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Thesis Project - Research Gateway Presentation

  1. Research Gateway Alexis Morin - Master's Thesis Cultural Integration through Language Learning Kulturintegration durch das Erlernen von Sprachen L'intégration culturelle par l'apprentissage des langues 透過語言學習整合文化 Kulturell integration genom språkinlärning Integración cultural mediante el aprendizaje de idiomas Photo: Today is a good day
  2. What I've done Interviews, reading, evaluations What I know Insights, compilations What's coming Goals, iterations, prototypes, co-creation The schedule Am I really on track? Photo: Danish Siddiqui/REUTERS
  3. There exists between 2790 and 8000 languages worldwide. -Dülfen, Spitzer Photo: pinke_olive
  4. 5 Books 6+ Papers 25 language learning systems Polyglot Insights on YouTube
  5. Really insightful books 6 pillars of Language Learning Styles LAPs Learning
  6. -Myers, 6 pillars of Language Learning
  7. Personal Language Learning Styles -Peace Corps Volunteer On-Going Language Learning Manual
  8. LAPs (Language Acquisition Project) -LACE Manual
  9. (Yesterday, my friends and I flew to the church.) Igår kväll flög jag och mina kompisar till kyrkan.
  10. Language Systems Analysis
  11. Level of Acculturation-related Stress
  12. Level of Acculturation-related Stress Here's my problem area!
  13. Phase Model of Acculturation
  14. (It's the same graph!) „Kulturstandards, Akkulturation “Interkulturelle Kommunikation” und Kulturschock“ Prof. Dr. Michael Schugk -Das Konzept der kulturellen Standards von Thomas et al.
  15. Preservation of Cultural Identity + Cultural Integration
  16. 6 in-depth interviews Online questionnaire Medspråk Research from "Language as Participation"
  17. "In Berlin, there's a huge need to learn German just so you can stand on equal footing and gain a little bit of respect from strangers." -Interviewee Photo:Marco Bellucci
  18. People I've Interviewed or Surveyed
  19. Do Something. The most challenging Build Momentum. Need is the best part was the motivator dialect. Use native speakers 6 months somewhere as much as possible is enough to justify learning a language You need to be exposed to lots of comprehensible input Photo:Stuck in Customs
  20. Areas of necessity User has a goal, date and milestones. (Planning) Aware of the responsibility to learn. (Accountability) User knows how to achieve his/her goals. (Knowledge) There is always relevant content to address. (Resources) User is rewarded for effort. (Encouragement) User can recognize own progress. (Assessment)
  21. Plan of action
  22. Goals for the result People age 1 5 to 40 A1 to B1 (incl.) Independant CEFR Learning Can deal with most situations Design solution allowing for -Neurolinguistic Considerations likely to arise whilst travelling learners to independantly pursue on the Optimum Age for Second in an area where the language learning with help from Language Learning is spoken. Language Helpers.
  23. Iteration 1 Interactive LAPs
  24. Iteration 2 Respond to user feedback Design w/ Learner Journey, Personas
  25. Iteration 3 Potential Co-creation with D. Mansaray
  26. Iterative process • Ideation • Iteration 1 • Iteration 2 • Mid-Presentation • Refinement • Iteration 3 • Refinement • 5w before February March April Photo:Olfert
  27. Thanks! Danke Merci 謝謝 Tack Gracias Process blog at: