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SITGAP 2.0 – Comprehensive risk management system

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Several studies on climate changes have predicted an increase in high-intensity precipitations in Europe, which is likely increase the frequency and magnitude of natural hazards. Wherever is possible the more appropriate and auspicated risk management approach is a wise land use planning regulation in order to reduce as much as possible people and valuable objects exposition. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, people and developed areas are located in areas alredy threaten by different types of risks like, for example, floodings of nearby rivers, inundations from surronding lakes or landslides from the nearby mountain slopes. In all these cases, where the delocation of people and economic activities is not applicable, an early warning system may support the risk reduction by means of timely intervention actions and emergency plan actuation.
Thanks to impressive technological advances the visionary concept of the Digital Earth (Gore 1992, 1998) is being realizing: geospatial coverages and monitoring systems data are increasingly available on the Web, and more importantly, in a standard format. As a result, today is possible to develop innovative decision support systems (Molinari et al. 2013) which mesh-up several information sources and offers special features for risk scenarios evaluation. In agreement with the exposed view, the Institute of Earth Sciences has recently developed a new Web system whose design is based on the Service Oriented Architecture pattern. Open source software (e.g.: Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers) has been used throughout the whole system and geospatial Open Standards (e.g.: SOS, WMS, WFS) are the fundaments it relys on.
SITGAP 2.0, implemented in collaboration with the Civil protection of Locarno e Vallemaggia combines a number of data sources such as the Federal Register of Buildings and Dwellings, the Cantonal Register of residents, the Cadastral Surveying, the Cantonal Hydro-meteorlogical monitoring observations, the Meteoswiss weather forecasts, and others. As a result of this orchestartion of data, SITGAP 2.0 serves features that allows, for example, to be informed on active alarms, to visualize lake level forecasts and associated flooding areas, to evaluate and map exposed elements and people, to plan and manage evacuation by searching for people living in particular areas or buildings, by registering evacuation actions and by searching for evacuated people.
System architecture and functionalities, and consideration on the integration and accessibility of the beneath infomration provides interesting discussion points for the identification of current and future needs.

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SITGAP 2.0 – Comprehensive risk management system

  1. 1. DACD / IST / Latest Activities @ Division of Geomatics SITGAP 2.0 Comprehensive system for risk management M. Cannata, M. Antonovic ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS lab
  3. 3. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 Why is the Lake Verbano exposed to flood risk? 04/12/2014 3 Basin = 6,386 km2 Lake = 213 km2 Discharge max = ca. 2,000 m3/s medio pre-alarm alarm 5 Lake Levels 193.66 194.85 195.75
  4. 4. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 Considerable economic costs
  5. 5. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 Flood of the 12-21.11.2014 max lake level 196.42 04/12/2014 5
  6. 6. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 System Architecture – based on FOSS4G
  7. 7. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 EWS components WORKFLOW Meteorological Forecasts Hydrological modelling Data Validation Data Sharing Early Warning DSS: SITGAP 2.0 Hydro-meteo monitoring network Sensor Data GIS Data SOA
  8. 8. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 EWS components with open standard and open software Meteorological Forecasts PostGIS & WPS Hydrological modelling pyWPS Data Validation istSOS, WPS Data Sharing SOS, JSON, ASCII Early Warning DSS OpenLayers & PostGIS & Python REST Hydro-meteo monitoring network Python scripts ASCII to SOS Sensor Data istSOS GIS Data Geoserver WMS / WFS
  9. 9. 04/12/2014 9 Mode «Regular»: access to data and funtions for resources management (search for parcel, address or person, query and eventually edit elements details, etc.) Mode «Alarm»: access to forecasted lake levels and exposed elements data (detect exposed elements with a given lake level, see plots of forecasted lake level, access instructions to secure exposed elements, etc.) Mode «Evacuation»: access to datails of population to manage evacuation (create evacauation event, search and locate person, count people in an area, assign people an evacauatio status, etc.) Mode «Dams»: access to dam-break hazard zones and wave arrival times
  10. 10. Unique Visitors: 50 Requests / Second: 2.5 - 30 REQUESTS Requests Bandwidth SITGAP Web Services 25’372 0.83 GB WMS 190’112 2.57 GB Total 215’484 3.4 GB REQUESTS % ERROR CODE 205132 95.20 OK - The request sent by the client was successful 200 9568 4.44 Not Modified - Resource has not been modified 304 401 0.19 Unauthorized - Request needs user authentication 401 365 0.17 Bad Request - The syntax of the request is invalid 400 5 0.002 Document Not Found - Requested resource could not be found 404 10 0.004 Internal Server Error 500 Average Daily Statistics during the last flood
  11. 11. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 What’s next •Perform loading test (even if during the recent alarm the civil protection stated the system worked really great!!) •Improve the system feature with capability to draw, save and print evacuation indication for different cases (dam break, etc.) •Idea to extend the Management System to landslide risk (partner search..) and possibly export to other regions/districts
  12. 12. DACD / IST / SITGAP 2.0 Thanks www.supsi.ch/ist geomatica@supsi.ch 04/12/2014 12 http://geomatica-supsi.blogspot.ch/ http://geoservice.ist.supsi.ch/+geomatics