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10 things Slideshare can do to become giant social network

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Slideshare is certainly one of the major Social Networks today but it is less heard than Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. The presentation talks about what the network needs to do to change that.

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10 things Slideshare can do to become giant social network

  1. 1. 10 Things to do for Slideshare to become Giant Social Network By: Bhupendra Khana CEO, Simplify36
  2. 2. #1. Believe that You can be• I actually doubt if Slideshare guys feel that they are giant Social Networks like Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.• In actual, they already ARE!
  3. 3. #2. Starting Looking Like One• Slideshare guys should make some changes in the site that shows the quality.• Facebook and Youtube are great products to learn from.• They should look like a 5 Billion Dollar Company!! All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  4. 4. #3. Make Noise. Remain Bold.• Slideshare needs a massive PR outlining their achievements.• CEO Rashmi Bansal should immediately hire an PR Agency to manage her brand as a Tech Celeb like Mark Zuckerberg.• Other way is to hire some real smart guys by giving them some serious equity and say (like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg). All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  5. 5. #4. Build a credible Ad Network.• Any serious Web Domination player needs a serious Ad Network.• Don’t discover the wheel. Follow the footsteps of Facebook and Google. Innovate over what has already been done.• Have ads for people to generate follows, views and clicks. People are waiting for this to happen, and they will pay happily. This is my gut feeling!• If they cant build, they can any day buy one good Ad Network!! All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  6. 6. #5. Build partners. Work with them.• In this stage, Slideshare needs to identify some of the serious partners (may be the power users of Slideshare itself), and do a massive PR on what they have achieved.• These clients needs to be moved from clients to partners, and they will pay to fuel the growth of the Network. All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  7. 7. #6. Don’t Shy. Bring a Celeb.• If Twitter can grow by riding on Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears, why can’t Slideshare.• I strongly recommend them to take investment, or give sweet equity to 2 celebs – ideally one each from US and India (two most important markets).
  8. 8. #7. Be Aggressive in Building Things. • Any company needs to be constantly moving, and people will love that. • I needed Powerpoint effects to be in-built in Sldieshare. This will enable Powerpoint presentations to work like Videos. Youtube (Google) will have to fear this capability; good for Rashmi and team. • There are several such things to do.Image credit: esquire.com All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  9. 9. #8. Invest in Bigger things. Let the World know. • Facebook didn’t grow only because of social features. It grew because the leaders constantly thought of bigger things – server farms, innovating in power saving techniques etc. • Also it is important to constant do bigger things in life; have a perspective in World matters when it comes to environment, human values and more. • World appreciates strong people and companies. Google Data Center MapImage credit: Techcrunch and vator.tv All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  10. 10. #9. Don’t go horizontal. Grow vertical.• There are a lot of sites that enable file sharing like eSnips, Dropbox etc.• There is no value in adding videos, documents or pdf sharing. Presentations are powerful like videos. Think vertical.• Become Youtube and not eSnips! All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  11. 11. #10. Take More Money. But look like growing.• This is very important. If Slideshare has enough money to make frequent acquisitions, make it.• Else take more investment but don’t hold back. All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  12. 12. Ending Thoughts Fear is the ultimate weapon to win war or business. • The fact is, if Slideshare does not become a default network for Presentations, someone else (may be Scribd) will become. • By doing these actions, Slideshare will either become real big network like Facebook and move ahead to become a new Tech Giant. Or, Google, Microsoft or Facebook will shell out multi-billion dollars to acquire. I actually feel, Slideshare has the brand and the initial adopters. It can now move fast to capitalize on it. Else it will be a huge opportunity lost.Disclaimer : Apart from being a user of Slideshare, I have no other associations withthe company. All Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  13. 13. From the Sponsors Simplify360 enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Social Media Management Powered by Simplify360 SaaS Infrastructure AnalyticsTM, it extends a sophisticated and user- friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence. Web links: Site: https://simplify360.com Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/bexdeepAll Rights Reserved Buzzom.com
  14. 14. Thank YouAny questions can be sent to: contact@buzzom.comAll Rights Reserved Buzzom.com