Breakfast of Champions: Social Media & Personal Branding

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18. Jul 2012

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Breakfast of Champions: Social Media & Personal Branding

  1. Breakfast of Champions Social Media and Branding
  2. OVERVIEW • Five Brand Identity questions • Tricks for leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media • Maximize your time online
  3. Social Media is… Marketing and networking rolled in to one! About building
  4. Shared interests • Movers & Shakers • Hope to meet • Smart or interesting • Doing it right
  5. Have A Plan Who is your audience? What are their problems? How will you know… what you are doing is working?
  6. Monitor “You” • Can you be found? (use “your name”) • What comes up? Start fixing today by pushing “right” content • Set “Google Alerts” for on-going monitoring
  7. Reputation Management
  8. Increase Your Digital Footprint • Google profile • LinkedIn profile • presentations, documents, videos • Website or blog • Comment on blogs, LinkedIn groups, Q&A • Photo sharing • Social Profiles • Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  9. Branding • What do you want to be known for? • How do you want to be perceived? • What image are you trying to create? • What problems do you solve? • How do you make others feel?
  10. Vision Purpose Goal Values Passions
  11. 5 Rules of Online Engagement
  12. Know your audience
  13. Align your message
  14. Pull. Don’t push
  15. Listen
  16. Give (selflessly & generously)
  17. A Rocking Company Page
  18. the-Right-Way.aspx
  19. Your Better Side
  20. Which invitation would you accept? Build Connections How to Find People? Search People Use LinkedIn’s People You May Know Ask fellow group member Personalize EVERY message Invite co-workers Invite past colleagues Invite new people you meet
  21. I wonder…
  22. Group Discussions
  23. Other Ways to Use LinkedIn • Follow companies • Create events • Submit and answer questions • Run a poll • Keep up with news and network updates
  24.  Tweet: Status update, “What’s happening” in 140 characters  RT: Retweet, sharing someone else’s tweet  @: Indicates to or from  DM: Direct message, like an email (must follow each other)  Shortened URL  #: Hash tag is a special way of “tagging” 27
  25. • Give credit to source • Always be professional & positive • You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you • Keep settings public • Be present – ¼ = industry related – ¼ = occupation/company – ¼ = promoting others (city, assoc.) – ¼ = you (dialog or posts/slides/etc.)
  26. THE Largest social network is…
  27. • Know that nothing is ever really “private” • Establish a policy of who you'll accept • Keep it clean and not too personal • Participate in group pages
  28. Uses Google profile information Stream of conversation shown like Facebook Follow/add anyone to circles like Twitter
  29. Other Social Media Outlets • Video can be educational • Interview experts or past customers • Document a case study • Creatively show expertise, testimonials, and knowledge in a slideshow. • Video is HOT and Google loves YouTube
  30. Who Is Watching? • Be aware of who your friends, connections and contact are. • Know about the privacy settings for all your accounts.
  31. • Use 1 hour increment (max) • Use tools to schedule • Buffer • Tweetdeck or Hootsuite • Turn off email alerts
  32. What’d We Learn?
  33. Pull…don’t push Don’t Share what be you stingy know Bite-size content Sensory Integration
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