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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 01 29 2019

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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 01 29 2019

  1. 1. Leo Club Meeting January 29th by Cara and Silvia
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for the VPA Dance Show!
  3. 3. Upcoming Events...
  4. 4. International Orientation Senior Consultants: Ian, Shahd and Umamah Chairs: Andy, Michelle and Jaiden Date: January 31st, 2019 (Thursday) Where: Byrne Creek Time: Block A and B Volunteers (BOTH): Andy, Digi, Cherry, Jaiden, Silvia, Michelle, Selina, Evian, Ruby, Denisse, First, Alex, Hadia, Nursheda, Elise, Christeena, Alexi, Lenny, Benson, Ruby, Xzyanah, Renee and Ian ● A Block: Alexei, Mae, Leanna and Andrea
  5. 5. Parent Info. Night Date: January 31, Thursday (5pm) We just need volunteers to promote Leo Club and to act as tour guides
  6. 6. Rose Sale Packaging Chairs: Elisha, Angela and Hannah Date: February 12th and 13th Where: Byrne Creek Time: After school to 8 pm Volunteers: Alexei, Mehar, Umamah, First, Jaiden, Meagan, Aleksandra, Kison, Ian and Andy
  7. 7. Valentine’s Day Rose Delivery Senior Consultant: Umamah, Mae and Hannah Chairs: Xzyanah, Denisse, Rawan and Silvia Date: February 14th Where: Around the school Time: A + B Block Volunteers: Andy, Leanna, First & Angela WE START SELLING ON FRIDAY, FEB, 1ST. MAKE SURE YOU BUY ROSES FOR YOUR LOVED ONES!
  8. 8. (V.I.C.F) Key Volunteers: Ian, Justin M., Umamah, Irene, Abbie, Jaiden, Alexei Where: Granville island Date: May 27th - June 2nd Please get a form if you would like to volunteer. You can do this for work experience if you get over 21 hours. Forms are due by February 22nd
  9. 9. Vancouver Sun Run Chairs: Alexei and Sampson Date: April 14 Where: Downtown Cost: $22 until February 8th, $32 afterwards! Runners/Walkers: Alexei, Sampson, Jaehwan, Silvia, Aleksandra, DUE DATE (REGISTRATION): FEBRUARY 1ST Free food + free goodies after your run! You can also sign-up to volunteer,
  10. 10. Vancouver Sun Run Rose Sale Packaging Valentine’s Day Rose Delivery International Orientation Sponsor Teacher Comments & Sign Up Time Parent Info NIght