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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle
For example, IBM offers a suite of IBM ExperienceOne
solutions that helps you engage customers in
highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital,
social and traditional marketing channels. Gen C is
obviously not the only customer group that’s important
to your business today. When developing a cross-
channel management strategy, expect your
marketing mix to account for the various behaviors of
your customers as they go through the decision-
making journey…their way.
As customers begin their journey, your marketing and
service strategy must align with the various steps Gen
C takes to make a decision. Additionally, your channels
and the messages within them must also align with
expectations and search and consumption patterns.
The steps in the DCJ are familiar, reflecting method-
ologies in the traditional funnel. However, each step
has unique contributing factors for how consumers
discover, analyze, choose and share. The screens
they use to search and purchase, the people who
influence them, the content that informs them, the
social networks they rely on, the collective experi-
ences of others, and the real-time conversations that
shape impressions introduce guidance, doubt and
validation that works for or against you.
Developing your strategy requires a channel
approach that considers and impacts the
following stages:
1. Awareness
2. Consideration
3. Evaluation
4. Purchase
5. Experience
6. Loyalty
7. Advocacy
Generation C
weaves an interesting web
Generation C and the
dynamic customer journey
Customers get buy with a
little help from their friends
C change in consumerism:
A new bi-directional approach
is needed
In summary:
The connected marketer 14

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