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Rm assignment2

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Rm assignment2

  1. 1. Assignment 2Retail Management
  2. 2. Task• Your group is assigned as a business consultant to a large Australian Retail Group (ARG).• They have requested you to submit a 2,500- word written report on an existing large Chinese retail institution of your choice in Zhengzhou for this assignment.• Your group will also need to make an oral presentation (PPT) to the ARG’s Chairman when he is visiting Zhengzhou soon. PPT is limited to not more than 30 slides.
  3. 3. Report1. Industry Analysis – The opportunities and threats associated with the retail sector the store is in. (ZZ’s urban development)2. Competitor Analysis – Based on the industry analysis identify three competitors. Describe the competitor’s retail strategies. (Strengths and weaknesses)3. Retail Strategy – Describe how the market in the retail sector has been segmented. (Market segmentation by geographic, demographics & etc)
  4. 4. Report4. Consumer Behaviour – How does a typical consumers move through the consumer decision making process. Provide research to support this section. How do they search for merchandise and store information? (Lecture 4)5. Retail Site Evaluation – Identify five site criteria that are critical to the success of the store. (Lecture 5)6. Conclusion – What have the group learnt from this assignment? Which one of Section 3, Section 4, and Section 5, is the most attributable to the success or failure of the retail institution? Discuss suggestions for improvements.
  5. 5. Notes• Break groups• Select an existing retail institution appropriate for your assignment• Not more than 30 PPTs• Include graphs and pictures to enhance your presentation