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Survey 2015 presentation

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More for Less
Highlights from the 2015 survey of voluntary groups in Cambridgeshire

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Survey 2015 presentation

  1. 1. More for less - survey of voluntary organisations in Eamhrirlgeshire Some key findings % g from the 2015 cvss / *7f-§ survey. This was carried out in early 2015 to help ‘JOLUHTARY m: o CO‘. l‘. 'U‘4lTY ACTIOT. ‘ 451 influence the EAST CA'. '8RlDGESH: RE "-1!- services provided to “ " ' groups and to find out more about the issues groups were 2 _r - , s . experiencing. - - Of Voluntary <”‘. 'r~ ' Support for community & voluntary groups
  2. 2. 0n the whole it is the smaller groups that come to us for help and support. Over half of those that responded had an annual turnover of less than £50,000. Income
  3. 3. Things are not as rosy as they seem, whilst most groups thought that there would be no change in their expected income next year, those that thought their income would be higher said this was because they needed it to be higher and that they had given themselves a higher fundraising target. Income trends
  4. 4. Most groups who said their income would go down mentioned cuts in local statutory funding. Given that there are a large number of groups which rely on grants and funding from local authorities the cuts are bound to have a negative impact on the local groups. lncome sources
  5. 5. More for less - survey ol voluntary organisations in liamlrridgeshire There have been fewer | ITIpOI"taI1Ce Of opportunities for the - voluntary sector to Representatlon influence the statutory sector due to the removal of regular consultation and steering group meetings. Over 9570 of groups think it is extremely or very important that their CVS is representing them.
  6. 6. More for less - survey of voluntary organisations in ltamlirirlgesliire We provide regular news bulletins which, for the most part were found to be extremely or very important to groups. These are delivered by email, the preferred communication method, which suggests we are getting our content and communication methods right. Importance of Communication l>OM¢HHfMM¢MH¢ HHOHHNHHMOH Hflflfflflflflflflf OMMMNMMMOMM Mflflfltflflfltflllll
  7. 7. More for less - survey of voluntary organisations in Camlrrirlgeslrire we asked groups their preferred communication method. Social media has not been embraced by many and email remains by far the most popular. In the larger groups there was much more engagement in social media with Twitter being preferred. Where smaller groups are engaged Facebook is preferred. Fm. -ill iipdalrs lt_eg1ir. rr 9 r~ev': lem'-r l)1'5I. .](t- l. «ru>t. cu_i ' Witter Blup Flu‘-milai paw’-1 memmo-nn Me. 20% 40% {(9% 103% Communication preferences I Very useful I Mm); -Mlrry ll5l‘llll Iwoulrl nnl me- I Not at all use-ml
  8. 8. llore for less - suney of voluntary organisations in liamlrrillgeslrire 40% of all the organisations that completed the survey wanted help with fundraising. This has increased year on year. 95% of those looking for help would like access to an online funding database. Fundraising HHHHHHHIMHM ’, "**'vvvvrrrilviuvv ""“""'N"lH'lflHI'I'1'fl ‘l‘HI"l'H"l"lH'l‘l‘I‘f'l"l'll‘lH‘ll llll’l"l‘ll'll'll‘l'l ll
  9. 9. llore for less ~ survey of voluntary organisations in liamlrrirlgeshire Financial management Since last year's survey ,3; there has been a fourfold increase in groups of all sizes that have indicated they need some sort of finance management training.
  10. 10. llore for less - survey of voluntary organisations in llamlringesllire Trustee training 50% of all the organisations that completed the survey . ..I'. "|"' ' . ' I‘. ‘I. ' wanted supportfortheir . |~ : :1 y { if a 5’ v ' I ivrtuiiliezéme time fewer Iiiliiirililfilli organisations had sent IUIIIIIIIIIL I ii. I it trustees on training than i » hfiwfl nnnnnu Duties tn“ ‘rrzulsievsa Q Er"ic: «:rrye lJliJ'r"‘I11vY“llillE~§@$§ alrranegivc l_l'fi‘? Jl'liJllVlQl urlfilerrstanciimg lfirneni“-C€ l: l lVl_:7.<fi3l; ill"ll; l - ('jh; —;: r”. —: €«k, lll; ~:.
  11. 11. llore for less - survey of voluntary organisations in liamllrirlgeslrire General training requirements