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The Mashup Library

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Bridging Worlds Conference 2008, Singapore
Day One Track One
Speaker 2 - Sidsel Bech_Petersen

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The Mashup Library

  1. 1. Bridging Worlds 2008, Singapore
  2. 2. DRAFT This presentation is a draft of the presentation that will be held on the Bridging Worlds conference in Singapore. The final presentation will include the newest pictures and experiences. Sidsel Bech-Petersen Aarhus Public Libraries, The Main Library Denmark Contact: sibp@aarhus.dk
  3. 3. AGENDA • What happens in Aarhus? • Challenges – Opening up databases – Rethinking libary space – Mashing up people • What have we learned • Future challenges
  4. 4. MEDIASPACE: A new library at the waterfront
  6. 6. New integrated search: Sorted by relevance Everything in one pool
  8. 8. The Augmented Library: Or: Library 2.0 in the physical library
  9. 9. Digital ”poster-column”: Librarians promote library resources Users can pick up references
  10. 10. How?: • The library staff select the web pages to be shown • Interactivity – web pages shown by turning (no traditional keyboard or mouse) • Natural pick up of digital material • The cell phone collect the web address • Bluetooth transmits address to pc
  11. 11. iFloor: Q&A forum for library users and librarians Collaborative interaction technique
  12. 12. Story Surfer: ”Inspiration browser” for children’s literature Collaborative search
  13. 13. BibPhone: Enables children to annotate physical material with digital recordings
  15. 15. Literature Lab Interactive Floors and robots
  16. 16. News Lab A wall of screens
  17. 17. Music Lab The library as a place to be as well as a place to do something
  18. 18. Exhibition Lab A different concept for library exhibitions
  19. 19. The Square Dialogue Daily voxpop and a quotation wall
  20. 20. ”Vores Bibliotek” In english it means: Our Library Idea generation with users
  21. 21. Mindspot: The Spotmobile
  22. 22. Unleash the library users: Workshops Dialogue
  23. 23. Unleash the library users: Workshops Dialogue
  24. 24. Village Square: A good way for the library to open up to the city and let citizens define the content
  25. 25. The Voices of the City: The purpose was to gather the voices and opinions of the citizens
  26. 26. The Gobelin Tapestry: Users submit pictures Interactive installation
  27. 27. The Clapping Screen: Make the users visible in the library
  28. 28. REFLECTIONS Lessons learned Future challenges