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Case Study:Translating Social Profiles                                                                                    ...
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1310547598 my gengo-premiumfanpage

  1. 1. Case Study:Translating Social Profiles Case “Traditionally, translation has been reserved for the most valuable and targeted PremiumFanPage is the content since quality translation services can be a hassle to setup and have relatively long turn-around times. But myGengo introduces viable translation to leading online service for a much broader set of applications by delivering a fast and scalable service that customizable fan pages is available through its open API. myGengo’s platform and service was uniquely instantly translatable to nearly positioned and essential for the enablement of PremiumFanPages.” 60 languages. Powered by its -Jani Penttinen, CEO and founder   partnership with myGengo, they enable businesses from all over the world to easily reach a global audience in theThe Challenge customerʼs native language.PremiumFanPage (a service by Xiha) is a multilingual social media platform that myGengo Productaggregates companiesʼ and brandsʼ social media feeds into one fan page to APIempower them to speak to users in their own language. Through thisPremiumFanPage, fans would also be able to respond with comments andfeedback in their native language, thus truly empowering marketers to engage Languageswith their communities from around the world. In addition, the service would 10+automatically translate a companyʼs Facebook fan pages to reach newgeographies, instantly broadening the messaging and increasing the ROI of the Number of Wordsmarketing investments. Hundreds of ThousandsPremiumFanPage already had the technology platform to realize this vision, but itwas apparent that they also needed to create a close partnership with a reliable Clienttranslation partner. The requirements on the ideal partner were many: An abilityto provide services in a very broad range of language pairs, a technology PremiumFanPage is a whollyinterface to reduce manual interaction and allow scalability, and with a short turn- owned subsidiary of Xihaaround time to keep up with the pace of Twitter and Facebook feeds. They (www.xihalife.com), theneeded a partner with both translation and development capabilities, and it was worlds first truly multilingualapparent that most traditional translation firms wouldnʼt meet those requirements. social network with nearly one million users in 208 countries, speaking over 140 languages.The SolutionExploring scalable solutions to the problem, PremiumFanPage realized that www.premiumfanpage.commyGengoʼs crowdsourced approach, API, and Translate.Extreme service incombination provided exactly what they were looking for. myGengoʼs thousandsʼof translators in more than 30 language pairs provided the required breadth oflanguages. But even more important, the huge pool would ensure productivityand fast turn-around 24/7, and hence match the demand fromPremiumFanPageʼs customers located in every time-zone around the world.By integrating directly with myGengoʼs API, PremiumFanPage can let theirclientsʼ aggregated social media feeds automatically flow through to myGengoʼsplatform for translation. As soon as the translation completes, itʼs pushed backinto PremiumFanPageʼs system for publication on the foreign page. The APIintegration significantly improved the reliability of the process. In addition, itessentially eliminated all overhead and transaction costs for fulfillment of thetranslation. PremiumFanPage and myGengo continues to innovate together ontheir services, creating even more value through their close partnership. http://mygengo.com | sales@mygengo.com           myGengo, Inc. 444 Castro St #1200, Mountain View, CA 94041, USA