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Navigating Corporate Politics- DFWSEM State of Search Conference 2013

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Summary: Having a tough time turning innovative ideas and exciting campaigns into a reality? This session will arm you with tactics for overcoming the inevitable obstacles that prevent good ideas from becoming good work.
Action Item 1: How to sell your big ideas to your boss.
Action Item 2: Tips for understanding & overcoming corporate politics.
Action Item 3: Advice for navigating territory lines.

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Navigating Corporate Politics- DFWSEM State of Search Conference 2013

  1. HOW TO NAVIGATE CORPORATE POLITICS Brittan Bright Independent Sales Consultant & Trainer Bright.brittan@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/brittanbright/ @brittanbright
  2. Over the last 10 years I have worked with, and for, a lot of brands and agencies.
  3. iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank
  4. Office Politics Breed distrust & distraction @iPullRank @brittanbright
  5. If we aren’t involved in the action, we often have front row seats for it. iacquire.com @iPullRank @brittanbright
  6. fighting @brittanbright @brittanbright
  7. Finger-pointing iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank
  8. Dropped balls iacquire.com @iPullRank @BRITTANBRIGHT
  9. We’ve all been there @brittanbright
  10. Understanding & overcoming corporate politics requires understanding people This includes understanding yourself @brittanbright
  11. When Personalities overshadow or outweigh talent iacquire.com @brittanbright @brittanbright @iPullRank
  12. Leaders who hinder more than help iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank
  13. Ambition causing distraction us and blurring Ethical lines iacquire.com @brottanbright
  15. competitive sides get ugly iacquire.com @BRITTANBRIGHT
  17. Education and context! Time invested in understanding how the situation you are facing came to be is time well spent. Walls generally exist in an effort to protect and preserve. Understanding how they are built will help you figure out how to scale the obstacle they represent. @BRITTANBRIGHT
  18. Education and context Time invested in fully understanding what you are actually asking for and how it affects others within your organization is time well spent. Walls represent structure and before you change a structure, you must understand it.. @BRITTANBRIGHT
  19. COMMUNICATION: MISCOMMUNICATION IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL AND THE PRIMARY REASON WE FAIL. Effectively communicating when there are so many styles and methods of communication in today’s world can be immensely challenging. Breakdowns in communication can come in many forms. The most successful people are versatile and deliberate in their ability to communicate. @brittanbright
  20. LEADERSHIP: SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATION STARTS AT THE TOP Leadership plays a key role in setting the tone for collaboration across an organization or project. The culture of a team is often defined, intentionally or not, by its leaders. Those of us in leadership roles have a responsibility to actively promote problem-solving and teamwork in a collaborative environment. @BRITTANBRIGHT
  21. charm and charisma If you do not possess these traits, find them in what you are working on and make them shine. iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank
  22. negotiation and salesmanship Sales skills are tremendously useful in almost every situation in life. Invest time in mastering the art of knowing what you can ask for and what you must relinquish. You must be able to sell your ideas and yourself. iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank @BRITTANBRIGHT
  23. HOW TO SELL YOUR BIG IDEAS TO YOUR BOSS Tired of hearing no? @brittanbright
  24. Dealing with red tape is part of getting anything innovative, or inventive, accomplished. iacquire.com @iPullRank @BRITTANBRIGHT
  25. Money represents confidence and opportunity iacquire.com @brittanbright @iPullRank @BRITTANBRIGHT
  26. You must believe in your ideas, you must believe in yourself. Know what something is worth to you before you ask. @brittanbright
  27. Ask the right person, at the right time, the right way. Would you be excited about your idea if it weren’t yours? @brittanbright
  28. What problem is your idea solving? Why is it the best solution? How much would it cost not to do? @brittanbright
  29. Do your homework. include necessary departments in your Take the time to educate and pitch. excite others on your project @brittanbright
  30. Don’t ignore the rules, even if you need to break them. Ask for guidelines & tips @brittanbright
  31. IN SUMMARY: A PEP TALK Having energy to get through the rough parts of doing real work is incredibly essential. When you, or your team start to get discouraged, frustrated or down, try to remember.. . @brittanbright
  32. Difficult circumstances are always easier when there is rapport @BRITTANBRIGHT @brittanbright
  33. Do not ignore the need for camaraderie @BRITTANBRIGHT @brittanbright
  34. remember What motivates you @BRITTANBRIGHT @brittanbright
  35. Understand what Moves you @BRITTANBRIGHT @brittanbright
  36. Sometimes the hardest situations bring out the most creativity @BRITTANBRIGHT @brittanbright
  37. There is always a door @BRITTANBRIGHT