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Meet me template[1]

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Meet me template[1]

  1. 1. I live in Terrytown
  2. 2.  Long Beach California.Omar is originally from
  3. 3.  West Jefferson High SchoolOmar Attends
  4. 4.  His family, girls , money , food,& pine.Omar loves
  5. 5.  The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Los Angeles Lakers. The New Orleans SaintsOmar cheers for
  6. 6.  Ignorant loud people. People with no common sense Showoffs Hearing the same thing more than once.Omar gets annoyed by
  7. 7.  His family. My niece. My school grades.Omar Cares for/about
  8. 8.  Graduating High School. Going to college. Paying for college. The earth collapsing Naturally or Economically.Omar Is concernedabout
  9. 9.  Got a lining. Got my cap & gown. Helped Ms.Burton (FAVIROTE teacher) to bringlaptops to the computer lab. Got an 18 on my ACT.Omar just recently
  10. 10.  My lungs. The ability to remember things. Very hard worker. My kindness.One of Omar’s strengths is
  11. 11.  Seeing children suffer from hunger, natural disasters,senseless crimes, & health problems.One of Omar’sweaknesses is
  12. 12.  I don’t really look at obstacles. I try to find a way tosurpass them without thinking of them as obstacles.Especially difficult ones.Omar’s obstacle to/in …is …
  13. 13.  Believing in Jesus Christ.Omar believes the secretto a good life is