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The Content Marketing Revolution: Trends You Need to Know

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Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing and Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo discuss content marketing trends which will drive the future of content.

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The Content Marketing Revolution: Trends You Need to Know

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING TRENDS Lee Odden & Steve Rayson July 6th 2017 #CMtrends
  2. 2. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Your Presenters Steve Rayson @steverayson steve@buzzsumo.com Lee Odden @leeodden lee@toprankmarketing.com TopRankMarketing.com
  3. 3. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends 7 Years of Content Marketing Trending
  4. 4. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Content is the Kingdom Identify Topics Editorial Calendar Create Content: Text, visual, audio Optimize Content for Search Promote with Social & Influencers Pay for Traffic: Search, Social, Syndication Monitor Web Analytics Report Performance Research Customers & Develop Personas Predictive Analytics Dynamic Personalization Multi-Channel Integration Desktop, Mobile, IoT Cognitive Commerce Platforms Sponsored content & creator/influencers Retargeting, Programmatic Optimize: A/B, Multivariate, CRO AI Assisted Content Planning
  5. 5. Source: Banksy via reddit / vancouver Most Content Isn’t Used, Seen or Shared
  6. 6. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends So What Are Marketers Doing?
  7. 7. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends 9 Marketing Trends
  8. 8. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 1: Content as a Movement 73% Social Impact (Deloitte) Deluxe 100 y/o co. SMB - Digital
  9. 9. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 1: Content as a Movement 2015: 100 smb videos, documentary, blogging, social, earned media 2016: 8 episode TV show, blog posts, social, earned media 2017: Finalists featured in video & TV show, blog posts, social, media 2bn earned media impressions 1m+ video views 1m+ website visitors
  10. 10. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 2: More Content Means Engagement is Hard
  11. 11. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends You Need Cornerstone Content, Less is More
  12. 12. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 3: Goodbye (Finally) to Old School SEO
  13. 13. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 3: The Future of Search is Voice & Answers 33 Million Voice First Devices End of 2017 (VoiceLabs) 71% of 18-29 Use Mobile Assistants (Thrive Analytics) 50% of Search: Voice, by 2020 (The Drum)
  14. 14. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends (Statista) Computers Smart Phones Cars IoT Tablets Appliances Wearable Technology Gaming Consoles 2020 50 Billion Trend 3: Data Informed Content ExperiencesTrend 4: Data Informed Content Experiences
  15. 15. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 4: Data Informed Content Experiences 86% influences purchases. Source: Infosys 5-8X ROI on marketing spend. Source: McKinsey “Personalization is a powerful customer experience and conversion optimization tool.” Josh Mueller, SVP Global Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet
  16. 16. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 5: Cognitive Marketing & AI 49.5% Lift in Conversion (Persado) youtube.com/watch?v=Ig4B5roBgao
  17. 17. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 5: Natural Language Generation By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines. (Gartner)
  18. 18. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 6: Content No Longer Goes Viral “95 percent of news people see on Twitter, comes directly from its original source or from one degree of separation.” Yahoo Study, From the book the ‘Hit Makers’
  19. 19. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends You Need a Multi-Channel Promotion Strategy Direct mail Social sharing Influencer advocacy Journalists & publications Paid promotion User generated content
  20. 20. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 7: Participation Marketing Over UGC UGC + brand 700% More engagement than brand (Mavrck)
  21. 21. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 7: Content Collaboration FTW! After 80% Loss Up 6% YoY 75% Created by Influencers Beat Lead Gen Goal by 550%
  22. 22. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 8: Influencers Increasingly Important
  23. 23. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Build Advocates, Co-Create & Use Journalists
  24. 24. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Trend 9: Internet Less Democratic
  25. 25. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Put Money Behind Your Content Our experience Facebook ads give us better targeting and more reach Retargeting appears to provide most engagement
  26. 26. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Takeaways 1 Start a movement with video to inspire content & customers. 3 Get smart on voice & question-focused SEO. 4 Leverage data & technology to optimize customer experience. 2 Create cornerstone content. Less is more. 5 Test content creation with a NLG platform, learn how cognitive can help decision making.
  27. 27. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Takeaways 8 Build influencer advocates. 9 Put money behind content amplification. 7 Democratize content creation with internal / external collaboration – especially IGC (influencer generated content). 6 Create a multi-channel promotion strategy.
  28. 28. @leeodden@steverayson #CMtrends Thank You Steve Rayson @steverayson steve@buzzsumo.com Lee Odden @leeodden lee@toprankmarketing.com TopRankMarketing.com