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Careers in eLearning: Moving from Accident to Intention

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As a kid, did you dream of working in the e-learning field when you grew up? Chances are, it wasn’t even on your radar. So here you are, completely by accident, and yet passionate about what you do and excited to take your practice to the next level. So what can you do to move beyond your sweet spot and become a more well-rounded practitioner? Opening keynote presentation at the Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase on August 5, 2014 in Naperville, IL.

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Careers in eLearning: Moving from Accident to Intention

  1. 1. Careers in eLearning: Moving from Accident to Intention Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase #CETS14 August 5, 2014 Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design Kineo
  2. 2. Once upon a time… When I grow up, I want to be… A singer! A writer! A teacher!
  3. 3. But instead, I became an instructional designer. What’s that, Mommy?
  4. 4. And I (sort of) grew up.
  5. 5. It turns out, most of us are here completely by accident.
  6. 6. So how do we create a career for ourselves with purpose and passion?
  7. 7. Let’s start with pie!
  8. 8. Learning
  9. 9. Creative
  10. 10. Business
  11. 11. Technology
  12. 12. Learning Creative TechnologyBusiness The well-rounded L&D professional needs the whole pie.
  13. 13. A cautionary tale.
  14. 14. What’s missing in eLearning?
  15. 15. It’s certainly not more of this.
  16. 16. The missing piece? Often, it’s Design.
  17. 17. Close your eyes and imagine... good design.
  18. 18. Those who do it all, look like this…
  19. 19. …although the reality may look more like this. Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/creative_tools/4324925700/
  20. 20. What’s your sweet spot?
  21. 21. Enjoy your slice. But develop new tastes.
  22. 22. Think about your gap. And get out of your silo. Today.
  23. 23. Stop thinking like a bartender.
  24. 24. Start thinking like a mixologist.
  25. 25. Get the book! www.astd.org/accidentaldesigner
  26. 26. Cammy Bean email: cammy.bean@kineo.com twitter: @cammybean blog: http://cammybean.kineo.com