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The Dark Side of Social Media: It's Time to Take Tech Back by Brian Solis, SXSW Keynote

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"We're at a digital and human crossroads," according to Brian Solis, a digital analyst, anthropologist, and best-selling author. As an early geek apologist of Web 2.0 and social media, Solis saw digital Darwinism as a forcing function of humanity. Now he believes we have unwittingly become the problem we were trying to solve.

After studying technology's evolution, the effects on business and society are undeniable - we f'd up. But it's not all our fault.

By design, social media and personal devices were meant to suck us in. But, there were also unforeseen consequences as a result. We fell to the dark side.

In this rousing and personal anthology, Brian (an eternal optimist) will share the history of how the disrupters became the devils and the opportunities for us to resurrect our idealism.

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The Dark Side of Social Media: It's Time to Take Tech Back by Brian Solis, SXSW Keynote

  1. Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and Futurist Altimeter, the digital analyst group at Prophet @briansolis
  2. Something went wrong… Turns out, it was by design.
  3. Left to our own devices… If someone is left to their own devices, they are not controlled and can do what they want.
  5. Likes Become a Social Currency: We measure the value of friendships based on something as petty as likes
  6. Al Margen Pagina Camera. Action. Likes. @briansolis
  7. I post, therefore I am…With every action, we expect an equal or greater reaction…
  8. Why don’t they follow me back!?
  9. Selfie-Actualization
  10. Selfie Actualization The more we share about the way we see ourselves vs who we really are, the more we become a facade of that person…not that person.
  11. The Law of Accelerated Selfie Disruption As technology experiences exponential growth, so does its impact on our societal norms and cultural beliefs
  12. YouTube autoplays and suggests videos within seconds, robbing you of time. Snapchat turns conversations into moments, stripping away depth from interactions that define relationships. Instagram glorifies the picture-perfect life and affects our self- esteem and happiness. Facebook is polarizing relationships, turning communities into echo chambers and isolating relationships.
  13. Your home screen is designed to take away moments of self-reflection, critical thinking, and consciousness. #IntermittentVariableRewards
  14. Addiction is about soothing psychological distress. It's using something to cope with a problem in life.
  15. Meet Generation-C People look at their phones 1,500x each week. They spend 177 minutes on their phone per day.
  16. Technology has hijacked our minds and society. Harder to Disconnect Increased stress More anxiety Less sleep Lower self-esteem Reduced empathy Diminished thinking Reduced inputs
  17. “It’s a race to the bottom of the brain stem. Getting people’s attention at all costs.” - Tristan Harris
  18. “Netflix’s biggest competitor is sleep.”
  19. “We use AI and neuroscience to increase your usage...make apps more persuasive…it's not an accident. It's a conscious design decision. We're designing minds. The biggest tech companies in the world are always trying to figure out how to juice people.” Ramsay Brown COO Dopamine Labs
  20. “Monologue has given way to dialog.”2007 2018 “Dialog has given way to echo chambers.” 2018/9 “Echo chambers become movements.”
  21. “When I want to help my friends see politics in a new light, I post my POV on Facebook. Works every time!” - Said no one ever
  22. “Sometimes when I want to help my friends see politics in a new light, I post my POV on Facebook. Works every time!” - Said no one ever
  23. Truth is open to interpretation Facts are debatable now.
  24. Remember the good ole days of “Fake News?”
  25. Social Media can connect governments with people and people with representatives to build an informed, engaged and collaborative community and movements for good.
  26. “We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.”
  27. “Mic chanced upon the social justice narrative, discovered it was Facebook gold, and mined away.” One former staffer revealed that Mic learned you could “commodify people’s feelings” for clicks earlier than most other online publications.
  29. The Influence Graph
  31. p.s. there’s hope.
  32. Regain Your Independence Everything starts with you.
  33. Better posture Deeper friendships Meaningful conversations Improved memory New perspectives Focus
  34. “Mindfulness is the outcome of building skills and strengthening the mind and body in the right place. We strengthen the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with attention, planning, and goal setting. We also train in deepening self-awareness, self- management, communication, motivation, and empathy.” - Laurie J. Cameron, author “The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy from Morning to Evening
  35. Control the narrative. Be a beacon for truth.
  36. What you do and say online resonates with your strong ties and reverberates across networks to inspire movements. Use it for good. #NetworkEffect
  37. Social CapitalReciprocity Trust Relationships Persistent Consistent Benevolent Actions Voice The Currency of Social Media Assistive
  38. In the end, we are all just humans seeking others like us to share experiences, learn, grow, love and leave our mark on the world.
  39. In a sea of uncertainty and noise, be the source of… Value Energy Help Guidance Laughter Relief Engagement Validation Hope
  41. Brian Solis bsolis@prophet.com Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company briansolis.com | @briansolis Linkedin.com/influencer/briansolis | Facebook.com/thebriansolis