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Drama script india (1)

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Drama script india (1)

  1. 1. SCENE 1: HELL (presssoundbutton) Yama: Greetingseveryone! Welcome toNaraka,HELL!!! My name is Yama,the God of Death and Justice,the wisestamongall the devas.Iobserve the all humanbeings onEarthandkeepa complete record of theiractions.Upontheirdeath,I calculate theirkarmaand decide whetherthey reincarnate asa superiororinferiororganism. (pressenter) SCENE 2: MOGHUL PALACE Yama: Today,I am goingtotell all of you a story,a storyaboutlove.Many manyyearsago in the Moghul Empire of India,there livedahandsome prince namedShahJahan. He livedafabulouslifein a beautiful palace. (pressbutton) (PriestandShahJahan appears.PriestseemedtotutorShahJahan) Yama: As a child,ShahJahanreceivedbroadeducationbefittinghisstatusasa Mughal prince,which includedpoetry. Priest:(HoldsbookwithShahJahan) Readthispoem, yourhighness.Followme.LAGTA NAHIN HAI DIL Shah Jahan:LAGTA NAHIN HAIDIL Priest:MERA UJDE DAYAR MEIN Shah Jahan:MERA UJDE DAYARMEIN Yama: Shah Jahanlearntmusical instruments Priest:My royal highness,thisiscalledapunji andIam teachingyouhow to playthis. (ShahJahan and priestplaysmusical instrument) (presssoundbutton) Yama: Also,he learntmartial arts. Priest:My dearhighness,tobe a strongking,you musttrainyour muscles(showsmuscles),tobe as strongas me. Shah Jahan:Yes,my honourable teacher. Priest:Now,take yoursword,Iam teachingyouthe Indianmartial artcalled‘yuddhkala’. (PriestandShahJahan performsmartial arts) (KingJahangirandQueenTaj Bibi comesin) Yama: One day, ShahJahan’sparents,KingJahangirandQueenTaj Bibi came fora surprise visit. PriestandShah Jahan:(bowsto kingandqueen) Yourmajesties. Jahangir:Howis my sondoing? Priest:He islearningverywell,yourmajesty.
  2. 2. Jahangir:Great job,son.I am proudof you. Shah Jahan:Thanks,yourmajesty. (JahangirandTaj Bibi leaves) (pressenter) SCENE 3: MEENA BAZAAR (presssoundbutton) (PriestandShahJahan comesin) Yama: WhenShah Jahanwas 15, he wentto a MeenaBazaar. While strollingdownthe streets,he caught a glimpse of agirl sellingsilkandglassbeads.Itwaslove at firstsight. Shah Jahan:(To priest) Hey,didyousee thatgirl? Priest:Yes,Ido Shah Jahan:She’sso pretty! Priest:Iagree,yourhighness.Whynotyoutalk to her? Shah Jahan:(approachesMumtaz,Mumtaz shy) Heygirl,what’syourname? Mumtaz: (shy) Arjumand BanuBegum. Shah Jahan:Wow,what a beautiful name.You’re beautiful (kisseshand) Mumtaz: Thank you. (shyandmovesfar away) (pressenter) SCENE 4: INDIAN SAVANNA (presssoundbutton,songplayed) (ShahJahanand Mumtaz dances) Yama: They fell inlove (pressenter) SCENE 5: MOGHUL PALACE Yama: Shah Jahanwentback to the palace. (JahangirandTaj Bibi comesin) Shah Jahan:My majesties,Ihave animportantannouncementtotell. Jahangir:What isit, mydear? Shah Jahan:I meta girl calledArjumandandIwannamarry her! Taj Bibi:Seriously?Youcan’tmarry a girl youjustmet!!! Shah Jahan:But,but she’skindandprettyand I reallylove her!
  3. 3. Jahangir:No,onlyarrangedmarriagesare allowedinthisfamily.Thistraditionhasbeeninthe family for generations! Shah Jahan:Why notlet’sinvite hertothe palace.You’ll probablylike her! Jahangir:Okay fine,findone dayandinvite hertothe palace.We wouldlike toknow herbackground and see if she’seligible tobe yourprincess. Shah Jahan:(happy) Alright,yourmajesty(walksaway) Yama: One day, ShahJahan broughtArjumand tothe palace. Shah Jahan:May I introduce all of you to the ladyI fell inlove with… Jahangir:May we knowyour name? Mumtaz: ArjumandBanuMegum,your majesty. Taj Bibi:What’syour background? Mumtaz: I am a Persianprincess,yourmajesty. Taj Bibi:Wow,a princess.Ourson isprettygoodat selectinggirls. Jahangir:Only royal familiescanmarry royal families.Ithinkoursonjust dida rightchoice. Taj Bibi:I agree.(toMumtaz) What talentsdoyou have? Mumtaz: I can dance,your majesty. (presssoundbutton) (Indianmusic,Mumtazdances) Jahangir:I like her,she isprettyandtalented Taj Bibi:Most importantly,she hasagood familybackground. Jahangir:Alrightson,youcan marry her,but youneedtowaitfor 5 years,whenyouare more matured. Shah Jahan:5 years??Butwhy??? Taj Bibi:5 years then5 years!!!Don’tmisobeyyourfather. Shah Jahan:Alright. (pressenter) SCENE 6: WEDDING Yama: 5 yearslater,whenShahJahanwas 20 yearsold,he marriedArjumand.A grand wedding ceremonywasheld.The bride performs the Pithaceremony.She wearsinbrightyellow whilebeing coveredinturmericpowder. (Mumtazwearsyellowcloth,Taj Bibi putpowderonMumtaz) Yama: Next,she wearsa nose ringcalledaNath. (Taj Bibi wearsNath onMumtaz)
  4. 4. (pressenter) Yama: Next,it’s the Mehendi ceremony.Hennaisdelicatelypaintedonthe bride’shandsandfeet. (Taj Bibipaintsbride’shands) (pressenter) (presssoundbutton) (SCREEN SHOWS WEDDING VENUE) Yama: Afterthat,it’sthe Bharat ceremony.The groommakesa grandentrance to the wedding venue. (ShahJahanentersand carry gifts) Yama: He bringswithhimthe daala,whichare giftsof clothesandjewelryfromthe royal familyto the bride. (ShahJahangivesgiftto Mumtaz) Yama: The priestmakesthe bride,groomandfamilywitnessessignacontract knownasnikah-sama. (Priestbringspaperforeveryone tosign) Yama: Next,theypraytogether (Everyone prays) Yama: A grand weddingfeastisheldafterthe ceremonies.However,malesandfemalesare segregatedfromone anotherinMoghul weddings. (Male one side,female one side.Eat.) (pressenter) Yama: Shah Jahanawards Arjumandanofficial title. Shah Jahan:(takesawayshroud) Fromnow on, yourname shall be Mumtaz Mahal! Mumtaz: Yes,your highness. Yama: Aftermarriage,ShahJahanand Mumtaz Mahal livedhappily.Mumtazgave birthto as much as 13 children. However,whenthe 14th childisborn… (Mumtazwithcloth,holdingShahJahan’shand) Taj Bibi:Push!!!!!Push!!!! Mumtaz: AHHHH!!! I can’t doit!!!I’m gonnadie!!!! Shah Jahan:No,you cannotdie.Ourchildrenneedsyou. Mumtaz: No,I can’t, thisistoo hard forme.Take care of our children,ok?(closeseye) Shah Jahan:No,No!!!(shakesMumtaz) PLEASEDON’tDIE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  5. 5. (Everyone cries) (presssoundbutton) (pressenter) SCENE 7 : FUNERAL Yama: Mumtaz dieddue to childcomplications. A grandfuneral is heldforher. Yama: First,the priestreadsthe al-Koran. (PriestreadsKoran) Yama: Next,female membersof the familygivesthe deadbodyacoldbathand wrap the bodywith a white shroud (Taj Bibi bathesMumtaz’sbodyand coversit withwhite shroud) Yama: A mourningperiodof 40 days isannouncedandthe kingrefusedtoattendanyaffairs.The corpse is thentransportedtoAgra andburied.There wasa longprocessionof commonersand slaves. (Royaltyfamily mournsatdeadbody,slavesfollow behind) Yama: The slavesreceivealmsand foodforattendingthe funeral procession (Priestgivesfoodandcoinstoslaves) (pressenter) SCENE 8: CONSTRUCTION SITE Yama: To commemorate hiswife,ShahJahanrecruitedmenall overIndiatobuildthe Taj Mahal. Hundredsof slaveswere involvedinthisconstruction. (ShahJahandirectsthe slavestodo work) (presssoundbutton) (pressenterwhensoundends) (SCREEN CHANGES TO TAJMAHAL) Yama: After22 years,the Taj Mahal isbuilt. (presssoundbutton) (pressenterwhensoundends) (SCREEN CHANGES TO MARKET) (presssoundbutton) Yama: The slavesare thensoldat the slave market.One day,a Vaisyamerchantcame to buya slave Merchant: (looksatslave) Youare tooskinny,Idon’tlike!(looksatanotherslave) Youare tooold,I don’tlike!(looksatlastslave) Ahhhhhh,thisone isjustright. Iwantyou to be my slave! (Gives moneytopriest) (toslave) Followme!!! (pressenter)
  6. 6. SCENE 9: INDIAN STREET Yama: It is noteasyto be a slave, theyhave norightsinsociety.Theydoall sortsof dirtywork.For example,theycarryheavythings. (Slave carriesheavythings) Yama: Theyclear cloggeddrains (Slave clearingdrain) Yama: Also,theyclearhumanwaste . (Merchantpoops) (presssound button) (Merchantasks slave toclearit, slave carriesthe pot) Yama: The slavesare oftenbulliedby theirowners. (Givesslave horriblefood,slaveeats) (Slave triestotouchmerchant) Merchant: Shooshooshoo!!!Why didyoutouch me!!?? Slave:Got duston yourshirt. Merchant: Justgo away,you filthyanimal,you’lldirtymyskin!!!Don’tyouknow you’re an untouchable?You’ll degrade me if youtouchme. Slave:Sorry,sir. Yama: Despite the hardships,the slave isakindperson. (Anotherslave dyingonthe street,he giveshisfoodtohim) (Anotherslave begging,he giveshimpenny) Yama: One day, there wasa virusoutbreak.Bothof themfell sick. (Slave andmerchantsickand coughing) Merchant: You see!!!!Lasttime youtouchme,now I’msickalready!!! Slave:Sorry,sir. Merchant: Sorrywhat sorry???Go and cleanthe toilet.Now!!! Slave:Yes,sir. Yama: At the end,bothof themdiedof disease. (pressenter) SCENE 10: HELL Yama: In the Hindureligion,itisbelievedthatsoulsgotohell firstfortheirjudgementafterdeath. Merchant: Where are we?
  7. 7. Slave:Ithinkwe are inhell. Yama: Greetings,newcomers! (presssoundbutton) Merchant: Who,who,whoare you? Yama: I am Yama, the God of Deathand I have beenobservingall yourgooddeedsandbaddeeds. It’stime for judgementnow. Upondeath,Iwill calculate all yourkarma usinga chessset.Black representsbaddeedswhile white representsgooddeeds. (Merchantand slave begging) Merchant: (begs) Ohplease,please don’tpunishme,I’magoodperson! Yama: Silence!!!(calculates) You!!!(toslave)Yourare a kindperson,youcanreincarnate asa rich man inyour nextlife.Go!! Slave:Thankyousir Yama: YOU!!! Merchant: Yes??? Yama: You evil man.Youreincarnate as a pigin yournextlife!!!! Merchant: What??I??? A pig???? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (pressenter) SCENE 11: THE NEXTLIFE (20 YEARS LATER) Yama: 20 years later,afterthe twosoulshave reincarnated. Slave:Awwwww,whatacute piggy…. Merchant: (wearspigmask) Oink! (chasesafterslave) Slave:Don’tdon’ttouchme youfilthyanimal,shoo!!! Yama: Thisis calledkarma. It isin the belief systemof mostIndians. Andthe moral of the storiesI tell is,numberone,love shouldbe unconditionalandnumbertwo,we shouldtreatotherswell disregardingtheirbackgroundorstatus.Thankyou. (pressenter) *THE END*