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A Practical Approach to Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

Download the associated Webinar on Demand: https://www.cprime.com/resource/webinars/a-practical-approach-to-your-atlassian-cloud-migration/

Atlassian Cloud offers unparalleled performance, flexibility, and cost optimization, but understanding the intricacies involved in migrating can be daunting. Similar to other strategic efforts, migration to the cloud requires a holistic plan that aligns with your other business objectives. The plan should also document the multiple technical details involved in the migration including add-ons compatibility, user migration and security settings and configuration.

Join us on March 3rd at 1pm ET for a practical webinar on best practices for Atlassian Cloud migration. Cprime’s Pavel Fomin, Director of Cloud Migrations, and Brandon Huff, VP of Atlassian Services, will walk through the steps of getting the job done with minimum effort and maximum upside.

You will learn about:
- How to prepare and plan for migration to Atlassian Cloud to maximize your success
- What makes a sound and secure roadmap to a successful migration
- How other organizations have thrived by making the move

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A Practical Approach to Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

  1. 1. ©2020 Cprime, Inc. All rights reserved and no copying without express written permission. WWW.CPRIME.COM | 877.753.2760
  2. 2. A Practical Approach to Your Atlassian Cloud Migration
  3. 3. OUR SPEAKER PAVEL FOMIN, Director of Cloud Migrations, Cprime • 20+ years of leadership experience delivering enterprise migration and integration solutions for customers including Fortune 500 companies • Certified Platinum Atlassian Expert and Enterprise Partner who has architected hundreds of Atlassian upgrades, migrations and consolidations • Defines best practices for use of Atlassian tools for operations, support and product development teams and designs scalable infrastructures to ensure customer success
  4. 4. OUR SPEAKER BRANDON HUFF, VP of Technology, Atlassian Services, Cprime • Drives solution design, agile transformations, software development, infrastructure, and process development projects for Cprime's Fortune 500 clients • Has over a decade of experience in Agile coaching • Has designed and configured hundreds of Atlassian instances • Pioneered the first Atlassian University courses and implemented the industry's first Atlassian SAFe solution
  6. 6. Main Drivers to Atlassian Cloud
  7. 7. ABOUT ATLASSIAN CLOUD • SaaS as an offering from outset • Experiencing significant growth and expansion • Substantial investment in Cloud Infrastructure • Microservices, performance, security, pricing structure, etc. • Accessibility of Cloud
  8. 8. BENEFITS OF ATLASSIAN CLOUD SaaS Model Availability/Scalability Latest Releases User Management Security Apps & Extensibility Performance TCO
  9. 9. THINGS TO CONSIDER Backend Access Latest Releases Functionality System Admin Data Residency Support / SLAs Compliance
  10. 10. SERVER – END OF SUPPORT End of Support != End of Life
  11. 11. Standard vs. Premium vs. Enterprise
  12. 12. FEATURE COMPARISONS Feature Standard Premium Enterprise User Limit Up to 10,000 users Up to 10,000 users Up to 10,000 users Storage 250 GB Unlimited Unlimited Support 9–5 Standard Support 24/7 Premium Support 24/7 Dedicated Support Uptime SLA Does not include uptime guarantees or SLAs Yes - 99.9% Yes - 99.95% with financially backed SLA Single Project Automation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Global and multi-project automation 500 executions per month 1,000 executions per user per month (combined) Unlimited Executions Advanced Roadmaps Project Archiving Schedule Releases (coming soon) Data Residency Controls (coming soon) Admin Insights (coming soon) IP Allowlisting (in beta) Sandbox (coming soon)
  13. 13. WHO IS IT FOR? Tier Common Team Profile When to Consider Upgrading Standard • Small to medium sized organizations • 1,000 - 2,000 users • Individual teams usually in one discipline (IT) that don't need the complexity or cost of the other offerings • Need more storage • Need more uptime • Need more support • Need more automation • Need audit tracking/monitoring • Need a sandbox (coming soon) Premium • Medium to large sized organizations • 2,000 - 5,000 users • Blended teams and multiple disciplines (IT, Operations, Marketing) looking for industry standard support, uptime, and functionality in one hosted solution • Need more support • Need more uptime (with financial backing) • Need data residency controls • Need to be able to bundle releases Enterprise • Large, multi-national organizations • Up to 10,000 users • Cross-company functionality and integration needs looking for enhanced enterprise capabilities across security, governance, administration, and support • Not applicable...for now
  14. 14. Migration Considerations
  15. 15. • Business requirements & objectives • Assessment & impact analysis • Skillset • Budgets & financials • Clean up & optimizations • Communication plans • User training & enablement • Project plan • Migration execution MIGRATION PLANNING
  16. 16. • Business requirements & objectives • System & add-on compatibility • Core and custom feature gap analysis • User Management • Integrations • Data portability • Timelines & project plan MIGRATION IMPACT ANALYSIS
  18. 18. COMMON MIGRATION CHALLENGES Things to consider • Custom data migration • User migration • Integrations • Consolidations • Cloud Migration Assistants Data Migration User Migration Consolidations Integrations
  19. 19. SAMPLE MIGRATIONS HIGHLIGHTS Client A – a large bank • Executive decision -> Cloud • Very bureaucratic -> rushed timelines • 8 months -> 8 weeks • A TON of surprises: • URL, UX, integrations, add-ons, licensing, user management • Lack of planning: • UAT, training, comm plans • Migration • Success; HOWEVER • Users left holding the bag Client B – a large pharma co. • Executive decision -> Cloud • More pragmatical approach • Assessment • Functionality gaps, add-ons, integrations, licensing • Available and supportive • Extensive user training • Migration • Success • & a very happy user base
  20. 20. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Be deliberate in your evaluation of cloud and the functionality you need • Migration challenges – not showstoppers • Knowledge is power • Experience is everything • Partnerships make process more efficient • Business value of migrating to Cloud
  21. 21. KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING… • Connect: • Pavel Fomin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavelfomin/ • Brandon Huff: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonjhuff/ • Check out Cprime upcoming webinars, read our blog, download whitepapers/case studies & more: • www.cprime.com/resources • Share with us what topics you are interested in, ask us questions or give us feedback! • learn@cprime.com ©2020 Cprime, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not copy without express written permission.
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