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Common uses for solar panels in perth

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Solar power is a natural source of energy for residential and commercial uses. Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it directly into electricity, which is used by electrical appliances. Some other common uses are discussed in the document.

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Common uses for solar panels in perth

  1. 1. Common Uses for Solar Panels in Perth, Western Australia Solar energy is a natural source for powering many home and commercial buildings. It is considered as a renewable energy source since it captures energy from the sun and reuses it in the form of electricity. Solar panels are the devices used to capture the energy and they redirect it into useful technology. There are many common uses for solar panels in Perth, Western Australia that make it worth the investment, whether it is for a home or used in a business. Here are some common uses for solar panels. Powering a Shed As strange as it first sounds, solar panels can be used on a shed or other type of storage building to provide illumination on the inside and outside, as well as supply power outlets with energy for electrical products like radios, televisions, power tools, and more. This is convenient because you don’t have to run electrical wires out to the building or shed. The system is self-contained and is usually on the roof or on the ground nearby. Providing Lighting Needs Solar panels can reduce electrical bills for both businesses and homes by providing enough energy to supply lights with power. Since Perth, WA gets a lot of sun hours, this is not an issue. The solar panels have plenty of time to capture energy from the sun. Powering Appliances Solar power can also be used to operate machinery or appliances that would otherwise hike up the electric bill from your energy provider. It would need to capture enough energy to handle the wattage/amperage of all appliances, but it will pay off in the long run. For residential appliances, it can be used to operate washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, and more. If enough panels are installed, it can power larger wattage/amperage devices like clothes dryers, stoves, or even heaters.
  2. 2. When it comes to commercial appliances, a lot of panels will need to be installed so that you can operate machinery such as network modem systems, printing presses, molding machinery, thermal appliances, and more. Backup Energy Solar panel installations in Perth may be used as a backup power source too. Rather than having huge generators that are powered by ethanol gas, propane, or natural gas; you can have solar energy that cuts the costs down in the long run. The solar panels will charge up the backup batteries so they are ready to use during a power failure. Electrical supplied power often experiences power outages from things like weather, car accidents, transformer failures, and more. Solar energy is great way to contribute to environmental practices for your business and eliminate the need for gas powered devices. This can work for both commercial and residential purposes. Who wants a couple generators sitting on their property taking up precious space? Companies that have them usually spend more to protect them with fencing and locked doors. Homeowners have to try to blend in the generators with their landscaping, but it still stands out. Presented By: www.captaingreen.com.au