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30 corporate startups - Launched in-house

We want to inspire you with 30 examples of corporate
startups, launched as internal startups, with the goal of disrupting from the inside out.

The pace of change has never been this fast, and corporations must look beyond their trusted walls for opportunities to try and keep up.

We see a lot of enterprises reacting by acquiring startups at high costs.

Other companies are seeking to disrupt from the inside out, to innovate with the talent & assets they already have. One has to wonder why more firms don’t just start a new business unit, give it the autonomy to pursue a new direction, and isolate it from the existing business.

And that’s exactly what this deck is all about!

If you want your own copy you can grab one at: https://bundl.buzz/30_CS

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30 corporate startups - Launched in-house

  1. 1. corporate startups 30 WWW.BUNDL.COM launched in-house
  2. 2. We want to inspire you with 30 examples of corporate startups, launched as internal startups, with the goal of disrupting from the inside out. PERSONALNOTE The pace of change has never been this fast, and corporations must look beyond their trusted walls for opportunities to try and keep up. I see a lot of enterprises reacting by acquiring startups at high costs. Other companies are seeking to disrupt from the inside out, to innovate with the talent & assets they already have. One has to wonder why more firms don’t just start a new business unit, give it the autonomy to pursue a new direction, and isolate it from the existing business. And that’s exactly what this deck is all about. www.bundl.com Thomas Van Halewyck Co-founder & Head of Ventures at Bundl
  3. 3. c The Corporate Startup story Wildscape is part of Foundry Foods Inc., an innovation hub established by Nestlé. With full autonomy over the project, the assigned team developed the brand and product line in only 9 months. Wildscape offers healthy frozen meals made with vegetables, whole grains, and meat. What we tried to do there is to reproduce what startup companies would do, but benefiting from the scale and the strengths of Nestlé. #01FOOD&BEVERAGES Wildscape I launched 2018 Laurent Freix CEO Zone Americas at Nestlé wildscapefood.com www.bundl.com
  4. 4. c The Corporate Startup story At MasterCard Labs, dozens of new concepts are iterated at once. A few of the notable products that have emerged from there are ShopThis! and Qkr. Qkr was born out of a 48-hour contest hosted by MasterCard Labs called Innovation Express. Qkr is a merchant-enabled mobile payment service that enables users to pay at select restaurants, theaters, schools, and others. Though grab- and-go retail is becoming increasingly popular with those on the move, consumers maintain high customer service expectations. Qkr! with Masterpass provides them with a frictionless retail experience – bringing together self-service, fast, seamless payments and card safety and security in new and unique ways. #02BANKING Qkr I launched 2015 qkr.mastercard.com Mark Elliott President, Southern Africa at MasterCard www.bundl.com
  5. 5. c The Corporate Startup story Sony formed a new business unit focused on fast-tracking new projects that don’t fit the mold of its existing businesses. Mesh was launched as an in-house startup at Sony, and it successfully landed a part of its funding through Indiegogo. MESH is a tool that lets you explore the world of IoT (Internet of things) by adding sensors or peripheral blocks to everyday objects. Our Seed Acceleration Program will encourage us to act and think with the tenacity and bravery of a new venture #03IOT MESH I launched 2015 meshprj.com Anthony Devenish Global Comm. & PR at Sony www.bundl.com
  6. 6. c The Corporate Startup story Niantic is building a state-of-the-art, planet-scale augmented reality platform for current and future generations of AR hardware. Niantic Labs, the company that built the Pokémon Go game, was formed inside Google but spun out with the formation of Alphabet. The reasons why are very particular to Niantic, but they also reveal some hurdles the search engine giant is facing in its own corporate anatomy. In a big company like Google, you're farther away from your customers," Hanke says. "You're not as hungry. There's nothing like that feeling of not knowing whether the company is going to make it #04MOBILEAPPLICATIONSANDGAMES Niantic I launched 2010 nianticlabs.com John Hanke CEO at Niantic www.bundl.com
  7. 7. c The Corporate Startup story Because Target had its own leadership, it was able to avoid the legacy of Dayton- Hudson’s corporate culture. Eventually, Target was so successful that it restructured the entire firm. Target is the second-largest department store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and is part of the S&P 500 Index. #05RETAIL Target I launched 1962 target.com A key to success Dayton-Hudson’s decision to create an autonomous team called Target to enable the corporation to survive the disruption of the department Target had a total revenue of 71.8€ Billion in 2017, with a valuation of 32€ Billion. Clayton Christensen Professor at Harvard Business School stores by discount retail. www.bundl.com
  8. 8. c The Corporate Startup story HumOn was created by Cooljamm, an internal startup of Samsung Electronics originated at their in-house incubator C- Lab. It had 340K downloads during beta tests alone. Cooljamm officially spun off in 2016, after its seed-funding stage. HumOn is a mobile AI app that listens to the user’s vocal sounds and creates a song from the input. Each great new idea is the result of an accumulation of different ideas that came before it. People are the most critical set of assets of a company. #06MUSIC HumOn I launched 2016 hum-on.com Joe Ahn COO at Cooljamm www.bundl.com
  9. 9. c The Corporate Startup story Hans Böhm and Arnaud Wynia have been parachuted from Heineken to Beerwulf, a digital startup that wants to sell specialty beer. Heineken is the only investor. Beerwulf is an online shop designed by and dedicated to beer enthusiasts. They aim to make great craft and specialty beers accessible to everyone. If we really want to approach this from the consumer, then we really have to work, think and work as a start-up outside the Heineken group. #07FOOD&BEVERAGES Beerwulf I launched 2017 beerwulf.com Hans Böhm Managing Director Beerwulf www.bundl.com
  10. 10. c The Corporate Startup story Jetblack is one of several projects running under Store No. 8., Walmart’s startup incubator. Other initiatives include Project Kepler and a virtual reality concept. Jetblack is a personal shopping service over text message, targeted at busy moms. Text your shopping requests to Jetblack at any time—day or night—and consider it done. It's fun being the underdog a little bit, especially in the e- commerce space. Walmart is at a moment where they're getting serious about this fight. #08RETAIL Jetblack I launched 2018 jetblack.com Jennifer Fleiss Co-Founder & CEO at Jetblack www.bundl.com
  11. 11. c The Corporate Startup story Led by three ING employees, this internal startup initiative is one of the first visible examples of ING’s innovation initiatives, and thus a rare intrapreneurship success. BuyRely is an innovative online payment service that facilitates safe down payments. #09BANKING BuyRely I launched 2015 buyrely.nl It has been amazing to be part of a new organisation. On a personal level, it made us realise that you can do a lot when you get out of your comfort zone. Ernst-Jan Stokvis Co-founder Buyrely www.bundl.com
  12. 12. c The Corporate Startup story Unlike other Pepsi products, Drinkfinity was developed by a group of existing employees who were plucked from the company’s office and sent to work at a co- working space, where they created “hundreds” of prototypes for the bottle. Drinkfinity is a pod-based beverage focused on health and sustainability. All the materials used are reusable or recyclable. Sometimes ideas are born in the company, sometimes we get it from the outside but this is a wonderful example of an idea born from one of our own employees #10FOOD&BEVERAGES Drinkfinity I launched 2014 drinkfinity.com Louis Montoya President, LATAM Beverages, Pepsico www.bundl.com
  13. 13. c The Corporate Startup story Avitas launched in June 2017 as a new business—and internal startup—within GE Ventures. GE estimates that the inspections market, including industries such as energy and rail, is worth $40 billion a year. Avitas Systems develops and sells flying, crawling, and swimming drones meant for inspections in the oil and gas industry among others. We know this equipment very well so we can program the robots, regardless of type, to gather the information we need for an inspection. #11INSPECTION Avitas Systems I launched 2017 avitas-systems.com Alex Tepper, Managing Director GE Ventures www.bundl.com
  14. 14. c The Corporate Startup story MassMutual's in-house startup is marketed to millennials by associating insurance with positive life milestones. Its corporate autonomy allowed it to stay focused on its target demographic and adapt quickly to the changing demands of users. Haven Life offers high-quality, affordable life insurance online, packaged in a beautifully designed and easy to use product. #12 Haven Life I launched 2014 havenlife.com INSURANCES We chose to keep Haven Life distinctly separate from MassMutual to provide it with the autonomy it needs to foster creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit Gareth Ross Chief digital and customer experience officer at MassMutual www.bundl.com
  15. 15. c The Corporate Startup story Adobe Spark was incubated by Adobe with the Spark Growth team focused on all areas of the funnel (AARRR: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral) Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. It enables users to easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that help them stand out on social. The most important thing was to get executive support. To have the resources, to get visibility, to challenge the org design and to communicate outside the organisation. #13FOOD&BEVERAGES Adobe Spark I launched 2016 spark.adobe.com Thibault Imbert, Head of Growth at Adobe Spark www.bundl.com
  16. 16. c The Corporate Startup story Telco company Telenet expands further into entertainment with its internal startup The Park. Even though it is focusing on location-based VR experiences, Telenet aims to extend the platform to the living room and smart devices. The Park is a free-roam virtual reality venue targeted to the everyday consumer, from families to pro-gamers. This entertainment playground promotes bonding group activities in a world that reacts to the players’ every move. #14ENTERTAINMENT The Park I launched 2018 theparkplayground.com To do this well, we do not have to think like Telenet, but as startups or entrepreneurs. John Porter Chief Executive Officer at Telenet Bundl built this corporate startup from scratch in 13 months alongside Telenet www.bundl.com
  17. 17. Do you want to know more about The Park? READ THE CASE STUDY
  18. 18. c The Corporate Startup story Co-created by The Coca-Cola Company, Wonolo wasn’t simply backed by the company: it was actually co-created with Coca-Cola. Wonolo is beginning to create huge strategic value for Coke. The on-demand staffing platform Wonolo allows business owners to schedule hourly or daily jobs in minutes, providing control and organization over the frontline workforce. #15STAFFING Wonolo I launched 2014 wonolo.com First we partner with experienced entrepreneurs and invite them to join our global co- founder network. Next we connect them with a senior- level advisor inside one of our business units and go deep into the challenges and opportunities we’re facing at Coke David Butler, VP, Innovation and Entrepreneurship www.bundl.com
  19. 19. c The Corporate Startup story ApotheCARE Essentials, Unilever's first new brand of its kind in the last few decades, targets the growing number of consumers seeking natural beauty products. A core team of about five people developed the brand in just over a year within Unilever. ApotheCARE Essentials is a premium hair and skin care brand that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients. #16PERSONALCARE ApotheCARE I launched 2017 apothecareessentials.com The marketplace is evolving so rapidly and there are so many different business models and new brands coming in, it’s exciting that we as Unilever are piloting some of the new trends and even leading the trends. Piyush Jain General Manager VP Hair Care www.bundl.com
  20. 20. c The Corporate Startup story NeoCare was founded by Dr. Jeff Jacques, an internal physician at Aetna and parent with firsthand experience of the challenges that come with having a baby in the NICU. The startup is now a part of Aetna's Healthagen's subsidiary. NeoCare Solutions is an app that supports parents that have babies in the NICU, or recently home from the NICU. It keeps parents updated and provides useful information and emotional support. #17HEALTHCARE NeoCare I launched 2014 neocaresolutions.com My wife and I are both doctors, yet we often struggled to understand what was going on in the NICU. The experience inspired me to create NeoCare Solutions, which combines experienced clinical and emotional support with the convenience of mobile technology.  Jeff Jacques President and Founder NeoCare Solutions www.bundl.com
  21. 21. c The Corporate Startup story Pop-ups are the retail flavor-of-the-day. To test AYEM—a startup homegrown at and backed by Danone—the French food company went directly to the consumer for three weeks in a pop-up store in London. AYEM is a quick-and-easy breakfast bowl that offers healthy ingredients for the body and mind. #18PERSONALCARE Ayem I launched 2018 myayem.co.uk Síofra O' Shea Digital Marketing Manager UK I have responsibility for the topline of AYEM, with the mindset of a food start- up, where agility and a test-and-learn mentality are key. www.bundl.com
  22. 22. c The Corporate Startup story As a company, Indigo has made interesting bets on tech plays like Reco before: Kobo began as an internal startup at Indigo, before spinning out and eventually being acquired by Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten.  Reco is a simple way to discover, capture, share, and discuss the books you love with friends and trusted experts. #19BOOKS Reco I launched 2015 reco.com Indigo is definitely open to starting up or incubating tech startups in the future, provided their goals align with Indigo’s core interests. Heather Reisman Chief Executive at Indigo www.bundl.com
  23. 23. c The Corporate Startup story Mattress Firm is aiming to shake up the bedding industry and appeal to younger shoppers by launching this internal startup. With Tulo, they let customers test out the beds in Mattress Firm’s brick-and-mortar stores. Tulo is a mattress tailored to your sleep style. Choose from soft, medium, and firm mattresses, each designed to perfectly support your body for the best possible sleep. #20MATTRESS Tulo I launched 2017 tulo.com We developed Tulo in a startup-like environment to better meet the needs of younger consumers who aren’t interested in shopping in the traditional way. Sunni Goodman SVP of Communications www.bundl.com
  24. 24. c The Corporate Startup story Developed in-house through Rabobank’s Moonshot Accelerator Program, the automated bookkeeping app is now an independent company. A great example of a successful spin-off. Tellow offers digital convenience by making bookkeeping simple, giving self-employed professionals more time to grow their business.  #21 Tellow I launched 2017 tellow.nl BANKING Tellow offers digital convenience and makes book- keeping simple. The spin-off shows that Tellow is ready for the next stage. Kirsten Konst Head Commercial Banking In just a couple of months, Tellow already had more than 15.000 users. www.bundl.com
  25. 25. c The Corporate Startup story GE took a bit of a gamble when it announced it’d be putting $1bn into its internal startup Current. With 330,000 staff worldwide, organizational change is a big task, but things are sounding promising with this startup setup. Current blends LED lighting with digital networks to make commercial buildings and industrial facilities more energy efficient and productive. #22ENERGY Current I launched 2015 currentbyge.com The huge opportunity with the advent of the industrial internet is working out how we connect the digital world to the industrial world. Current is a microcosm for what GE is trying to do, trying to be. Pete Lau Head of EMEA at GE Current www.bundl.com
  26. 26. c The Corporate Startup story While most of John Hancock’s offices are in Boston, Twine operates as a separate unit in San Francisco. But despite being both geographically and organizationally separate, John Hancock states that the Twine team stays in contact with the mothership through travel and video conferencing. Twine is a collaborative saving and investing app for the iPhone. #23 Twine I launched 2017 twine.com BANKING We surrounded them with people with subject-matter, legal and compliance expertise — our advantage is that we can bring to the table to a startup something Steven Dorval, Head of Innovation and Digital Advice at John Hancock  that they would otherwise have to spend money on themselves, and instead they can invest that money into product engineering. www.bundl.com
  27. 27. c The Corporate Startup story Verizon launched its new millennial- targeted startup Visible very quietly. For Verizon, the new company is most likely about holding off attrition. Visible is a new low-cost phone service with no physical stores, no annual contracts, and no foot-long bills. It offers unlimited data, minutes, and messaging services for the low, low price of $40. This is something that’s been the seed of an idea for a year or so. #24FOOD&BEVERAGES Visible I launched 2018 visible.com Minjae Ormes Head Of Marketing at Visible www.bundl.com
  28. 28. Do you want to team up and tackle new markets together? thomas@bundl.com Or reach out and get the conversation started CHECK OUR SERVICES
  29. 29. c Orgalux wants to bring organization into your daily life. By storing your belongings in a well-thought-out arrangement and layout, you have time for the things that really matter. #25FURNITURE Orgalux I launched 2018 orgalux.com For Van Hoecke, as a B2B player, Orgalux was created to service the B2C market in a complete new ocean for us. Stijn Van Avermaet Marketing Manager at Van Hoecke Bundl has co- created this corporate startup with Van Hoecke. The Corporate Startup story Orgalux was created as a separate brand and unit within Van Hoecke, with a clear focus on the direct to customer market. With this internal startup, Van Hoecke aims to explore the B2C channel for future investments. www.bundl.com
  30. 30. c The Corporate Startup story When developing Eno, the engineers felt that it was important to meet the customer where they are all day, every day—and 97% of smartphone users text. Eno is an intelligent texting assistant from Capital One. Text Eno to interact with and stay on top of your accounts, anytime, anywhere. #26BANKING Eno I launched 2017 capitalone.com/applications/eno This team is like a startup inside a company. We have to be agile and adaptable — we have to move things forward. Steph Hay, VP Conversational AI Design + Integrated Experiences at Capital One www.bundl.com
  31. 31. c The Corporate Startup story A FedEx innovation team has been at the center of building businesses that leverage IoT technologies. The first is called Senseaware. SenseAware is a multi-sensor tracking device that provides real-time location and integrity monitoring of your shipments. Monitor your package from your mobile device, customize predefined actions for eventual occurrences, and use the gathered data to improve your supply chain. #27COURIER Senseaware I launched 2009 senseaware.com The trial with the life sciences companies is designed to help FedEx make the “last 20%” of the product more efficient. Mark Hamm VP Innovation at FedEx www.bundl.com
  32. 32. c The Corporate Startup story Swell, an impact investing startup, was built inside Pacific Life to offer different types of products for a new clientele. Swell's autonomy lets Pacific Life test new product approaches and build a culture of agile development throughout the company. Swell is an investing platform that helps you finance high-growth companies that are solving global challenges. #28BANKING Swell I launched 2017 swellinvesting.com When Fanger came to us with the idea for Swell, we recognized an opportunity to support a new kind of asset management option that filled a gap in the investing universe Adrian Griggs, Executive Vice President and COO at Pacific Life www.bundl.com
  33. 33. c The Corporate Startup story Pressbox, launched in 2013 by two graduate students, was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018 and merged with its own internal startup Tide Spin to create Pressbox by Tide. Pressbox by Tide provides 24/7 dry cleaning & laundry on demand. Users can place an order through the mobile app and drop off their clothes in one of the 300 Pressbox lockers across the US. #29LAUNDRYSERVICES Pressbox I launched 2013 pressboxbytide.com Since P&G has never done anything like Tide Spin before, we really were starting this up from scratch. Mark Caswell Chief Marketing Officer at Tide Spin www.bundl.com
  34. 34. c The Corporate Startup story General Motors Co. is launching its car- sharing business Maven as part of the company’s broader strategy to navigate through a rapidly changing automotive world. Maven provides car sharing and car rental services connected by technology & 4G LTE WiFi™. Every dollar GM invests in Maven it gets a return on. #30TRANSPORTATION Maven I launched 2016 maven.com Julia Steyn, Vice President, Urban Mobility and Maven www.bundl.com
  36. 36. We build ventures, with corporations, from the ground up Corporates are in pole position to create the businesses of tomorrow. We enable entrepreneurship to do so.
  37. 37. Making cycling future proof A new physical security standard A full service immersive media agency Organize your kitchen in a practical way Horizon helps you to save up for your dreams Your dream house, our residential loan, your home SEE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU Some of our success cases
  38. 38. Brands that trusted us DISCOVER WHY

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We want to inspire you with 30 examples of corporate startups, launched as internal startups, with the goal of disrupting from the inside out. The pace of change has never been this fast, and corporations must look beyond their trusted walls for opportunities to try and keep up. We see a lot of enterprises reacting by acquiring startups at high costs. Other companies are seeking to disrupt from the inside out, to innovate with the talent & assets they already have. One has to wonder why more firms don’t just start a new business unit, give it the autonomy to pursue a new direction, and isolate it from the existing business. And that’s exactly what this deck is all about! If you want your own copy you can grab one at: https://bundl.buzz/30_CS


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