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Why Attorneys Love Ruby

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Capture those callers with a virtual receptionist service!

Ruby Receptionists' team of live virtual receptionists are here to help you provide excellent customer service, stay productive, and turn callers into clients. We can assist your solo or small law firm by providing you with 100% call-answering during business hours, customized service to fit your business needs, outbound calls, and bilingual receptionists. We also have a sophisticated mobile app—specifically designed to make client-tracking and billing easier than ever.

Our goal is to make the lives of our law firm clients easier than ever. That's why we integrate with the tools you already use, including Clio, Lexicata, and Rocket Matter.

Learn More: https://www.callruby.com/customers/attorney/

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Why Attorneys Love Ruby

  1. 1. Virtual Receptionists for Attorneys
  2. 2. Any caller could be your next big client Missed calls are missed opportunities. Whether you’re in court, with a client, or focusing on paperwork—you can’t always be at your phone when it rings. But what if that caller is offering you your next big case?
  3. 3. Capture Callers with a Virtual Receptionist 74% of callers are likely to choose another business after they have a bad experience. Unlike an impersonal answering service, a cvirtual receptionist is a friendly, professional, and—most importantly—real person who sounds like they’re sitting in your office.
  4. 4. Hello Capture Callers with a Virtual Receptionist A Virtual Receptionist: • Answers the phone when calls come in • WOWs callers with excellent first impressions and memorable experiences • Forwards calls or takes messages based on your preferences • Captures the details you need for an informed follow-up
  5. 5. Why Attorneys Love Ruby Close to 45% of our clients are solo or small law firm attorneys—most of whom were referred by a friend. So, why do lawyers love Ruby? Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists: • Answer 100% of calls live • Build authentic connections that delight customers and win you clients • Earn trust with every call • Provide you with the freedom and flexibility to focus on what you do best • Integrate with the tools you already use
  6. 6. Why Attorneys Love Ruby Work the way you want with Ruby’s mobile app: • Manage calls on the go • Change your call status • Choose to make calls from your business or personal line • Save common updates • Sync with your Apple Watch • Locate, organize, and record call data for quicker billing • Sync with your calendar
  7. 7. Integrations that make your life easier Centralize customer communications by integrating Ruby with the tools you use every day Our legal integrations include: • Clio’s cloud-based management practice • Lexicata’s legal CRM • Rocket matter’s easy-to-use practice management software
  8. 8. Integrations that make your life easier “Ruby understands the unique needs of solo and small- firm practitioners, and by integrating their Ruby call data with the tools they use every day, we help centralize their client communications into one system. This provides the first step in efficient and effective client billing, follow- up, and customer retention. By partnering with widely adopted industry solutions, we simplify and streamline many aspects of their practice to help them better serve their clients and grow their practices.” – Katharine Nester, Ruby Chief Product & Technology Officer
  9. 9. callruby.com callruby.com 866-611-7829 hello@callruby.com