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Presentation Caffeine (the 4 Barriers to a Killer Presentation)

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After I was asked to speak to a group of entrepreneurial students at UC San Diego competing in a $300,000 challenge, I wrote and designed what I thought was a killer presentation to give them key tips to a presentation that would grab the audience by the… collar.

The E Foundation is the non-profit entity that supports The Entrepreneur Challenge. It provides young entrepreneurs with the means and resources to achieve their goals and aspirations.

I was honored they had reached out so this presentation had to rock.

After I looked over my presentation, I trashed it.

I started over from scratch.

Why? Because It was merely good.

The problem? Good wasn’t good enough. The presentation simply wasn’t great.

So I rebuilt it from scratch, redesigning it and tightening it up. Because I wanted to create a killer presentation that not only offered valuable information, but also was an example of a killer presentation.

As an overview, in the live Webinar, I covered:

• The 4 barriers to delivering a killer presentation and storyline—the exact barriers that can eliminate any chance of presentation success from a sales presentation to an investor pitch to a presentation that launches a movement
• The “secret ingredient” that separates the killer presentation from one that merely cures people of their sleeping disorder
• The relationship between Branding and Purpose to amplify your brand’s meaning and impact
• How to craft a brand story that anybody will care about, and
• 5 actual examples of brand storylines with videos that show how to develop a story anybody will give a damn about.

Presented by brand expert David Brier to the students of the $300,000 Entrepreneurial Challenge at University of California San Diego, this live Webinar reveals the 4 secret factors that separate a killer presentation from a sleep aid. Find out more at http://www.risingabovethenoise.com

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Presentation Caffeine (the 4 Barriers to a Killer Presentation)

  1. PRESENTATIONCAFFEINE Thekeyingredient tokeepingyour audienceawake, engagedand
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