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Powerful Odoo ERP for Manufacturing

Odoo ERP Solution for Manufacturing company.

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Powerful Odoo ERP for Manufacturing

  1. 1. Prepared by: Pham Van Canh Odoo Roadshow 2018 Powerful Odoo for Manufacturing H o C h i M i n h C i t y – 2 9 / 0 6 / 2 0 1 8
  2. 2. BESCO – Empower Your Business 2 BESCO solution porforlio Retail Manufacturing ServicesHealth eCommerce CRM POS eCommerce HRM Warehouse Accounting Mobile Commodity
  3. 3. BESCO – Empower Your Business 3 Enterprise total business process Sales OrderManufacturing Planning Procurement Goods Issue Invoice Payment Shipping Goods Receipt Customer Shipping invoice Central warehouse Customer services Accountant Supplier Stock transfer CRM & Marketing eCommerce AR / AP Store Check Availability GL PL BS CF Tax report Manufacturing Execution GI GR Stock availability? Stock reserved Sub Contract GI Wholesales Material procurement Subcontract procurement Employee PayrollAttendanceRecruitement HR Store picking
  4. 4. BESCO – Empower Your Business 4 Manufacturing old problem Master Production Schedule (MPS) Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Manufacturing executionLevel 1 Level 2 Level 3 BOM / Work center / RoutingBased data
  5. 5. BESCO – Empower Your Business 5 Odoo manufacturing reinvented A modern solution to an old problem MRP PLM MaintenanceQuality Flexible master data Manufacturing Planning Manufacturing Execution Control panel Engineering changes Versioning Documentation Equipments Corrective Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Quality rules Control point Quality check Manufacturing
  6. 6. BESCO – Empower Your Business 6 Odoo manufacturing process Demand forecast MPS Manufacturing order Stock request MRP Purchase request Check availability Continue to procurement process Manufactoring order start Manufacturing order confirmation QC check Transfer goods to WH Indirect demand Manufacturing planning Manufacturingexecution Receive FG & consume material Transfer document PR list Material reservation Product costing Work order process Demand Control panel Plan order Stock transfer
  7. 7. BESCO – Empower Your Business 7 Production costing P r o d u c t i o n R o u t i n g Print Join Cut Bag Work Center Operations Work Orders Actual costs Overhead cost allocation by: . Labour hour . Machine hour . Material cost . Finished product quantity Standard cost definition Objects Material cost BOM Labour hour Work center Machine hour Work center Overhead cost Work center
  8. 8. BESCO – Empower Your Business 8 Master Production Schedule (FG & SFG)
  9. 9. BESCO – Empower Your Business 9 Manufacturing order
  10. 10. BESCO – Empower Your Business 10 MRP (Material) - Purchase request vs Stock request
  11. 11. BESCO – Empower Your Business 11 Work order control panel
  12. 12. BESCO – Empower Your Business 12 Production costing
  13. 13. BESCO – Empower Your Business 13 Production reports
  14. 14. BESCO – Empower Your Business 14 Case reference – Nedcoffee Vietnam Nedcoffee Vietnam is a foreign company, operate in commodity market, procure raw coffee from Vietnam, manufacturing and export. Current: § Invest in some management software but not yet adapt the expectation § Having demand to integrate these software to generate more value Solution: § Decide to implement Odoo to replace all the existing software § Project scope: Purchase, Sales, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Product Costing, Accounting, Human Resource § Implementation time: 6 months Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan Vinh, CEO Nedcoffee Vietnam: “We are very impressive on how Odoo improve our system, all processes are now fully integrated, able to generate real time reports, increase the productivity.” Result:
  15. 15. BESCO – Empower Your Business 15 Case reference – Nedcoffee Vietnam
  16. 16. BESCO – Empower Your Business 16 BESCO customers in Odoo
  17. 17. BESCO – Empower Your Business 17 BESCO competitive advantages World proven technologies & framework Best practice processes Strong community Vietnam standard and procedure Vietnam accounting standard Insurance rules... Professional services Strong industry know-how, solution approach Leading Odoo partner in Vietnam
  18. 18. BESCO Consulting E : info@besco.vn T : (+84) 28 6281 5988 M : (+84) 916 888 159 Head Office A : Lotus building (5th floor), 16 Cuu Long, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam W : www.besco.vn