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Ib art iwb

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Ib art iwb

  1. 1. IB Art Sechler
  2. 2. Bound and CoveredSketchbook, Letter size Required in class at all times. Be introspective, thoughtful and research your ideas, compare, contrast, draw! Art journal.
  3. 3. Writing about art and feelings Privacy is respected however the notebook is read and scored.
  4. 4. Overview Give the big picture of the chosen theme Explain how all the individual topics fit together, a chronological document Text Text Text Text Text Tex Text t
  5. 5. Vocabulary Glossary of artistic terms Defining the terms as used in this subject Museum and Gallery visits
  6. 6. The “IWB”Investigation Workbook –Four Areas Scored: Independent Research Contextual Research Critical research Visual Research
  7. 7. Not Just a Sketchbook orJournal Sketching is Visual Research Written entries fall into the other research categories Not just a “Book Report”
  8. 8. Summary Option A students: 40% of your marks depend on your work in your IWB 60% on your studio work and how you can explain your ideas and work processes
  9. 9. Summery HL A – Studio Art, IWB total 240 hours 60% Studio work: Practical exploration and artistic production 40 % Investigation workbook : Independent contextual, visual and critical investigation, both visual and written 9 1/4/2013