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Best eyeshadow for brown eyes

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Visit this site http://eyemakeupforbrowneyes.org/best-eye-shadow-for-brown-eyes/ for more information on Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes. Color that looks gorgeous on your eyes is amethyst. When applying Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes, we recommend you first apply a soft tan over the entire eyelid, from the lashes to the base of the brow and from inside to outside corner. Then, using an angle brush made from natural material, apply the amethyst color along the crease line. This same look could be achieved using an amber or raisin colored eyeshadow.
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  • Click this site http://eyemakeupforbrowneyes.org/best-eye-shadow-for-brown-eyes/ for more information on Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes. To gain more ideas, an excellent option would be to conduct research online, looking at pictures and even videos so you can gain new insight as to the color but also technique that would work best. Your eyes are gorgeous and when enhanced with the right color that is correctly applied, the entire face would be transformed. Therefore, when it comes to Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes, remember that you are not limited to only a few choices. Follow Us : https://bestmakeupbrands.contently.com/
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Best eyeshadow for brown eyes

  1. 1. Before I tell you the best eye shadow for brown eyes, let me start by explaining what eye shadow is, primarily for my brothers out there. Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is applied under the eye brows and on the eye lid as well to enhance the beauty of the eyes. When applying eye shadow we all have one goal in mind and that is to make our eyes look brighter and more beautiful.
  2. 2. Best Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes Eyeshadow For Hazel Eyes Makeup For Hazel Eyes Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes Visit our website : www.eyemakeupforbrowneyes.org
  3. 3. BEST EYESHADOW FOR BROWN EYES After knowing the color of your eyes the next goal is to source the eye shadow to use and if you have brown eyes you have to look for the best eye shadow for brown eyes. Brown is more of a neutral color and it can blend easily with many colors available. One of the colors that is universally acceptable for brown eyes is purple, mostly because it contrasts well with brown eyes therefore making the eyes to pop in a very flattering way. Purple also blends well with any skin color not to forget hair as well.
  4. 4. EYESHADOW FOR HAZEL EYES Hazel eyes are beautiful but can be hard when deciding what color palette of eye shadow to use. This is because it’s a combination of brown and other hues of blue, green or yellow. Hazel eyes seem to change color as they reflect light making then appear to be of different shades. Earth tones always look great. It’s a universal color for all hazels whether bluish, grays or greenish. They give a neutral look and bring out the brown flecks and rings and add depth and warmth while keeping your look subtle. The best shades of brown for hazel eyes are burnt sienna and chestnut colors.
  5. 5. MAKEUP FOR HAZEL EYES Hazel eyes are stunning because they appear to be of many colors depending on the light. Before starting to apply eye make up for hazel eyes, make sure to apply a good professional make up base around your eyes and lids. There is a wide variety of colors to use when doing eye make up for hazel eyes and one should pick a color in consideration of the event and the color intensity of your eyes. For light hazel eyes, shadows in shades of brown are best. Delicate tones of emerald and golden warm tones are used to blend dark eye shadow recommended for the mobile eyelid with lighter shades for the lower lid. For light hazel eyes, very bold colors do not work too well. EYE SHADOW
  6. 6. EYE MAKEUP FOR HAZEL EYES MASCARA AND EYE LINER The best option of eye liner is always black or brown. Brown works perfectly for light hazel eyes and dark for dark hazel eyes. To create a good eye make up for hazel eyes you have to coordinate your eyeliner with eye shadow. Purple eye liner works well with pink and brown make up looks. The universal mascara to use is black. It gives volume and lengthens your eyelashes and gives a natural and near invisible look. For a more attractive look, use mascara in shades of turquoise, blue and even green.
  7. 7. EYESHADOW FOR HAZEL EYES Another great eye shadow that is great for brown eyes is the blue eye shadow. Royal blue is especially amazing because of its coolness and the contrast it has with the warmness of the brown. It also makes the whites of the eyes appear whiter making the eyes to appear more beautiful. If you have a metallic taste for your eye shadow, then gold is the way to go, but make sure you use gold that is more bronze tinted or copper. This will blend well with the brown. Silver eye shadow is another best eye shadow for brown eyes. Silver is an earth toned color and it bring out a beautiful contrast with the warm beautiful brown eyes. Any silver shade will look great be it metallic or even gunmetal silver. But if you have dark circles under your eyes, then avoid silver because silver will enhance them.
  8. 8. MAKEUP FOR HAZEL EYES One of the best colors of eye shadow for hazel eyes is either bronze or gold. Bronze and gold are good for all kinds of hazel because they accentuate the brown in the eyes. Add a bit of shimmer to give it a zing especially for night wear. A dark bronze that tips to red complements blue specs in your eyes while a dark bronze is complementary to for green. Other colors that go well with hazel eyes are pink, gray or silver. Pink brings out the different greens; gray brings out the blues and silver eye shadow makes blue hazels seem bright and crisp. The color to avoid is blue. Blue shades of eye shadow for hazel eyes make them appear dull by highlighting dark lines beneath your lids.
  9. 9. EYE MAKEUP FOR HAZEL EYES There are various eye makeups for brown eyes that will make your eyes pop. Since brown actually is mixture of all primary colors, it easily blends with a lot of colors. Cobalt shadow is a wonderful color and it will make brown eyes vibrant because of the contrast between the two colors. Egg plant mascara is another option that can be used as an eye makeup for brown eyes. The purple will make the whites of the eyes appear much brighter. Green toned shadows are also available in a variety of shades and they too flatter brown eyes. Navy blue shadow is best for daytime and ladies also for the office. So ladies if you are headed to the office and need a beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes, then navy will create a slight but eye catching contrast. Neutral colors like peaches and even brown itself will do magic to brown eyes and not forgetting metallic colors like gold, bronze and even pink will all make your eyes appear brighter and much more beautiful. Despite the fact that brown is the main eye color out there does not mean that you just walk out and fit in with the crowd. Make use of the so many eye makeup for brown eyes and make yourself noticed.
  10. 10. For inquiries please visit : www.eyemakeupforbrowneyes.org