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Infographic: World Insurance Report 2014

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World Insurance Report 2014 from Capgemini and Efma finds digital maturity is strongly correlated to profitability and efficiency.

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Infographic: World Insurance Report 2014

  1. 1. Positive Customer Experience Linked to Profitable Behaviors 32% GLOBAL INSURANCE CUSTOMERS REPORTED POSITIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN 2013 #1 U.S. 18.2% is the only country with positive customer experience base over 50% Netherlands had largest improvement due to focus on digital and broker channels Customers with positive experiences are nearly 2X likely to refer their friends or buy additional products Mobile channel has the greatest impact on profitable customer behaviors. 39% Life & Pensions Insurance Agent 47% Non-Life Insurance Life & Pensions Insurance Non-Life Insurance remain the dominant channel… Agent 32% Internet PC 41% Non-Life Insurance Life & Pensions Insurance AGENTS Internet PC 26% Internet Mobile 31% DIGITAL … but provides greater customer convenience and cost-cutting benefits Internet Mobile Insurers mastering digital delivery capabilities and online client services for Research/Quoting or Claims can win! Within 5 years, more than 30% of insurer business will occur DIGITALLY Research and Get a Quote Policy Acquisition Claims Servicing Online Claims Notification Online Claims Processing Claims Reports Including Tracking Proactive Claims Identification, Assistance and Processing Policy Servicing Areas Where Digital Capabilities can Improve Customer Experience View the Best and Worst in Customer Experience www.worldinsurancereport.com