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Patricio Zambrano: Live Demo: Camunda Cockpit - Camunda Day NYC

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Leverage Camunda Cockpit to monitor workflows and decisions in production to discover, analyze and solve technical problems. Cockpit is the perfect tool for technical process operations.

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Patricio Zambrano: Live Demo: Camunda Cockpit - Camunda Day NYC

  1. 1. Camunda Cockpit Process Operations Patricio Zambrano Technical Consultant - Camunda, Inc.
  2. 2. 2 Agenda Why Cockpit? Features Overview Live Demo Next Steps
  3. 3. 4 Process Automation Cycle Automating your core business requires you to continuously monitor, identify and fix processes Analyze Design Implement Operate
  4. 4. Cockpit supports your continuous operations 5 Design Implementation Task Operations Challenges ➔ Discovering different type of workflow issues is time sensitive ➔ Analyzing and drilling into different workflow problems ➔ Being able to solve the bottlenecks without delay Solution User friendly tool to help users troubleshoot workflows and decisions in a production environment Operations Improvement Business IT Business
  5. 5. You should consider Cockpit, if... 6 ❏ You are automating business processes with Camunda ❏ You want to discover, analyze and solve operation bottlenecks ❏ You need to manage the full lifecycle of your business processes and rules
  6. 6. 7 Agenda Why Cockpit? Features Overview Live Demo Next Steps
  7. 7. Camunda Ecosystem Model > Execute > Improve
  8. 8. Cockpit Features: Discovery 10 ❏ Failed API Call ❏ Bad Expression ❏ BPMN Error
  9. 9. Cockpit Features: Analysis 11 ❏ Incident Details ❏ Inspect Process Variable Lifecycle ❏ Business Decisions Execution
  10. 10. Cockpit Features: Solving 12 ❏ Migrate Processes ❏ Modify Variables ❏ Cancel or Delete Processes ❏ Retry API Calls
  11. 11. 13 Agenda Why Optimize? Features Overview Live Demo Next Steps
  12. 12. 14 Invoice Received Invoice Approved Approve Invoice (Camunda)
  13. 13. Live Demo – The Case 15 Discovery • Number of running process instances • Viewing invoice related process variables • Workload Analysis • Wrong variable value • Incorrect process model Solving • Fixing variable value • Migration • Batch Operations
  14. 14. 16 Agenda Why Optimize? Features Overview Live Demo Next Steps
  15. 15. Camunda Cockpit Workshop Our Offer • 1 Day Workshop with an experienced Camunda expert • Introduction in Camunda Cockpit • Installation and Configuration • Discovery and Analysis of your Camunda data • Solving bottlenecks • Best Practices for using Camunda Cockpit Your Benefits • Ready to use Installation of Camunda Cockpit • First ideas where you might be able to fix your processes • Buy-in from both technical and business stakeholders • A wonderful day with Camunda (And cool beans)
  16. 16. è Introduction BPMN è Camunda BPM Architecture è Automating processes with Camunda è Testing, deployment, versioning Camunda Training Offering è Camunda BPM installation è Monitoring & alarming è Process version migration è Advanced DevOps topics è DMN in detail è Decision design è Complex decisions with DRDs è DMN in context of BPMN & CMMN DMN (1 day) è Why CMMN? è CMMN in detail è CMMN real world examples è CMMN in context of BPMN & DMN CMMN (1 day) Camunda BPM for developers (3 days) è Values of BPM è Introduction into BPMN, CMMN, DMN è Benefits of the BPM trio è Outlook: Process automation BPM-trio overview (2 days) Overview trainings Modeling trainings è Introduction into BPMN è Hands on Camunda BPM è Monitoring & Reporting è How to start with Camunda Camunda BPM Overview (1 day) è Prepare for the OCEB BPM certification OCEB training (2 days) è BPMN in detail è Implementing BPM-projects with BPMN è BPMN real world examples è BPMN in context of CMMN & DMN BPMN (3 days) Development trainings Camunda BPM DevOps (2 days) Details see https://camunda.com/services/training/ 19
  17. 17. 20 Q&A
  18. 18. 21 Thank you
  19. 19. Custom Cockpit UI
  20. 20. Custom Cockpit UI - Monitoring