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The Essential Guide For Backing Up Your LinkedIn Profile

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Having to look up and research all the details about LinkedIn's upcoming major upgrade may be too time consuming and tedious for most people.

Though some of us may have some knowledge about what's set to happen in the LinkedIn stratosphere, it’s pretty daunting to have to research it all and be sure if we are backing up our network information correctly.

To make sure you’re set up for LinkedIn post-upgrade success, follow the steps in this guide. We’ll help you figure out the changes that are happening, and how they could affect your use of the platform. Bonus: We even sprinkled in some extra resources in case you want to learn more about using LinkedIn to find work.

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The Essential Guide For Backing Up Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. 1. The Essential Guide To BACKING UP YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE ASAP! A publicatio n of
  4. 4. GRAPHICS USING PRINT DIALOG IN WINDOWS MACHINES In the next pages you will see screenshots of the simple steps to save your LinkedIn profile using the Windows operating system's print dialog function and selecting to save as a PDF instead of printing.
  5. 5. CTRL + P While viewing your LinkedIn profile from the profile tab where you would edit the sections, use the CTRL key and “P” simultaneously which will bring up the Windows print dialog window. At that point you would select to save as PDF, or save using PDF Complete or any Adobe Acrobat software you use. The point is to save your profile as a PDF checking options to include background images and print to 100% without actually printing it. STEP 3 SAVING WITH GRAPHICS
  6. 6. Or any save as PDF option SELECT PDF PRINTER
  7. 7. Save at 100% ratio PRINT/SAVE WITH GRAPHICS
  8. 8. VIEW YOUR PDF Your profile opens in full PDF view showing you what you normally see when you view it online.
  9. 9. REQUESTING ARCHIVE.Finally – don't forget to request your basic and full archive.
  10. 10. TO RECAP LINKEDIN SAVE CHECKLIST: From profile Save as PDF From profile CTRL + P Save as PDF Select 'save with graphics and scale/ratio 100%' Request Basic and Full Archives of your profile
  11. 11. “Don't get caught without having backed up your LinkedIn profile.” “Don't get caught without having backed up your LinkedIn profile.” MILL MONTEJO LinkedIn Profile Developer And Resume Writer
  12. 12. 100% Satisfied Resume and LinkedIn Clients since 2012 Source:The Talent Mill | HelpWriteResume.com | JobSearchSuperhero.comSource:The Talent Mill | HelpWriteResume.com | JobSearchSuperhero.com
  13. 13. Download FREE and Premium ATS Friendly Resume Templates http://jobsearchsuperhero.com/career-document-store/
  14. 14. FOLLOW OUR BLOG. FOR MORE FREE & PREMIUM JOB TOOLS Click below to learn more: http://jobsearchsuperhero.com/free-resources-templates/
  15. 15. BY AUTHOR. @TheTalentMill
  16. 16. ATS TECH TIPS As a resume writer I'm constantly looking for ways to help increase my client's chances of being called in for an interview because of a resume they submitted to an open job. One of the best free software tools I've found out there to accomplish this has been Jobscan.co that allows you to scan a limit number of job ads for free alongside your resume to compare, match, and easily keyword stuff your resumes. A few extra pointers to help you increase your chances of being called to interview.
  17. 17. LINKEDIN ENDORSEMENTS Another way to utilize keywords to get yourself noticed on LinkedIn is by rearranging your endorsements in the order that you want to be endorsed for them. Yes, those annoying, misunderstood endorsements are actually skills keywords that help you come up in recruiter searches for open jobs they are trying to fill. So don't ignore this section. Click on your profile tab along the top, then select edit mode, scroll down to Endorsements section, and grab the most important skills for you and place them towards the top 10. This way when endorsements are suggested to your connections, they will automatically endorse you for your top skills that you wish to be known for.
  18. 18. You should have been able to save all the important data from your LinkedIn profile using this guide. You should keep your files in a safe backup location should there be any issues with the platform upgrade. … AND YOU’RE DONE!
  19. 19. If you find that you want us to just do everything for you we are offering the service until the platform upgrade is complete for $19.99 plus tax per person. Depending on the response to this we may have to set clients up on a first come first serve list for profile archive saves and delivery. We estimate a week turnaround or less for everyone. can help with that.
  20. 20. WANT IT ALL DONE FOR YOU? Email: Mill@JobSearchSuperhero.com Call: 973-341-3479 Text: 201-667-2994 www.JobSearchSuperhero.com THE TALENT MILLTHE TALENT MILL HELP WRITE RESUMEHELP WRITE RESUME JOB SEARCH SUPERHEROJOB SEARCH SUPERHERO