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Artificial Intelligence for Industries. Products and Services.

► Meet byteLAKE:

• AI: enabling innovative, AI-powered automation and data-driven, proactive operations. Solutions for Fluid Dynamics, Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Document Processing, Restaurants, Construction Industry, Chemical Industry, Agriculture, Logistics, and more.

• HPC: accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms to many-CPU, GPU, FPGA architectures.

• Team: PhD/DSc researchers, programmers, mathematicians & data scientists.

► Products:

• CFD Suite: innovative AI Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics. Ultra-fast results, radically lower TCO. New possibilities.

• brainello: AI for Document Processing. OCR for invoices, AI-powered. No templates!

• Cognitive Services: AI for Industry 4.0. Visual inspection, Big Data analytics.

• AI for Restaurants: AI-assisted monitoring and self-service (soon).

• Ewa Guard: AI for Agriculture. Large areas visual analytics.

• Computer Vision Starter Kits: accelerate product development with our highly optimized AI engines.

• Federated Learning: leverage AI models across distributed AI applications.

► Services:

• AI Workshops: learn how AI can address your challenges and help you build a competitive advantage.

• Edge AI: highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound, and time-series data.

• Cognitive Automation: bespoke RPA solutions, supercharged with AI. Complex tasks automation.

• HPC: complex algorithms adaptation and optimization for NVIDIA GPUs, Xilinx Alveo FPGAs, Intel, AMD, and ARM solutions. From single nodes to clusters.


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byteLAKE OneSlider

  1. 1. AI • highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound and time series data. • Detecting shapes & patterns. • Complex tasks automation. • IoT/ edge, Cloud, on-premise. HPC • complex algorithms adaptation to Intel CPU/ NPU, Xilinx Alveo FPGA, NVIDIA GPU. • From many accelerators within a node to clusters with many nodes. Meet byteLAKE AI and HPC Experts Your software partner for AI & HPC projects Experts in adapting & optimizing software for Select Products CFD Algorithms Optimized to FPGA. 4x speedup, 10x TCO Objects Detection 56x speedup for AI training with GPU R&I • R&D • Licensing