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Serverless Architectures on AWS Lambda

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Serverless Architectures on AWS Lambda - The OpsGenie Experience

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Serverless Architectures on AWS Lambda

  1. 1. SERHAT CAN • SOFTWARE ENGINEER • @SRHTCN• Serverless Architectures on AWS Lambda
 The OpsGenie Experience
  2. 2. Forward IT alerts to OpsGenie View alerts using the mobile app Get notified via email, SMS, mobile push and phone calls Define On-call schedules and escalations policies Respond to alerts directly from the OpsGenie app
  3. 3. • Does not mean running code without servers • Cloud provider manages servers and provisioning • No more long-running virtual machines • Event driven - starts & stops execution between each request • Pay only when your code executed What is Serverless (FaaS)
  4. 4. What is Serverless (FaaS)
  5. 5. • Amazon S3 • Amazon DynamoDB • Amazon Kinesis Streams • Amazon Simple Notification Service • Amazon Simple Email Service • Amazon Cognito • AWS CloudFormation • Amazon CloudWatch Logs Events • Amazon CloudWatch Events • AWS CodeCommit • Scheduled Events (powered by Amazon CloudWatch Events) • AWS Config • Amazon Echo • Amazon Lex • Amazon API Gateway • Client SDK
  6. 6. Limitations Language limitations (Java, Nodejs, Python, C#) Max memory is 1,5GB Maximum execution duration per request 300 seconds Concurrent executions 1000 (Immediate Increase to 3000)
  7. 7. Some of the Important Features • VPC Support • Environment Variables • Dead Letter Queue • Function Versioning and Aliases • Tagging
  8. 8. Real Life Use Cases from OpsGenie
  9. 9. • Java8 (mostly) • Node.js & Python for custom solutions • Custom Deployment Solution written in Java 
 (in DevOps Team) • Serverless.js Our Serverless Stack
  10. 10. • Operating on multiple AZ’s is good but not enough • Even services with 99.99999999999% durability, 99.99% availability can’t be trusted • Needed to be ready for regional failures • Goal is full region switch within a few minutes if not seconds • Next step: operate on multiple regions simultaneously Reliability Needs of OpsGenie
  11. 11. Use Cases
  12. 12. DynamoDB Cross Region Replication Motivation: • Needed to replicate our data in DynamoDB to another region for high availability
  13. 13. DynamoDB 
 Cross Region
  14. 14. Reporting Motivation: • Robust architecture with minimal effort. • Extremely scalable reporting service with SQL like aggregation features.
  15. 15. Reporting
  16. 16. DynamoDB AutoScale Motivation: • Needed an automated way to scale DynamoDB to avoid
 read & write throttles • Capacity needs to be adjusted during migration
  17. 17. DynamoDB AutoScale
  18. 18. Elasticsearch Indexing Motivation: • Needed to index our data to ES • Our ES data should be available in every region we operate • Cross region replication should not be included in the application logic as much as possible
  19. 19. Elasticsearch Indexing - Very Soon
  20. 20. • AWS Lambda is a life saver for custom solutions, because; • Customers do not need to manage servers • Easy to deploy (give a .zip file) • Real pay what you use pricing 
 (not hourly but for each 100ms execution time) Custom Solutions & Integrations
  21. 21. Custom Solutions & Integrations
  22. 22. Custom Solutions & Integrations
  23. 23. Service and Incident Management Motivation: • A fully featured pilot project implement 
 in Serverless Architecture
  24. 24. Service and Incident Management
  25. 25. Challenges Java Cold Start Time Proper Monitoring Deployment
  26. 26. • Lambda functions, written in Java, experience a latency during new container initialization mainly caused by Java class loading • To avoid this we are experimenting an approach called “Warmup Lambda” • Warmup Lambda is a lambda function that aims to keep a given number of concurrent lambda functions up, to avoid the startup latency Java Cold Start Time
  27. 27. • No way to attach NewRelic agent to AWS Lambda • We wanted to use NewRelic’s capabilities like NRQL • Logs are processed using Cloudwatch trigger and sent to NewRelic, Elasticsearch etc. • Just started experimenting new 
 AWS X-Ray (Distributed Tracing System) Proper Monitoring
  28. 28. AWS X-Ray • X-Ray provides an end-to-end view of requests as they travel through your application, and shows a map of your application’s underlying components
  29. 29. AWS X-Ray
  30. 30. AWS X-Ray
  31. 31. • Blue green deployment using Alias support • Allows our applications to call different Lambda function versions during deployment using Lambda SDK Deployment
  32. 32. For more
  33. 33. Thank you! Stay connected! @srhtcn