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Consumer Trends at Cannes Lions 2017 - Canvas8

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Consumer Trends at Cannes Lions 2017 - Canvas8

  1. 1. w CONSUMER 

  2. 2. CANNES LIONS 2017 2 This year’s Cannes Lions was populated by campaigns looking to offer a 
 helping hand with life’s difficult moments, grab people’s attention with 
 subtle shock tactics and hijack platforms to speak to people 
 via the mediums they’re most familiar with. Discover 10 behaviours that ran through this year’s winning campaigns. A consumer perspective on the Cannes Lions 2017 winners
  3. 3. CANNES LIONS 2017 3 1. HELPING HANDS Life is complicated; brands are helping out at tricky times As our life stories become less predictable – think ‘beta marriage’, ‘partnered parenting’ and ‘divorce parties’ – brands are rethinking the ways in which they can play a relevant role. Rather than depicting glossy perfectionism, it’s about truly understanding that life isn’t always sunny. OF BOOMERS WORRY ABOUT JUGGLING RESPONSIBILITIES Senior Helpers, 2017 60%
  4. 4. CANNES LIONS 2017 4 1. HELPING HANDS Three winners that help navigate ‘milestone moments’ CHILD REPLACEMENT Offering a helping hand to empty nesters, the campaign matched the characteristics of people’s children with pooches waiting to be adopted. MOTOR DREAMS Knowing that car rides can get little ones to nod off, Ford Motors made 
 a crib that simulates the sound and movement of its new MAX model. HANDLE WITH CARE Using the Gillette TREO Razor – a product specifically designed for assisted shaving – the son helps 
 his dad maintain a sense of pride. Procter & Gamble | Grey, New York Ford | GTB Argentina Mars NZ | Colenso BBDO
  5. 5. CANNES LIONS 2017 5 2. QUICK THINKING Brands are creating content in real time Compromise isn’t an option, and brands are responding to diva-like behaviour by generating ads and campaigns in real time. Whether that’s using artificial intelligence to troll people on social media or offering 
 cheaper chocolate when the internet is angry. EXPECT COMPANIES TO RESPOND WITHIN AN HOUR ON SOCIAL MEDIA Altitude Software, 2016 47%
  6. 6. CANNES LIONS 2017 6 2. QUICK THINKING Three winners that delivered immediacy M LIVE By tracking geo-tagged posts on social media, Marriott jumped on real-time opportunities to give back to guests staying at its hotels. AIMEN The main character of a new TV show – The Young Pope – trolled people with verses from the Bible 
 to put them in their righteous place. SNICKERS HUNGERITHM By analysing social media posts, the algorithm gauged the mood of the internet and changed the price of Snickers bars in 7-Eleven stores. Mars | Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Canal+ | BETC Paris Marriott International | HYP3R
  7. 7. CANNES LIONS 2017 7 3. PLOT TWISTS Brands are revealing hidden truths Using misleading narratives to reveal hard-hitting hidden truths was a recurring theme. By highlighting people’s naivety to these problems, it’s prompting deeper discussion about real-world issues. Whether that’s drawing attention to alcoholism, gun crime or domestic abuse. IS ONE OF THE TOP THREE EMOTIONS VITAL IN VIRAL CONTENT Frac.tl, 2016 SURPRISE
  8. 8. CANNES LIONS 2017 8 Three winners that perfect the art of storytelling LOVE SONG BY A MURDERER Peruvian musician Diego Dibos released a popular love song that, unbeknown to fans, was taken from a man’s apology for killing his wife. EVAN The ad seems to tell the story of a high-school romance, but it rewinds to make a disturbing revelation – 
 a student was planning a shooting. LIKE MY ADDICTION This campaign created a fake Instagram account for influencer Louise Delage, with almost every picture featuring an alcoholic drink. Addict’Aide | BETC Paris Sandy Hook Promise | BBDO New York Vida Mujer Organization | Circus Grey Peru 3. PLOT TWISTS
  9. 9. CANNES LIONS 2017 9 Brands are hijacking current infrastructures Brands are hijacking current infrastructures in a bid generate maximum impact with minimum spend. Whether that’s hijacking home tech devices 
 to promote fast food or using Google Adwords to commandeer the most expensive space for free. EXPECT CONTENT TO ENTERTAIN AND OFFER AN EXPERIENCE Havas Group, 2017 84% 4. AD APPROPRIATION
  10. 10. CANNES LIONS 2017 10 Three winners that hijack to grab attention INNOVATION SAVING By using key words and tagging to dodge the costs, this campaign about ‘Super’ bowls proved more relevant than real Super Bowl ones. I’M MOVING TO CANADA This ad used Google Adwords to hijack searches about moving 
 to Canada and direct Americans towards the plight of real refugees. GOOGLE HOME OF THE WHOPPER Prompted by the phrase “OK, Google, what is the Whopper Burger?”, any tech in earshot started reading aloud from the burger’s Wikipedia page. Burger King | David Miami Doctors of the World | Publicis New York jet.com | R/GA 4. AD APPROPRIATION
  11. 11. CANNES LIONS 2017 11 5. DOUBLE TAKE Brands are getting people to look twice In a bid to highlight real-world issues, Cannes Lions 2017 saw brands adopt subtle shock tactics, with campaigns that appear more than what meets the eye. By encouraging deeper discussion about issues, they’re making people feel uncomfortable about harsh realities. GLOBAL AD BLOCKER USE GREW BY 30% IN 2016 Page Fair, 2017
  12. 12. CANNES LIONS 2017 12 Three winners that make you feel uncomfortable MY NEIGHBOURHOOD To help the nation empathise, a children’s book was created using kid’s real-life experiences of drug abuse, violence and hunger. OPEN YOUR EYES With shocking visuals, this campaign encouraged people to educate themselves about the cruel tradition of female genital mutilation (FGM). Terres des Femmes | GREY German Youth Ambassadors | VML 5. DOUBLE TAKE MEET GRAHAM Graham is the only human designed to survive a car crash. His shocking features encourage people to think deeper about their vulnerability. TAC Victoria | Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
  13. 13. CANNES LIONS 2017 13 6. EVERYDAY AID Brands are offering support through familiar totems People interact with about 140 objects every day, but we often don’t give a second thought about how their functionality can go beyond its everyday use. Now, brands are using common totems to offer people support, improve their quality of life and turn the mundane into superheroes. OF PEOPLE WANT BRANDS TO CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR WELLBEING Havas, 2017 75%
  14. 14. CANNES LIONS 2017 14 6. EVERYDAY AID Three winners that are giving the everyday more meaning CARE COUNTS By installing free washers and dryers in schools, this campaign gave kids clean clothes and, as a result, boosted their attendance. SAVLON HEALTHY HANDS In rural India, children often get sick from poor hygiene. This campaign infused chalk - a common play tool - with soap to help clean kids’ hands. COINS OF HOPE To mark International Missing Children’s Day, this campaign circulated 1 million €2 coins etched with the faces of missing children. ITC Savlon | Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai Whirlpool | DigitasLBIChild Focus | These Days - Wunderman
  15. 15. CANNES LIONS 2017 15 7. TRASH TO TREASURE Helping people make the most of what they haven’t got Treasuring is becoming the new materialism, as people are buying into products that can last a lifetime. With sustainability a staple in diets and wardrobes alike, people are on a mission to make the most of what they’ve got. Brands are helping people turn what seems like nothing into something. “UPCYCLED” PRODUCTS ON ETSY INCREASED FROM 7,900 IN 2010 
 TO 200,000 IN JAN 2017 Etsy
  16. 16. CANNES LIONS 2017 16 7. TRASH TO TREASURE Three winners that turned nothing into something ORIGINAL IS NEVER FINISHED In a bid to resonate with younger audiences, this campaign modernised Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ with help from modern-day artists. ASH TO ART Following a fire at The Glasgow School of Art, this campaign created – and then auctioned off – pieces of immortal art made from the debris. THE UNUSUAL FOOTBALL FIELD This campaign turned derelict areas of land into asymmetrical football pitches to make the most of the city’s limited free space. The Glasgow School of Art | JWT Adidas Original | Johannes LeonardoAP (Thailand) | CJ Worx Sharon Liu
  17. 17. CANNES LIONS 2017 17 8. FIGHTING BACK People are sticking two fingers up at oppressors From the 200,000 people who deleted their Uber account in moral outrage, to the millions that marched against Trump’s inauguration, people are becoming increasingly vocal about their beliefs. And brands are becoming equally as outspoken by not just advocating for change but by fighting it, too. Edelman, 2017 OF PEOPLE WANT BRANDS TO INFLUENCE SOCIAL ISSUES 68%
  18. 18. CANNES LIONS 2017 18 8. FIGHTING BACK Three winners that helped make a difference BOOST YOUR VOICE Boost Mobile morphed its stores into polling stations during the 2016 US Presidential Election to try to make voting more convenient. REWORD In a bid to eradicate bullying behaviour online, this campaign created a Google Chrome extension to strike through negative words. FEARLESS GIRL To raise awareness around the lack of women in leadership roles, a statue of a defiant young girl stared down Wall Street’s Charging Bull. SSGA | McCann New York Headspace | Leo Burnett Melbourne Boost Mobile | 180LA Anthony Quintano
  19. 19. CANNES LIONS 2017 19 9. MEMEFIED MEDIA Brands are sending us funny, familiar messages From grumpy cat to side-eyeing Chloe, memes strike a common chord in 
 pop culture and, thanks to social media, they’re becoming ubiquitous. Taking note of this phenomena, brands are peppering quick wit throughout their campaigns and making online chatter their own in a bid to engage audiences. IN 2016, GOOGLE SEARCHES FOR ‘MEMES’ OVERTOOK SEARCHES FOR ‘JESUS’ Google Trends
  20. 20. CANNES LIONS 2017 20 9. MEMEFIED MEDIA Three winners that played people at their own game ULTIMATE GIVING PLEASURE After people heard of a free toll booth reserved for BMW drivers, 
 the campaign made printable stickers so everyone could benefit. CHEETOS MUSEUM Cheetos rewarded its fans with a cash prize for submitting uniquely- shaped Cheetos and created a real- world museum of the entries. SPANISH LESSONS Narcos noticed its fans chatting on Twitter about how the show was helping them learn Spanish, so it made some spoof lessons for fans. Netflix | Alma DDB Cheetos | Goodby Silverstein & Partners BMW Russia | FCB Moscow
  21. 21. CANNES LIONS 2017 21 10. EXPERT OPINION Brands are using voices we can relate to Between the spread of fake news and the revelation of ‘dark advertising’, we’re entering a post-trust era, leaving the hard facts and figures gathering dust. With people’s trust in the media, the government and even scientists dwindling, brands are using the ‘experts’ their audiences can relate to best. OF PEOPLE TRUST NEWS SHARED BY FRIENDS; 65% TRUST ACADEMICS Edelmen, 2016 78%
  22. 22. CANNES LIONS 2017 22 10. EXPERT OPINIONS Three winners that used the ‘real’ experts MILK SLAMS In a bid to make drinking milk cool for Gen Yers, this ad used a world- famous slam poet and visual artists to engage younger audiences. DOWN SYNDROME ANSWERS This ad used the top-40 most Googled questions about Down Syndrome and got people with 
 the disability to answer them. TV DOCTORS OF THE US Famous TV doctors, from the likes of Scrubs, were recruited for this campaign to encourage people to see their real GP for a check-up. Cigna | McCann New York Canadian Down Syndrome Society | FCB Fonterra | Colenso BBDO
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