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Enterprise Gamification

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Presented by Gamification Expert Scott Sinclair

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Enterprise Gamification

  1. Enterprise Gamification Transform to the power of digital
  2. Scott SinclairDigital Transformation and Customer ExperienceConsultant @ Capgemini Consulting, SocialMedia Enthusiast and Games Player @sinclair300584 http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sinclair300584
  3. Gamification alone does not work in enterprise
  4. What is Gamification? Gamification is the use of game design techniques[1], game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.
  5. Game mechanics are the controlmechanisms that are used to “gamify”an activity or process
  6. But Gamification is only part of the answer GAME SOCIAL REPUTATIONMECHANICS MECHANICS MECHANICS Drive, measure, & Socialize, Elevate employee reward recommend, status acrosshigh value behaviors and notify users all your communities In your enterprise about contextually of engagement systems rich behaviors
  7. How can I use mycustomers to do stuff I’m losing market for me share, help me I want better innovate! collaboration from my employees What role does Gamification have in the enterprise? I know my staff and customers have good ideas, but I have no I invested in an e- way of managing them learning tool but nobody uses it
  8. Collaboration Enterprise InnovationGamification Learning
  9. Collaboration
  10. Samsung wanted to know how to get more customers to register their productswith Samsung, generate more content and engage with them through social Samsung Nation
  11. Universal Music group wanted to engage millions of fans on artist specific websites,get them to create content and engage across their social networks
  12. Capgemini has one of the largest Yammer networks through organic growth and nogame mechanics
  13. Innovation
  14. Starbucks wanted to harness the enthusiasm of its loyal customer base to generatenew ideas and drive the future innovations of the company
  15. Scottish Water Innovation Pool counts 750 users and has generated over 330 newideas and/or suggestions for improvement. 7 have already been implemented.
  16. At&T recognised that every employee was also a customer with ideas. They createdThe Innovation Pipeline to manage these ideas, and have other staff vote for thebest
  17. Learning
  18. Khan academy uses gamification to drive you through learning journeys, rewardingyou as you complete classes
  19. Siemens created Plantville to educate aspiring plant managers what it is like to runtheir own manufacturing plant
  20. The Swedish National Society for Road Safety rewarded compliance with the speedlimit with a free entry to a lottery – reducing speeding fines by 22%
  21. Things to consider
  22. Social is an opportunity tobring the customer closer Organisation Customer Experience Customer
  23. Enterprise democracy no longer exists
  24. Gamification is not just game mechanics GAME SOCIAL REPUTATIONMECHANICS MECHANICS MECHANICS
  25. Scott Sinclair @sinclair300584 http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sinclair300584 Capgemini-consulting.com/cebloge. Scott.sinclair@capgemini.com