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All About Resumes

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All About Resumes

  2. 2. WHAT ARE RESUMES• A self-marketing tool tailored to your career objectives.• Resumes are to help you get the job or career you are perusing.• They help shine a light on all of your accomplishments and best qualities• Makes you more presentable
  3. 3. THE PURPOSE OF RESUMES• Resumes are used by all employees, bosses, interviewers to help them get an idea on what their fellow employee is like• Everything that you did goes onto your resume. That includes the times you have been fired, the times you quit or resigned, everything goes on your resume, both good and bad
  4. 4. HOW TO CREATE A RESUME• You need to gather and process all of your information from your data• Then you organize everything on Microsoft Word• Make the resume simple by not using too many fonts, colors, or pictures.
  5. 5. FUNCTIONAL RESUMES• Functional Resumes are a type of resume that is selective and only pinpoints the skills relevant to your job/career choice
  6. 6. CHRONOLOGICAL RESUMES• Chronological Resumes are used to combine all your experiences and employment history simply written in order by date starting with the most recent position and working backwards.
  7. 7. WHAT BOTH TYPES OF RESUMES NEED Description Phone Career Professional EducationalYour Name Address of Number Objective Profile Information Experience
  8. 8. HIGH SCHOOL AND RESUME USAGE Column1 Knowledge about 10% Resumes Knowledge about 40% Wrinting a Resume 30% Knowledge about Purpose of a Resume Had used a Resume 20%