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How To Optimize Atlassian Jira & Jira Align for Your Agile at Scale Success

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As Agile adoption increased over the last decade, many organizations confront challenges in scaling. What often starts with a grassroots adoption of Atlassian needs to amplify from just a team of teams to a true train, program, or tribe.

To effectively scale and mature, companies need to coordinate work across multiple initiatives, with multiple teams sharing a unified backlog while applying standardization or best practices as they move from initiative to initiative.

And to get there, you need the right Atlassian tool foundation in place from the outset and a clear path forward.

Join us as our presenters, Brandon Huff, VP-Atlassian Solutions, and Tina Behers, Delivery Director-Business Agility, share insights into how to effectively harness Atlassian Jira and Jira Align as the engines of your agile transformation at scale.

In this session, we'll explore:

• The agile scaling challenges organizations face with aligning to Atlassian tools and how to mitigate them
• How to build solid foundations for your Atlassian deployment and adjust as you go
• How to configure Jira to optimally support Jira Align
• How to determine which scaling solution is best for your current specific needs and objectives

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How To Optimize Atlassian Jira & Jira Align for Your Agile at Scale Success

  1. 1. ©2020 Cprime, Inc. All rights reserved and no copying without express written permission. WWW.CPRIME.COM | 877.753.2760
  2. 2. How To Optimize Atlassian Jira & Jira Align For Your Agile at Scale Success
  3. 3. OUR SPEAKER TINA BEHERS, Delivery Director, Business Agility, Cprime • Formerly Sr. Director, Solution Architecture – Jira Align • 30 years' successful experience in Transformation & Organizational Development, Business Process Management, Program & Project Management, Transformation and Corporate Strategy • Passionate about helping people achieve their best • Most quotable quote: “You can’t scale crazy!”
  4. 4. OUR SPEAKER BRANDON HUFF, VP, Atlassian Services, Cprime • Drives solution design, agile transformations, software development, infrastructure, and process development projects for Cprime's Fortune 500 clients • Has over a decade of experience in Agile coaching • Has designed and configured hundreds of Atlassian instances • Pioneered the first Atlassian University courses and implemented the industry's first Atlassian SAFe solution
  6. 6. THE AGILE AT SCALE NEED • Prioritization between levels • Alignment from Strategy > Work and Work > Strategy • Business and technical teams in sync • Single point of truth throughout the organization • Bi Modal Planning and Delivery • Align planning and estimating practices ALIGNMENT GOVERNANCE • Manage risks and dependencies across teams • Scope and estimate are consistent • Real-time insights for quick response • The right metrics for all levels PREDICTABILITY
  7. 7. AGILE AT SCALE SOLUTIONS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Jira Align Jira Software Cloud SAFe Add-ons SAFe SCALE Jira Software Data Center Jira Software Cloud or Data Center SAFe Add-ons SAFeFUNCTIONALITY
  8. 8. WHAT ATLASSIAN SELLS Customer profile: • 200 - 500 Jira Users • S/M business • Single business unit • May be newer to agile at scale • May not have a need for agile at scale (above SAFe program) Jira + Advanced Roadmaps Jira + Jira Align Customer profile: • 1000+ Jira Users • Fortune 1000+ • Multiple Business Units • Multiple Portfolios • 3+ years on agile at scale journey
  9. 9. WHAT CPRIME SELLS Customer profile: • 200 - 1000 Jira Users • SMB through Fortune 1000+ • Few Business Units • One Portfolio • May be newer to agile at scale • May not have a need for agile at scale (above SAFe program) Jira + Jira Align Customer profile: • 1000+ Jira Users • Fortune 1000+ • Multiple Business Units • Multiple Portfolios • 3+ years on agile at scale journey Jira + Add-0ns (including Portfolio for Jira)
  10. 10. CPRIME ATLASSIAN SAFe® APPROACH Portfolio Level Project Portfolio Kanban Initiative Issue Type Team Scrum/Kanban Story Bug RiskSpike Team Level Projects Program Kanban Program Level Project per Release Train Release on Demand CONFLUENCE Portfolio Level Space JIRA Program Level Space Team Level Spaces Planning&Tracking Roadmaps,Vision, ValueStatement, BusinessCases PIObjectives SolutionContext PI 2 PI 3 PI n+1PI 1 Funnel Implementation Done Exploration Implementation Deployment Jira Epic Issue Type To Do In Progress Done
  11. 11. IMPLEMENTING SAFe® WITH JIRA ALIGNCONFLUENCE Time People Work Confluence JiraJiraAlign Portfolio Level Space In Confluence Program Level Space In Confluence Team Level Spaces In Confluence Feature Issue Type Story Issue Type EpicTheme Release Trains Release on DemandPI 2 Q2 PI 3 Q3 PI n+1 Q n+1 PI 1 Q1 Teams Program Team Portfolio Team Company Regions Business Unit Products Roadmaps,Vision, ValueStatement, BusinessCasesTeam Notes PIObjectives &ProgramRetro Portfolio in Jira Align Program in Jira Align & Jira Teams in Jira Portfolio Kanban Team Scrum/Kanban Program Kanban Funnel Implementation Done Exploration Implementation Deployment To Do In Progress Done FV Enterprise Strategy Level - Mission, Vision, Values, Strategies, Goals, & Portfolios Roadmaps, Vision, Value Statement, Business Cases
  12. 12. Functionality Jira + Add-Ons Jira + Jira Align Support Scaling Models Yes Yes Planning – All Levels Yes Yes Roadmapping – All Levels Yes Yes Epic Management Yes Yes Program Boards Yes Yes Agile Reporting Yes Yes Business Value/ Business Cases Yes Yes Financials Yes Yes Forecasting Yes Yes Strategic Planning Yes Yes COMPARING THE FUNCTIONALITY So, they are the same, right? Wrong
  13. 13. Functionality/Focus Jira + Add-Ons Jira + Jira Align Guardrails Defined where needed Part of solution Coaching Added where needed Part of solution Training Added where needed Part of solution Enterprise Strategy No Part of solution Financial Management Basic tracking Part of solution Product Management Integrates with add-ons Part of solution Advanced Reporting Available with customization Part of solution OKR Definition and Tracking With add-on Part of solution Lean Management No Part of solution GETTING INTO THE DETAILS
  14. 14. PORTFOLIO EPIC & JIRA EPIC TRACKING • A kanban board provides a location to create and analyze Portfolio Epics and Jira Epics • Leverages a SAFe® specific workflow to help managed implementation progress and WIP KANBAN BOARD - VS -
  15. 15. Forecasting + Program Room + Roadmaps • Enterprise roadmaps provide roadmaps at all levels from strategy to product delivery/outcome based. Connect to the work the engineering teams are doing in Jira • Interactively build the PI by adding epics, features and stories • Track release progress at the team and program level • Manage & track objectives, risks, and dependencies Advanced Roadmaps - VS - • Advanced Roadmaps provides the functionality to plan Initiatives, break them down to Jira epics, estimate work, and determine a schedule based on rank and dependencies • Provides impact analysis, schedule reports, and dependency reports to help with planning and team commitment PLANNING & FORECASTING
  16. 16. • All work lenses report on progress and priority • Strategy view shows your work hierarchy organized by strategy across all programs. • Top Down + Bottom up views Work Tree Structure • Structure provides an automated rollup of work based on Portfolio, Program, and team planning • Flexible views into the data let you quickly and easily see the progress and data you need to see • Allows for Jira Dashboard and Confluence reporting - VS - HIERARCHY ROLLUP
  17. 17. • Planning & forecasting • Resource planning; sequencing work across teams • Visualizing dependencies • Roadmapping Program Board, Risks, Objectives & Dependencies Easy Agile Programs - VS - • Manage dependencies across programs and teams to ensure smooth handoff and integrations. • Visualize and identify bottlenecks and mitigate unforeseen delays. PROGRAM BOARD & PI PLANNING
  18. 18. THE TOOL IS NOT THE PROCESS • Jira + Add-ons = minimal guardrails, best practices exist but vary due to customer needs ad process (less scaling process focused) • Jira + Jira Align = specific guard rails with predefined best practices that align to the process - Custom Guardrails, coaching assets and framework guidance may be added. • ie - PRIME Kit coaching assets may be added for customers where we are coaching for guidance on the process and execution links within the tool.
  19. 19. GOTCHAS • Current Jira configuration and add-ons may be removed so Jira Align can be successful • May need a lot of reconfiguring at the Jira level • Previous best practice configurations may not work with Jira Align • Setting expectations with customer is critical • Jira Align is a wide complex system, configuration for proper alignment to “Meet them where they are” + 6mos requires conversations targeted around Jira Align core configuration settings. • *Not a “boil the ocean” approach (anymore) • Training on how to use the tools is required, Time for trainings is minimized. E.g. 1 day for PM/PO, 4 hours for SM; 4 hours for Portfolio Managers, etc.
  20. 20. FOUNDATIONALLY ALIGNED • Architected to make your transition to Jira Align easy • Each Program level project represents an Agile Release Train (ART) • Only includes Jira Epic at this project level • Each Team level project represents an Agile team • One scrum or Kanban board per team integrated to Jira Align per team • Program Increments are a single read only field pushed from Jira Align • Fix Versions are used as intended for development and not Program Increments • Permissions and key custom fields map easily • Additional Jira Align fields enabled: • Parent Portfolio Epic/Capability • Rank from Jira Align Program backlog • Why button – details on the strategic alignment and need of the work is made visible in Jira CONFIGURED TO SUPPORT JIRA ALIGN
  21. 21. KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING… • CONNECT: • Brandon Huff: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonjhuff/ • Tina Behers: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinabehers/ • Check out Cprime upcoming webinars, read our blog, download whitepapers/case studies & more: • www.cprime.com/resources • Share with us what topics you are interested in, ask us questions or give us feedback! • learn@cprime.com • Follow us on Social Media, share in the conversation & keep updated on thought leadership, events & more. ©2020 Cprime, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not copy without express written permission.
  22. 22. QUESTIONS? WWW.CPRIME.COM | 877.753.2760 QUESTIONS?
  23. 23. QUESTIONS? WWW.CPRIME.COM | 877.753.2760 THANK YOU WWW.CPRIME.COM | 877.753.2760