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8 Easy Steps to Writing Killer Landing Page Copy

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Get actionable tips and advice from Joel Klette on how to write landing page copy that converts.

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8 Easy Steps to Writing Killer Landing Page Copy

  1. BuzzStream Presents: 8 Easy Steps to Writing Kick-Ass Landing Page Copy @Joel Klettke Copywriter & Professional Loose Cannon http://www.businesscasualcopywriting
  2. Copywriting isn’t about inspiration…
  3. Science has a process. Effective writing does too.
  4. 1 Research & Analysis
  5. Pain points + Priorities
  6. Anxieties + Objections
  7. How do they talk about their problem?
  8. Their stories. Their concerns. Their words.
  9. You’ve probably already got ‘em.
  10. Reviews, testimonials, forums, Q&A, sales team & your emails.
  11. USP + Priorities
  12. How do they talk about their solution?
  13. “Build a lexicon!”
  14. A what?!
  15. “A researched list of words to incorporate in your copy.” (See: http://www.portent.com/blog/copywriting/lexicon.htm)
  16. “Collect words.”
  17. 2 Find Your Voice
  18. Voice embodies values. Tone expresses them.
  19. Voice is always consistent. Tone changes to context.
  20. … ?
  21. Use “X” but not “Y” Funny, but not crude Professional, but not cold Upbeat, but not naive
  22. Does mean/Doesn’t mean Tone: Energetic Does mean: Upbeat: Convey passion and excitement, use action-oriented adjectives. Doesn’t mean: Excitable: Don’t overuse exclamation marks or capital letters. Exaggerated: Don’t use hyperbolic, hard-to-believe statements
  23. 3 Define Your USP
  24. “Why should I buy from you?”
  25. NOBODY WANTS: “High quality” “Best service” “Industry-standard” “Flexible platform” “Go the extra mile”
  26. You don’t know your customer, until…
  27. You don’t know your customer, until… … you can finish their sentences.
  28. “The one that ________” “Without ___ I could never have ___” “They make ___ for ___ so that they can ___”
  29. “The one that lets you…”
  30. 4 Determine Your CTA
  31. Call to action?
  32. Call to action value
  33. “I want to _________”
  34. Desirable Obvious Unambiguous
  35. 5 Form Your Core Message
  36. “Who are they?” “What do they do?” “Who is this for?” “How does this solve my problem?” “What now?”
  37. Avoid “We”, unless…
  38. “Because.”
  39. 1. Prioritize features 2. Frame through a benefit 3. Couple with an action
  40. “Our huge database of nutritional information…” vs. “Quickly and accurately track your diet while on the go!”
  41. Define the outcome! Bad: “Make your X more effective.” Good: “Increase leads and sales.”
  42. Motivation Anxiety Demand
  43. Motivation Anxiety Demand
  44. Shorter copy when… Low anxiety Low cost Low commitment
  45. Longer copy when… High anxiety High cost High commitment
  46. Let awareness shape your message.
  47. 1. Most aware 2. Aware, not convinced 3. Preference forming 4. Aware of problem & possible need 5. Don’t know they need it http://copyhackers.com/product/handbook-how-to-write-a-long-form-sales-letter-page/
  48. 6 Add Support
  49. Every emotional claim needs rational support.
  50. Specific claim? Specific proof!
  51. “Before coming to _____, … They helped us _____ … Now, we can _____.”
  52. 2 Part Mini-Series: “Testify! How to Wield the Power of Your Brand Testimonials” http://www.iacquire.com/blog/testify-how-to-wield-the- power-of-your-brand-testimonials
  53. !!!
  54. 7 Write Your Headline
  55. Reinventing the wheel is a massive waste of time.
  56. 1. Strongest pain point 2. Key benefit 3. Highly desirable outcome
  57. Think of your headline as a promise.
  58. Unique Specific Succinct
  59. “Turn [Problem] Into [HDO]”
  60. “The Only [Phrase] That Will [HDO] for [Target Customer]”
  61. “Get the [Rarely Seen Adjective] Power of [What Your Product Does] Without [Pain]”
  62. Use sub-headlines to… Clarify Confirm Convince
  63. 8 Edit (Without Mercy)
  64. 3 Levels: Language, Layout, Message
  65. Language Typos Grammar Word choice
  66. Layout Scan-ability Readability Context
  67. Message Clarity Brevity Persuasiveness
  68. There’s a checklist! (You're welcome.) http://businesscasualcopywriting.com/handy-landing-page-copy-editing-checklist/
  69. Process makes perfect.
  70. Thank you! Design by @JoelKlettke
  71. Brought to you by: BuzzStream Blogger & Influencer Outreach www.BuzzStream.com