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5 Tips to Keep Your Resume Out of The Black Hole

There is nothing more frustrating than applying for a job on-line and never hearing from the company. Your job search doesn’t have to be this way. Learn what you can do to beat the competition, locate hidden jobs, and shorten your job search. You’ll leave this presentation ready to tackle your next job by using these five secrets.
• How to work the Applicant Tracking System
• Why you should always use the two-step method to apply for jobs
• How to be pro-active, not reactive
• Why you can’t dismiss social media
• Tools to give you direct access to company insiders

Hannah Morgan, Job Search and Social Media Strategist
Presented at Finger Lakes Job Fair April 2014

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5 Tips to Keep Your Resume Out of The Black Hole

  1. 1. 5 Tips to Improve Your Job Search Secrets That Will Keep Your Resume Out Of the Black Hole
  2. 2. 1. How to work the Applicant Tracking System 2. Why you should always use the two-step method to apply for jobs 3. How to be pro-active, not reactive 4. Why you can’t dismiss social media 5. Tools for finding names
  3. 3. Remember This?
  4. 4. Employee Referrals The #1 Way People Get Brought In
  5. 5. Doing This! Yet…You spend your time & effort
  6. 6. Where Do New Hires Come From?
  7. 7. How Companies Fill Positions
  8. 8. The Job Posting Process Who’s Using ATS Almost 90%of Large companies Almost 50%of Medium companies
  9. 9. What Can You Do To Break The Odds? ATS eliminate of candidates
  10. 10. Do not use images or graphics    
  11. 11. Arial Calibri Verdana Select Fonts Carefully 11 pt No Italics No Underline
  12. 12. • Don’t Put Contact Info In Header • Avoid Templates & Tables • No PDFs More Words of Caution
  13. 13. Identify Key Words & Tailor Your Resume
  14. 14. Follow Instructions
  15. 15. • Never say “Fired” • Don’t list supervisor names- use Human Resources • Salary History? • Desired Salary? Answer Questions Truthfully
  16. 16. 59% of Hires Come From Internal Sources 68% of companies offer referral compensation. SilkRoad Source of Hire 2014
  17. 17. ALWAYS Do the 2-Step
  18. 18. Where To Find Referrals
  19. 19. LinkedIn Relationships 1st Degree connection You You You 2nd Degree connection Group Members are like 1st Degree connections
  20. 20. 1st Degree: What Do You Say…. Hi Sally! Hey, I need your help… Hi Sally! What’s new? What do you know about the new job posted… Hi Sally, I see there’s an opening at your company…
  21. 21. Note the email signature
  22. 22. To reach a 2nd Degree connection…. Hi Sally! Hey, I need your help, can you introduce me to Bill… Hi Sally! I believe you know Bill over at … Hi Sally! There’s an opening at [company] do you know
  23. 23. Be Pro-Active  Target Employers  Ontario County Economic Dev.  LinkedIn  Previous job postings  Share your list of 30-50 companies with everyone
  24. 24. Growth of Social Recruiting 56% 78% 92% 2011 2012 2013
  25. 25. 1. Professional photo 2. Custom Headline 3. Personalize URL 4. Add Links to other sites 5. Write keyword rich Summary 6. List details for each job 7. Add skills & expertise 8. Awards/publications 9. Courses/Projects 10. Volunteer 11. Give to get Recommendations 12. Update status regularly 13. Join LinkedIn Groups 14. Follow target companies 15. Grow network
  26. 26. Sleuthing Tools
  27. 27. What Will You Do Differently?
  28. 28. LinkedIn www.LinkedIn.com/in/Hannah Morgan Twitter @careersherpa Facebook Career Sherpa Google+ +Hannah Morgan Email hmorgan@careersherpa.net To Your Success!