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International Day of the Girl at the South Bank Centre 2012

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I took part in the Speed Mentoring Event for International Day of the Girl at the South Bank Centre on 11 October 2012. Women from all sectors convened to meet and mentor girls from schools all over London. I came as a mentor and left an advocate. Here is my blog post about the day http://www.candygourlay.com/2012/10/international-day-of-girl.html

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International Day of the Girl at the South Bank Centre 2012

  1. 1. 7.30amWe all met at the Royal Festival Hall
  2. 2. Each grou p had a countrynam e. Ours was Ghana.
  3. 3. When I wastheir age, Iwas no wayas cool asthese girls. Iwore popsocks.
  4. 4. Their teachercame to makesure wementors didn’tturn out to bevampires.
  5. 5. We were on
  6. 6. Meet thementors … Ps sst! She’s a Det ective!!!
  7. 7. Afterwards,there werepresentationsand singingfor the girlsdownstairs.
  8. 8. While upstairs, the mentors drank toomuch coffee and listened to a talk.
  9. 9. “Challenge theorthodoxy. Just becausesomething isusual, doesn’tmean it is right.” Georgia  Arnold   MTV  Interna2onal  
  10. 10. “Educationallows girls todevelop theirpotential …we must allfind a way toplay our part.”Sarah  Brown  Global  Business  Coali2on    for  Educa2on  
  11. 11. “I hope girls in the future can have a higher status so that my country canShe wan ts to become improve.”Agricultu ral Minister of Malawi!!! Maness,  16  years  old   Malawi  
  12. 12. “This has been a greatexchange of possibility.”Jude  Kelly  Ar2s2c  Director  South  Bank  Centre  
  13. 13. Count us in! se m Random HouOur gang fro except me. s…Chi ldren’s Book et in the picture)(I forgot to g
  14. 14. Thank you to Plan UKand to the South BankCentre for making thisday happen. This Slideshare report is by Candy Gourlay www.candygourlay.com