your tweets to Facebook. I don’t recommend you do this. ˃Enter a brief bio. And I do mean brief – no more than 160 characters. Tell something interesting about yourself. ˃When you are finished, don’t forget to click Save. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  19. 19. » Twitter is much more fun and useful when you have it come to your phone. » You can do this through text messaging (I don’t like) or by downloading the Twitter App (this is best). » Under the Settings link, click on the Mobile tab. » If you are using an iphone, Twitter is built into the operating system. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  20. 20. » Start by following family or friends who are on Twitter. » But don’t stop there. You do not have to know a person to follow them on Twitter. » Follow people who are experts in your area of interest. » Twitter can be on-going professional development. » People on Twitter tend to be the people who are on the cutting-edge of technolgoy CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  21. 21. » Michael Hyatt says to think of a room full of people sitting around in a circle. » Twitter is a conversation. » When you update a status, you are speaking to the whole group. Everyone can hear what you have to say. » If you want to send a message to just one person – you send a Direct message. (But always think of your post as public. Anyone can retweet your tweet.) CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  22. 22. » Replies – Responding to a tweet made by someone in your circle but where everyone can hear you. » To send a tweet to one particular person but where everyone can hear you – use the @symbol and their user name. Example, @carolhbates. You do not have to follow the person, and they do not have to follow you to use this command. Everyone who is following you and me will see the command. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  23. 23. » Direct Messages – You are only speaking to one person in your circle. Others cannot see this message. It is like whispering. » Example, d katvhall It looks like I will not be able to make the meeting for another 30 minutes. Oh well. » Twitter direct messages have pretty much replaced text messaging for many people. » Hashtags – Kind of like tagging photos. The # symbol (called a hashtag) is used to mark keywords or topics. This is a way to categorize information and follow particular topics. Example, #cis294 is used in our social media class so that we can follow each others’ comments about the class. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  24. 24. » Now you are setup and understand a little about Twitter, so start Twittering. » This is the way you will learn best—by doing! » The more interesting people you follow and who follow you, the more interesting and helpful you will find Twitter. » One way to get an idea of who to follow is to look at who other people are following. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  25. 25. » Hootsuite – As you begin to use Twitter more and more, you will want to become familiar with tools such as Hootsuite. It will even manage Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn, and several other social media services. » Lists – help you to categorize people by groups. For example, I have a student list, family list, and social media group list. » You might want to write many tweets at one time and then set them to post at certain times throughout the day. This keeps you from flooding your followers with information all at one time. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  26. 26. » You probably don’t want to tweet that your family is going to be out of town or that your husband is out of town (obvious reasons). » Sometimes people will post information that you find distasteful – unfollow them! If necessary, block them. » It’s common Tweeter courtesy to follow people who follow you, but you do not have to do so! » Crazy people and stalkers have Twitter accounts. » Don’t share too much private information. CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning
  27. 27. » Let’s Connect Website/blog: http://www.carolhbates.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/drcarolhbates Twitter: http://twitter.com/carolhbates CarolHBates ~ Leading, Teaching, & Learning