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Critique Discussion

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Critique Discussion

  1. 1. Critique: Group Discussion Calvert Photography Club Meeting February 19, 2011 Photos by: Guy Stephens, Megan Snider and Lisa Snider
  2. 2. How to become better...Practice... take more photosExperiment... try new thingsLearn... read, watch and listenObserve... look at lots of photosShare... your work and you ideas
  3. 3. What is a critique? A thoughtful evaluation of a photograph based on informed observation and analysis. The purpose is to help each other improve our skills in the art of photography. Not criticism, rather it is input aimed at helping you produce better photographs.
  4. 4. Why critique?When performing a critique: Develop you likes and dislikes Consider how an image is madeWhen having your work critiqued: Get value feedback and suggestions Think about why you made certain decision
  5. 5. Critique can be difficult... Performing a critique Not easy... Be honest Getting critiqued Can be hard... Don’t get defensive By Zach Klein Zach Klein
  6. 6. Things to consider... Technical: exposure, focus, sharpness, depth of field, color, accurate skin tones, white balance, noise Composition: rule of thirds, cropping, framing, background, leading lines, curves, balance, clear subject Emotional: does it tell a story? evoke an emotion? set a mood? would you hang it on your wall?
  7. 7. Other thoughts...Instead of “I like it” try “I like it because....”Remember it is feedback not just compliments...Help - how could an image be improve?Remember this is art not science!
  8. 8. Let’s have some fun!Let critique some imagesSet 1: HDRSet 2: GlassOn the the gallery By Federico - Federico Agustin Altolaguirre