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Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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MAIA Intelligence was invited to give a technical session on MS-SQL at Microsoft Dreamspark Yatra 2012 event in which around 300 budding techies learnt about the emerging technologies

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  1. 1. What’s New for Developers inSQL Server 2008 & 2012Jigisha SanghviHead - ProductsMAIA Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.jigisha@maia-intelligence.com
  2. 2. Agenda SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2012 (Denali) Demo
  3. 3. New Data Types HIERARCHY ID Model the traditional employee/manager relationship New Date & Time data types DATE, TIME, DATETIMEOFFSET, DATETIME2 & functions to deal with them
  4. 4. Spatial Data PROLIFERATION OF GEOGRAPHICAL DATA GPS Systems Virtual Earth, Live Search Maps etc NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPATIALLY AWARE APPS Route planning Land assessment Territory analysis SQL Server 2008 Storage and retrieval of spatial data using standard SQL syntax
  5. 5. Spatial Data Types COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT Flat Earth (Planar) - geometry Round Earth (Geodetic) – geography CLR SYSTEM TYPES Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.Geo[metry | graphy] Host of useful spatial methods / properties (OGC) Importing of WKT / WKB (OGC) and GML data HIGH PERFORMANCE Integrated into SQL 2008 Spatial Index support
  6. 6. Queries LINQ was introduced with Visual Studio 2008 SQL 2008 ships with a LINQ to SQL Provider which allows LINQ commands directly against SQL Server ADO.NET Entity framework allows developers to create database queries using entities
  7. 7. Database Mirroring Compressed log steam to minimize network bandwidth Automatic page repair for both principal and mirror New DMVs (Dynamic Management Views) Additional mirroring performance counters
  8. 8. Changing the game with SSIS Integration Services (SSIS) provides a scalable enterprise data integration platform with ETL and integration capabilities, enabling organizations to more easily manage data from a wide array of data sources Moves and transforms data between sources and destinations, regardless of format Cleanses data and ensures data integrity Integrates heterogeneous data sources
  9. 9. SQL Server Integration Services New Script Environment for Script Tasks & Components VSTA replaces VSA (deprecated) – C# language programmability – More of the familiar VS environment ADO.NET Source and Destination OLEDB source/destinations still there  Data Profiling Task & Viewer
  10. 10. SQL Server Integration Services Data Flow performance In 2005, an execution tree (even with branches) is executed on a single thread In 2008, this is handled differently (i.e. better) Lookup Transformation Share cached lookup across packages More granular control over cache use for matched/non-matched data Additional changes elsewhere MERGE, Change Data Capture, Data Types, etc.
  11. 11. MERGE DML statement combining multiple operations into one source Merge target match so UPDATE no match so INSERT no source match so DELETE
  12. 12. Merge Statement Merge statement works as an insert, update, delete statement all at once Works on two sources of data, the source and the targetMerge Main.dbo.TestTable as TargetUsing (Select Col1, col2 from stage.dbo.TestTable) as SourceOn Target.TableKey = Source.TableKeyWhen Matched [and condition] Then Update Set Col1 = Source.Col1, Col2 = Source.Col2When Matched [and condition] Then DeleteWhen Not Matched Then Insert (Col1, Col2) values (Col1, Col2)Output $action, Inserted.TableKey, Deleted.TableKey
  13. 13. ADO.NET Synchronisation Services Synchronisation Framework Online/Offline Applications Server DB 2-tier, N-tier architectures Set of components Sync Classes Client Database – SQL Server Compact Edition Server Database Client DB – Any ADO.NET store “Service” Based Approach
  14. 14. ADO.NET Synchronisation Services Server DB Transport Client Sync Proxy Sync Service Server Sync Provider Agent Provider Sync Adapters Sync Table Sync Group Client DB
  15. 15. SSAS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) delivers online analytical processing (OLAP - commonly referred to as “cubes”) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications Includes advanced analytical features such as complete data mining and KPI frameworks Enables organizations to accommodate multiple analytic needs within one solution
  16. 16. SSRS Reporting Services provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help create, deploy, and manage reports for organization, as well as programming features that enable you to extend and customize your reporting functionality Provides a complete reporting platform so that end-users can view data using a Web browser or desk top Includes report authoring tools for both technical developers and business users Allows web-based viewing and rendering in popular document formats such as XLS and PDF Contains robust e-mail subscription capability
  17. 17. Reporting ServicesDependency on IIS has goneNew Design SurfaceNew VisualisationsTable + Matrix = TablixDelivery via Microsoft Office
  18. 18. Reach All your Users with Pervasive InsightScalable BI platform Deliver insights throughout your Scalable Report Engine organization Deliver reports of any size at enterprise scale Scale out Analysis Scale out through read-only Analysis Services storage Enhance analytical capabilities with more complex computations and Subspace Computations aggregations Deploy and manage your BI infrastructure New Cube Design Tools Streamline development of the analysis infrastructure with new cube design tools Best Practice Design Alerts Optimize cube design with real time best practice alerts Backup cubes with enhanced scalability Scalable Backup Tools
  19. 19. Extended Events (XEvent) High performance eventing system for SQL Integrates with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) Possibility of end-to-end tracing DDL for managing event sessions on a server Where to send it Data to log Filters“When” to log
  20. 20. Platform Enhancements Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Encrypt my data on disk transparent to applications Database Compression (not in CTP5) ROW / PAGE Compression Integrated Full Text Search (not in CTP5) Easier to deploy / manage and better performance Declarative Management Framework Establish policies for monitoring or compliance
  21. 21. SQL Server 2008Transparent Data Encryption SQL Server Change Tracking Star JoinExternal Key Management Synchronized Programming Model Enterprise Reporting EngineData Auditing Visual Studio Support Internet ReportPluggable CPU SQL Server Conflict Detection DeploymentTransparent Failover for Database FILESTREAM data type Block ComputationsMirroring Integrated Full Text Search Scale out AnalysisDeclarative Management Framework Sparse Columns BI Platform ManagementServer Group Management Large User Defined Types Export to Word and ExcelStreamlined Installation Date/Time Data Type Author reports in Word andEnterprise System Management Excel LOCATION data typePerformance Data Collection Report Builder SPATIAL data type EnhancementsSystem Analysis Virtual Earth Integration TABLIXData Compression Partitioned Table Parallelism Rich Formatted DataQuery Optimization Modes Query Optimizations Personalized PerspectivesResource Governor Persistent Lookups … and many moreEntity Data Model Change Data CaptureLINQ Backup CompressionVisual Entity Designer MERGE SQL StatementEntity Aware Adapters Data Profiling
  22. 22. SQL Server 2012Codename: Denali
  23. 23. SQL Server Denali (2012) Contained Database FileTables Sequence Objects Columnstore Indexes AlwaysOn SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance Indirect Checkpoints Dynamic Management Views
  24. 24. Contained Database A contained database includes all database settings and metadata required to define the database and has no configuration dependencies on the instance of the SQL Server Database Engine where the database is installed Moving databases from one instance of the SQL Server Database Engine to another instance of the Database Engine is simplified by introducing contained databases Users in a contained database are no longer associated with logins on the instance of SQL Server
  25. 25. FileStream Storage Storing large binary objects in databases is suboptimal Large objects take buffers in database memory Updating large objects cause database fragmentation – In file system however, "update" is delete and insert – "Before image" in an update is not deleted immediately Storing all related data in a database adds Transactional consistency Integrated, point-in-time backup and restore Single storage and query vehicle
  26. 26. FileStream Implementation A filegroup for filestream storage is declared using DDL Filestream storage is tied to a database The filegroup is mapped to a directory Must be NTFS file system Caution: Files deleteable from file system if you have appropriate permissions VARBINARY(MAX) columns can be defined with FILESTREAM attribute Table must also have UNIQUEIDENTIFIER column Filestream storage not available for other large types Data is stored in the file system
  27. 27. FileTables in SQL Server Denali The FileTable feature builds on top of the SQL Server FILESTREAM technology The FileTable feature bring support for the Windows file namespace and compatibility with Windows applications to the file data stored in SQL Server We Can easily store files and documents in special tables in SQL Server, but access them from Windows applications as if they were stored in the file system, without making any changes to the Windows applications
  28. 28. Sequence Objects A sequence object is a user-defined schema-bound object that generates a sequence of numeric values according to the specification The sequence of numeric values is generated in an ascending or descending order at a defined interval and may cycle (repeat) as requested It operates similar to an identity column, but sequence numbers are not restricted to use in a single table A sequence is created independently of the tables by using the CREATE SEQUENCE statement
  29. 29. Sequence Objects Use sequences instead of identity columns in the following scenarios: The application requires a number before the insert into the table is made. The application requires sharing a single series of numbers between multiple tables or multiple columns within a table The application must restart the number series when a specified number is reached. For example, after assigning values 1 through 10, the application starts assigning values 1 through 10 again You need to change the specification of the sequence, such as the increment value
  30. 30. Columnstore Indexes The Microsoft SQL Server Code-Named “Denali”, Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP 3) introduces a new data warehouse query acceleration feature based on a new type of index called the columnstore Columnstore indexes can transform the data warehousing experience for users by enabling faster performance for common data warehousing queries such as filtering, aggregating, grouping, and star-join queries
  31. 31. AlwaysOn feature AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instance provides instance level failover Multi-subnet failover clusters Flexible failover policy for cluster health detection SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group Deploying AlwaysOn Availability Groups involves creating and configuring one or more availability groups An availability group is a container that defines a set user databases (availability databases) to fail over as a single unit, and a set of availability replicas to host copies of each availability database
  32. 32. Indirect Checkpoints The indirect checkpoints feature provides a database-specific alternative to automatic checkpoints, which are configured by a server property Indirect checkpoints implements a new checkpointing algorithm for the Database Engine This algorithm provides a more accurate guarantee of database recovery time in the event of a crash or a failover than is provided by automatic checkpoints To ensure that database recovery does not exceed allowable downtime for a given database, you can specify the maximum allowable downtime for that database
  33. 33. Dynamic Management Views sys.dm_exec_query_stats - Added four columns to help troubleshoot long running queries. You can use the total_rows, min_rows, max_rows and last_rows aggregate row count columns to separate queries that are returning a large number of rows from problematic queries that may be missing an index or have a bad query plan sys.dm_os_volume_stats - This dynamic management functions returns information about the operating system volume (directory) on which the specified databases and files are stored. Use this dynamic management function to check the attributes of the physical disk drive or return available free space information about the directory
  34. 34. Dynamic Management Views sys.dm_os_windows_info - This dynamic management view returns one row that displays Windows operating system version information such as the OS version or language ID sys.dm_server_memory_dumps, sys.dm_server_services, sys.dm_server_registry - These dynamic management views return property information associated with the SQL Server, Full- text, and SQL Server Agent services that are installed on the host server
  35. 35. About MAIA IntelligenceBI Software Product Company
  36. 36. First Indian Software Product Companyin Business Intelligence space India-based company, founded in 2006 in Mumbai Broad Base of 100+ Enterprise & OEM Customers High customer success rate Trusted by 45000+ users 25+ global consulting and OEM partners Team of 50 Technocrats
  37. 37. MAIA Intelligence Journey 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011• First Indian • NASSCOM • Microsoft • Most • 1KEY Agile BI • Winner of Business 100 IT Solution Successful Suite tested Microsoft Intelligence Innovator Directory Startup and gets SMS&P ISV (BI) Software • MAIA in Red • NICSI Tender • NIC ‘Works with Partner of the Product Herring ATRE, • Gartner Hype recommends Windows Year Award at company - a Global Cycle Report MAIA for TDB Server 2008’ MPS 2011 MAIA technology • Gartner BI compatibility • 1KEY BI tested • Red Herring Intelligence Summit Market Trend • Winner of and works Asia Finalist established hosted by Red Microsoft ISV with MS SQL 100 • MAIA case Herring study by Innovation Server 2012 • Most Trusted Microsoft Award at IT Vendor - Microsoft ISV CTO • Windows 7 Day 2010 • Gartner SaaS • Finalist for BI Report India’s • Red Herring Business IT Asia Winner & Innovation at Global Finalist UTV’s CXO Award 2010
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  40. 40. Our Products 1KEY Agile BI Suite –Reporting & Analysis Software 1KEY FCM – Financial Consolidation Management software postXBRL - extensible Business Reporting Language Software
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  44. 44. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 VirtualLaunch Event www.maia-intelligence.com/sql-2012-vle.htm
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