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Legal and ethical considerations

  1. Legal And Ethical Considerations In Media
  2. Copyright • Copyright is when somebody uses somebody else's material without getting consent. • Music,images,text or video can be some of the material that people copyright. • The pressure it puts on the media is that 1 producer is not allowed to use another producers track unless they get permission or be fined, if they go ahead and use.
  3. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages: Disadvantages: •Nobody can use your material without asking. •Can earn money off fining people that use material without asking. •People will not purchase your goods because of the price.
  4. Real Life Example: Copyright • Jan 30th 2011 – ITunes breaks copyright as it was allowing Russian films to be downloaded to smart phones without the owners permission. • Apple took action as soon as they received a complaint about the issue.
  5. Libel • Libel is defamation within written words or images. • Libel is a civil offence which is to help protect the reputation of a company or individual. • The constraint could be o2 and t-mobile battling it out for customers, o2 could publish a article saying that t- mobile sells damaged handsets to customers which is classed as defamation.
  6. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages: Disadvantages: •Could lose customers due to a complaint. •Get fined on un true information •Action can be taken if the news/information is lies.
  7. Real Life Example: Libel • Sept 12th 2013 – Madeleine McCann family seeking £1m of damages from Portuguese police chief has begun in London. • Gonocalo Amaral wrote a book declaring that McCann was dead and her parents had lied about what happened.
  8. Ethical Considerations- Legal • Racial and religious hatred is classed as a offence. • People need to be careful when they are on the phone making racial comments, as all can be tracked and traced back to you. • There should be no exceptions for ANY sign of racial/religious/gender abuse.
  9. Advantages & Disadvantages - Legal Advantages: Disadvantages: •Charges for claims of any sign of abuse. •Jail sentences for offenders. •Could get fined for racism if wrong words are used.
  10. Ethical Considerations - Representation • Ethical constraint(represent) is aiming something for the type of person you are. • In the media they have the responsibility to represent all of the groups of people (sexual orientation,belief,disability and gender.) • Media pressure will very hard as you will need to be very careful as to how you get things across to people.
  11. Real Life Example – Ethical • Sept 5th 2011 – Doctors from Birmingham and Manchester have been accused of offering abortions based on gender on unborn child. • Is that right or wrong..?
  12. Privacy • Privacy is a respect to give you the right for a private life for you and your family. • Privacy can be anything from not having visitors to the house when a relative/friend is there or not wanting paparazzi in the arena where you are performing. • Media pressure is again very hard on this topic, if you are in the public eye all of the time you just have NO privacy what so ever.
  13. Advantages & Disadvantages - Privacy Advantages: Disadvantages: •Good Press. •Boost a artist/actor or dancer’s publicity. •Post photos and articles they are allowed to. •Cant print or post pictures that they want. •Artist or a person in public eye can seek legal advice.
  14. Real Life Example - Privacy • Feb 2009 – Chris Brown arrested after alleged Rihanna assault. • Once the press had got a hold of them pictures of Rihanna’s face as to what he had done that was it, they were all over. • That girl had NO privacy over what he had done to her and she couldn't do anything about it as the press have so much authority.