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URL to IRL: Networking

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How to take your networking skills from the online to the real world!
Presented for RIT PRSSA

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URL to IRL: Networking

  1. 1. From URL to IRL – A Better U Presented for Networking
  2. 2. First, Let’s Redefine It!
  3. 3. Building mutually beneficial Relationships
  4. 4. Where are you?
  5. 5. You’re Already Connected Online  Professors  Family  Friends  Parents of Friends  College Career Center  Alumni  Campus Groups  Professional Associations  Clubs or Meet Ups  Twitter Chats  LinkedIn Groups
  6. 6. Let’s Do It With Purpose
  7. 7. What Do You Need? Informational meeting – Career Advice • What types of entry level jobs to look at • What other industries/companies to look at • How they got started in their career – Company Information • What do they like about the company • How did they get their foot in the door • How do jobs get filled (recruiters, posting, etc.)
  8. 8. Requesting A Meeting Will • Build a closer relationship • Tap into their knowledge/expertise • Establish trust/familiarity • Showcase some of your skills/expertise • Lay groundwork for future meeting
  9. 9. Networking may not be immediately gratifying
  10. 10. Prepping for a One-on-One
  11. 11. Common Interests Areas of Expertise What you’ll talk about
  12. 12.  You interested in learning from them  “Top of mind” awareness of your talents What do I want to communicate?
  13. 13.  What do you have in common?  What 2-3 skills do you want to be known for?  What are you most proud of?  Types of problems can you solve? What's the best way to introduce myself?
  14. 14.  What trends do you see in the future that will affect your organization and industry?  What is the greatest demand for your services or product?  If this company was known for 3 things as a workplace, what would they be?  What are the qualities of people who perform best in this business? What questions do I ask?
  15. 15. Going to an event?
  16. 16. • What did you think of the speaker? • What part of the talk really resonated with you? • What prompted you to come here today? • Have you been to one of these before? • What’s been the best session for you? • Who have you enjoyed meeting so far? • What session are you most looking forward to? • How’s your week going? • How’s business? • Have you seen any movies recently? • Have you got any plans to get away? • How do you enjoy spending your free time? • What led you to set up your own business/be an accountant etc? • What’s the best part of your job?
  17. 17. Business Cards Name Role/Function/Job Title Tag line (value proposition) Phone, Email, LinkedIn URL Online portfolio/social media
  18. 18. Give to Get
  19. 19. Ways to Show Appreciation  Pay for their coffee/tea/chai  Send an interesting article  Introduce them to someone you know  Offer to share what you know  Lend or give a book  Look for opportunities to promote them or their company  Repeat
  20. 20.  Identify 5 people to meet over the next week/month/year  Attend one professional association meeting  Listen for opportunities to: offer help, share information, or connect with someone Actions
  21. 21. www.careersherpa.net Connect with Me! @CareerSherpa