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Dr. Ing. Carlos LemosEmail:    carloslemos@live.com                          Paul Rivet 471 Dep. 6-AMobile:   +593-9811-11...
Entrepreneurship experienceConsultant, Speaker and Lecturer on Entrepreneurship: from 10/2007 to date; I have beenteaching...
Professional experienceConsultant and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship; since 10/2007. Consultant on Entrepreneurship andBusin...
Engagement on disaster recovering strategyBy December 2002 I have proposed a Post-Doctoral Research to the Earth Institute...
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Resume of Carlos Lemos in English

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Resume of Carlos Lemos in English

  1. 1. Dr. Ing. Carlos LemosEmail: carloslemos@live.com Paul Rivet 471 Dep. 6-AMobile: +593-9811-1172 Quito, EcuadorProfileBorn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carlos studied in Germany where he lived and worked for 10 years. Afterreturning to Latin America, he got gradually involved in business administration during more than 20years. Since then he has specialized in management and entrepreneurship. In short: • 18 years’ experience in managerial and directive level positions • 8 years’ experience in creativity and innovation processes towards entrepreneurshipExpertiseEntrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Finances, Creativity and Innovation, Development of Businessand Business Ideas and Plans, Marketing for Business Start-Ups, Risk Analysis, Business IdeasCreation and Start-Ups Evaluation, Strategic Plans for High-Growth Ventures CreationBusiness Innovation Consulting Management (direction, coordination and supervision of BusinessManagement Analysts / Consultants who analyze the business needs, identify business problems and propose solutions based on new technologies and innovation)Project, Program Senior Project Management (direction, coordination and supervision of projectand Portfolio managers); Program Management (set of related projects that share a sameManagement general objective); Portfolio Management; Project Management Office (PMO)Sales Management Direction, coordination and supervision of sales executivesComputer skills Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Project, TeamUp, DatabasesLanguages English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French (Basic)Education (the most relevant)1977 – 1981 Doctorate in Information and Communication Technologies Kaiserslautern University, Germany recognition of the degree Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) in October 1977 earned the title Doktor-Ingenieur (Dr.-Ing.) in April 19811975 – 1977 Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil earned the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) in May 19771970 – 1975 Engineering in Electronics Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil earned the degree Engineer in December 1975Professional training (relevant to expertise)2005 – 2006 ITIL Foundations, Training courses about the best practices on IT services according to the ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library), 32 hours attended, Corporate Formation of Telefónica S.A., Quito, Ecuador2005 – 2006 Project Management Professional, Trainings program according to the guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI), 136 hours attended, Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, Bogotá, Colombia1999 – 2000 Project Management Specialist, Post-graduate program in Large Scale Project Formulation, Evaluation and Management based on the Logical Framework, according to the guidelines of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), 448 hours attended in the EPN (Escuela Politécnica Nacional) National Polytechnic School, Quito, Ecuador
  2. 2. Entrepreneurship experienceConsultant, Speaker and Lecturer on Entrepreneurship: from 10/2007 to date; I have beenteaching classes on entrepreneurship and performing consulting on creativity, innovation and strategicplanning. Below is a list of ongoing and completed work: • Have been hired as a consultant by the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) to: Validate the UTPL Entrepreneurship Model that is designed to implement the Innovation Park of Loja, and other issues related with an entrepreneurship program for high growth businesses and its connection with activities of Research & Development plus Innovation. Making the Strategic Plan for Entrepreneurship and the "Loja Technology Valley" (the UTPL incubator of technology-based companies), established the basis for the idea and business plans competition "Entrepreneurship III" and formulated the role of the Agency Business Development (ADE) and the Chair of Entrepreneurship in this process. • Have been hired as a speaker for entrepreneurs at the EmprendeEcuador contest of the Ecuadorian Government and as professor at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) for graduate students on developing ideas and business plans, including such topics as: Entrepreneurial Finances for Entrepreneurs and Non Financial Executives Creativity and Processes for the Knowledge-Based Innovation Business Models and the Market-Disruptive Innovation Value Proposition and How To Use it For the Business Idea Development Fundamentals of Marketing for Small Business Start-Ups How to Perform Surveys and Market Research using Informal Sources and Web Tools Everything You Should Know About Technical and Economic Parameters Differences between the Business Start-Ups Viability, Feasibility and Evaluation Financial Assessment Automation using Software ToolsEntrepreneur: I created plans and businesses; the most of them are ongoing but sold or entrusted: • Actually developing a venture in Loja for cultivation and commerce of coffee seedlings of high productivity and high quality cup through the use of hybrid and improved varieties in laboratory. An agreement is being currently negotiated with multinational company in this branch of business. • Formulated business plans for funding from the National Financial Corporation (CFN) and participated in various worldwide business plan competitions sponsored by the BiD Network (BiD Challenge) and Nestlé (Nestlé Creating Shared Value). • Won 3rd prize in the Business Plan Competition of the BiD Challenge 2008, an event hosted and sponsored by the BiD Network and the Conquito Foundation. • Author of the service brand “Búscame Ya”; conducted focus group surveys and friendly trials to test the potential of several Premium SMS services in Ecuador (value-added services using the text messaging feature of the cell phone technology).Creator of the software PCE Workflow (Process Control Engine): 1998-2004; PCE Workflow is aworkflow system for administrative processes. Copyright and intellectual property were registered in2000 and subsequently sold. Software licenses were purchased by Omnibus BB and General Motors forprocess optimization. The system controls the workflow for the approval and execution of administrativeprocesses and measuring performance indicators (workload, approval and delivery times).Creator of the company CANON CENTER SA, Quito, Ecuador: 11/1993; Dealer for the sale ofoffice supplies and equipment Canon, Japan; includes Canon cameras and home delivery of copier andprinter supplies. He has copyrighted the trademark "Canon Center” and the service mark "CanonExpress" for the selling, home and office delivery of Canon supplies. Both trademarks were sold.Creator of the company DATAPRO CIA LTDA, Quito, Ecuador: 10/1990; AuthorizedRepresentation to sell products and services for the repair and maintenance of office equipment Canon,Japan; includes copiers, printers and cameras Canon. 2
  3. 3. Professional experienceConsultant and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship; since 10/2007. Consultant on Entrepreneurship andBusiness Incubators for the Technical Particular University of Loja (UTPL); Professor at the FLACSO formasters degree students on Creativity & Innovation, and the Development of Business Ideas & Plans.Delivery Manager; Sep 2003 – Oct 2007 (in Feb 2007 promoted as Consulting Manager);Subordinates were Consultants / Business Analysts, Project Managers, Information Architects andSoftware Development Engineers; TELEFONICA MOVILES (before was BELLSOUTH), Quito, EcuadorDirector, Information Systems & Services; Feb 2000 – Sep 2002 (after being IT Manager);Member of the Executive Committee responsible for the Information Systems and Services area;GENERAL MOTORS OF ECUADOR and OMNIBUS BB (Vehicle Manufacturing), Quito, EcuadorInformation Director; Nov 1994 – Jan 2000;Management of an academic project network, part of the R&D Program financed by the IADB;FUNDACYT (private foundation that executed a program financed by the IADB), Quito, EcuadorExecutive President; Nov 1993 – Oct 1995;Responsible for a sales distributor of Canon personal electronics, office equipment and supplies; CANONCENTER S.A., Quito, EcuadorGeneral Manager; Oct 1990 – Oct 1993;Responsible for the sales and repair services operation of Canon office equipment in Ecuador; DATAPROCIA LTDA, Quito, EcuadorSales Manager; Jan 1987 – Sep 1990;In charge of the sales of Siemens phone and switching equipment for the private sector in Ecuador;SIEMENS S.A. (subsidiary of SIEMENS AG, Germany), Quito, Ecuador------------------------------- Moved from Germany to Ecuador by June 1986 -------------------------------Systems Development Engineer; Oct 1982 – Jun 1986;Software development for the manufacturing automation on the plant floor in Germany and the USA;SIEMENS AG, Karlsruhe, Germany (German headquarters for plant automation)Researcher (Scientific Assistant); May 1981 – Oct 1982;Research project financed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinshaft)DFG - KAISERSLAUTERN UNIVERSITY, Germany------------------------------- Moved from Brazil to Germany by April 1977 --------------------------------Received distinctions and grantsGrant awarded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) as support for post-graduate studies onLarge-Scale Project Management, Ecuador, 1999 – 2000 (1 year 2 months)Grant awarded by the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinshaft), assupport for a research project in the Kaiserslautern University, Germany, 1981 – 1982 (1½ years)Scholarship awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, Deutscher AkademischerAustauschdienst) as support for Doctorate studies in Germany, 1977 – 1981 (4 years)Scholarship awarded by the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPQ) assupport for post-graduate studies (M.Sc.), Brazil, 1975 – 1977 (2 years)Publications (the most relevant)Caprihan, A.; Lemos, C.: Spline Stochastic Processes, 1977 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics,Speech and Signal Processing, May 9-11, 1977, Connecticut, USALemos, C.: Realizierung und theoretische Untersuchung eines hybriden adaptivenDatenleitungsentzerrers bei Verwendung verschiedener Fehelerkriterien, Dissertation D-386, 1981,Universität Kaiserslautern, GermanyEndres, P.; Lemos, C.; Münch, Chr.: Automatische Unterdruckung von Echos bei binären Datensignalenmittels eines hybrid aufgebauten adaptiven Entzerrungssytems, ntz-Archiv, Bd.3, H.6, S.147-150, 1981,Germany 3
  4. 4. Engagement on disaster recovering strategyBy December 2002 I have proposed a Post-Doctoral Research to the Earth Institute of ColumbiaUniversity, New York, USA, in the field of Environmental Disaster Mitigation & Management. The title ofthe proposal is “Environmental Continuity Program; Study Case for New York City, Including DisasterRecovering and Economic Resumption Planning for Sustainable Living”.The proposed research establishes a study case of environmental disaster mitigation applied to a regionto be determined for its relevance, in this case, to New York City. This study case will be usedafterwards as a model for other similar programs that should follow this one, since less developedcountries are even more vulnerable to natural disasters.To achieve this goal, research should include process design documents as a tool to define standardmitigation processes. The project deliverables will outline standard policies, processes and methods thatare recommended to develop and sustain effective disaster mitigation capabilities at a global level bycoordinating the efforts of international cooperation under a common framework.After 8 years, the issue is still alive and solutions are currently more needed than ever. Proposal isavailable upon request. 4