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MAIA Intelligence profiled on DQ Channel Tree

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MAIA Intelligence: Adding Social Media Benefits

While the concept and activity of partner-to-partner networking, reselling vendor products and adding services are not new; the evolution of social media technology has created new platforms and opportunities

- Hiten Rathod, Head - Strategic Alliances & Channels

Original article published in Cybermedia's DQ Channel, December 2011

Veröffentlicht in: Technologie, Business
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MAIA Intelligence profiled on DQ Channel Tree

  1. 1. channel tree channel tree For more technology-oriented articles log on to www.dqchannels.com MAIA Intelligence: Adding Social Media Benefits While the concept and activity of partner-to-partner networking, reselling vendor products and adding services are not new; the evolution of social media technology has created new platforms and opportunities Hiten Rathod, head, strategic alliances and channels, MAIA Intelligence M AIA Intelligence is a 100% channel marketing and sales support, technical ser- country and around the world for product im- driven company with partnership for vices, training, and certification opportunities. plementation, customer support, and services, consulting, OEM, and resellers. The Regardless of business size, type, or focus area, OEM partners for bundling 1KEY BI with their company works with its partners to jointly the MAIA Partner Program offers resources to software and resellers for selling 1KEY licens- capitalize the BI market globally. MAIA offers help partners meet their business objectives. es. The alliance is categorized into 3 primary global and local partnership categories for ev- The company appoints 3-4 partners per programs based on area of expertise. Each pro- ery strategic business area and customer need year based on strict qualification criteria in gram is divided into 3 levels, based on geog- in all market segments. So no matter what place to have right collaboration. The partner- raphy and the scope of relationship with the their area of expertise is, partners can have an ship proposals are based on parameters like partner. Each MAIA alliance member meets the opportunity to grow their business by aligning functional and technical strength, database same high standards of market knowledge, vi- with MAIA. As an MAIA partner, they can par- know-how, geographic presence, domain sion, integrity, and customer satisfaction that ticipate at varying levels of commitment from expertise, niche focus, etc. MAIA sets for itself. far-reaching global alliances to local, industry- At MAIA, there are 3 key categories of part- specific collaborations. Each category of part- CHANNEL ECOSYSTEMS ners, viz, consulting, reseller and OEM. The ners can rely on MAIA for intensive, back-office MAIA’s channel partners are spread across the company has signed-up more than 50 partners MAIA Intelligence Partnership Categories I e at s p a o eDQ CHANNELS  n  December 16-31, 2011 A CyberMedia Publication
  2. 2. channel tree For more technology-oriented articles log on to www.dqchannels.com in the above mentioned categories. Some of manufacturing, healthcare, etc, and disciplines. certifications, which are based on the qualifica- them are Nelito Systems, Soham Computers, Partners are able to support 1KEY in improving tion criteria and accordingly respective partner Kale Consultants, Agile Financial Technologies, its software, by providing detailed reports on levels are given to partners. The MAIA In- Sapphire Infocom, Paramatrix Technologies, experiences gained along with previous im- telligence Global Partnership Program offers 4 ParthInfotech, Mondial IT, Inode Technologies, plementations. All its partners have their own levels of partnerships—MAIA Partner entry level TekmindzSamin, Ambit Software, Datamatics specific area of specialization. Each concentrates program membership; MAIA Certified Partners Global, Novasoft IT (UK), TriTrac Technologies, on a certain sector of industry and/or certain (second level of program membership), MAIA S&S Infotech Services, Prism Informatics, Relig- solutions, and each stands out on account of Premium Partners (third level of program mem- are Technologies, INS Infotec Solutions, among an individual approach. This helps customers bership) and MAIA Global Partners (highest others. The company has acquired more than achieve significant RoI which leads to partner’s level of program membership)—with increas- 300 customers till date and its corporate cus- success. ing benefits at each successive level that means tomers have 30,000 1KEY users. The company believes in the exponential partners can join at a level that aligns with MAIA is successful in business activities, growth with partners. MAIA Intelligence grows their business strategies. They can leverage partner sign-up and customer acquisition in as the partners grow. Partners play a vital role their membership to help expand their skills, the US, UK, South East Asia, Africa and Middle in its corporate strategy; partners are highly increase opportunities, finalize more sales, and East. The company holds partners’ right from qualified and their functional and technical ex- support customers. sales to post-implementation stage. In case pertise help to better serve the customer and Based on the membership level, partners partners are stuck on the POC or an implement- ensure customers’ success. The combination receive a set of program resources that support ation, it helps partners with technical know- of partners and MAIA software solution aids all stages of their business cycle from business how and industry standard best practices. As the organization and the partners’ growth, is a planning to customer retention. Program re- its alliance members, partners can achieve win-win relationship for both. sources vary by membership level and include greater market exposure and expand their innovative marketing tools and services, intern- business and revenue opportunities through PArTNErS PrOgrAM al use MAIA software licenses, technical and its wide and growing customer base. The combined expertise, experience, and in- sales support resources, and comprehensive sights of the MAIA ecosystem and partner net- sales and technical skills training. Under the PArTNErS rELATEd PrOgrAM work lead to better solutions for our custom- program, one needs to qualify and move up in ANd iNiTiATiVES ers. As an MAIA partner, partner can tap into membership level by earning partner points. The company has invested a lot in sales activ- resources that will help them grow and maxi- Program enrollment requirements vary by ities like event sponsorships, organizing mize business results. Partnering with MAIA level. As partners progress to higher member- own events, conducting multi-city events puts the strength of one of the most success- ship levels, they receive incremental resources jointly with partners, etc. These events are ful, respected software brands behind them. based on their increased participation in the typically CIO/CFO/CEO standard events After upgrading to one of MAIA’s 4 partner program. Global partners, for example, must wherein partners can start networking with categories, partners interact with many profes- meet most rigorous requirements, and in delegates and take maximum advantage sionals globally in the company’s ecosystem. return, earn the highest level of resources from such investments. Apart from regular Its channel manager program ensures that offered through the MAIA Partner Program. Once customer centric events, the company also each partner receives appropriate MAIA sup enrolled in the MAIA Partner Program, their or- conducts partner meets wherein partners ganization can move up in membership level are awarded for their performance. In sequentially or move directly from partner addition to this, it gives on-line training, member to global partner level by meeting the webinars on new versions, etc, to partners. appropriate program-level requirements. The company has also started a public social media platform with BI-Group on TrAiNiNg LinkedIn, specifically for BI community. It has As soon as the partner formally signs up and now around 40,000 members. is engaged with MAIA, “We schedule partner MAIA has also created 1KEY page on Face- sales and technical training at MAIA office. The book specifically for customers, partners, and training duration is of 5 days which covers future prospects. It uses such platforms to port resources, including sales, marketing, and product architecture, features and function- communicate with partners and vice versa, business planning assistance, specific business alities, report designing and development, but partners can also leverage themselves and opportunities, online collaboration tools, and troubleshooting, and mock POCs,” added their positioning using such platforms. MAIA technical support. The company is dedicated Rathod. encourages all its partners and customers and to ensuring that partners have tools and in- prospects to join this BI-Group and participate formation to succeed. PArTNEr’S rOAdMAP in discussions. Over time, MAIA Intelligence While the concept and activity of partner-to- and its partners, together, will evolve with VALuE PrOPOSiTiON ANd partner networking, reselling vendor products partnering through such mechanisms. PArTNEr’S bENEfiTS and adding services are not new, the evolution MAIA’s BI blog is one of the best blogs in Sustaining business profitability is critical to of social media technology has created new the industry focusing on all aspects of crucial partner’s long-term success. The MAIA Partner platforms and opportunities. The wave of new BI and data warehousing (DW) knowledge. The Program helps support partner’s profitability technology, social media, and online collab- blog’s content reflects its mission to educate goals by providing the tools and resources they oration in recent years has made it easier for business and IT professionals about the array need at every stage of the business cycle which channel partners to find one another and build of technologies and disciplines required to includes evaluation software, expert support, a relationship. It is great that this is happen- deliver valuable insight to business users and incentives, newsworthy articles and ing organically. “As part of the MAIA’s Global help organizations operate more intelligently. announcements about products and Partnership Program, we plan to create a formal “We strongly believe in channel strategy initiatives, lead generation, sales demonstra- partner networking group with a secure en- and will continue working with partners. By tions, training, discover new opportunities to vironment for the partners to use. The part- doing this, we are successful in establishing help drive revenue today. ners can share intellectual property they may ourselves in BI space. Since the estab- have created, connect with one another, get lishment of MAIA Intelligence, we have been PArTNEr rATiNg, CErTifiCATiONS answers to questions, and so on. The partner following this channel strategy of working ANd ACCrEdiTATiON portal shall provide partner locator or directory only with partners just because we want It has a partner point model, where it monitors like tools that can be easily used for partners to stay focused on the product development, the performance of the partners and ac- to find one another. Additionally, our partner product enhancements and marketing,” said cordingly rate them based on the revenues conferences create opportunities for partners Hiten Rathod, head, strategic alliances and generated, sales and technical resources to meet in person. The partner portal shall al- channels, MAIA Intelligence. deployed for BI software solutions. The low publishing their company’s profile on the Secondly, MAIA Intelligence is purely a rating are not only based on meeting sales partner locator, which makes it easy for other product company and not a domain expert in targets but also on number of meetings partners to find them,” concluded Rathod. all aspects of every sector of industry. There- done, number of demonstrations and fore, it works together with partners that spe- number of successful POCs and maximum SANDHYA MALHOTRA cialize in specific industrial sectors: banking, closures. It is then followed by (sandhyam@cybermedia.co.in)DQ CHANNELS  n  December 16-31, 2011 16 A CyberMedia Publication